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    Skype Name: Can We do a private message sorry its for privacy K :D

    Minecraft Username: XxVirtualLionxX

    Age: 14

    Best At: Helping building etc

    Why would you like to be on the server?:

    Ive always wanted to join a smp server an nows my chance i guess

    oh and i also stream twitch (XxVirtualLionxX)

    I will be looking forward to a reply/message from you

    Thank you

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    posted a message on Private Group Mature survival town server invite only
    Ign: Lionboy13

    Age: I am 14

    Mic: Yes

    Will follow rules: Totally
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    posted a message on Looking for someone who wants to start a private survival server. (I do not know how to make one.)
    Quote from MarkSill»
    Got cash?

    In all seriousness, (sorry to be a downer) people are not all that willing to host a server for free (I assume that's what you're looking for). Servers aren't terribly expensive to run, so you'd probably be better off finding a place to host it for you for a price then asking for a free server.

    On the other hand, if you are actually expecting to pay someone to host your server, you should probably include the price range you're looking for in your post, as well as actually specifying that you are looking for someone to host your server, and that you will pay them for it.

    Hey i am willing to host a server i got mine free from the minecraft website, just needed to do some port forwarding and walla it works. not all server need to be paid for
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    posted a message on Looking for someone who wants to start a private survival server. (I do not know how to make one.)
    Hey i be happy to join ill provide the server (just hope its not laggy) but i need your skype to talk but dont tell me publicly message me
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    posted a message on 1.7 & 1.8 PVP [McWarcraft.com] (STARTING UP AGAIN)
    1)What position are you applying for? I am looking to be able to be an Admin if possible

    2) Why/how important is this to you? I want to gain experience to be able to become a server owner myself but for now i want to help other servers grow. Ive always had a want to be an admin because I've seen many hackers in the past i had no way to stop them, hopefully with this i can help you guys with that.

    3) Past experience in this position or something similar to it? Well i had a little server i would use with friends to have fun but i don't use it anymore because of lag reasons but as i said earlier, i wanted to gain more experience (I'm learning right now with the applications).. i have seen friend work as a Mod before and have a basic concept of how its suppose to be.

    4) Age? I am 14 in this may I'm going to be 15

    5) Do you own a Skype account? as a matter a fact i do and i am always on except for night time... On Skype i will be available from 5-9pm because of school and curfew (sundays will be harder to tell what time i will be on...) (i cant tell you the name because of security reasons but i will be happily to tell you on the server or through email )

    6) IGN? Lionboy13 is my username (neat no...)

    7) Are you good at managing time? Explain. It all depends on the day with school, parents, chores etc.. it could be hard but i am usually on everyday from about 6-8pm because i do have curfew... But overall i am very well with managing time (must run in my family, my mom is amazing at managing time.. Lol ) i can be AFK a few times because my parents call but not for too long.

    8) How can I trust that you will be dedicated to growing this Server to the top? I cant answer this but ill tell you this i will do my best to do my part when i am needed and hopefully you can see how trustworthy i can be. i can hope to prove this in the near future(you can always take my position away if I'm not...but I'm certain i will be trustworthy)

    9) Other notes? One question if I'm an Admin can i help the build team? Other than that i just hope for the best for your server and ill be on everyday i hope

    Here is my updated application hope this is better? If you need more info about me ill be happy to answer more question or even talk through skype..
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