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    posted a message on [1.1] Better Swords
    Quote from Vancouver

    Swords are fine how they are.

    Maybe they are, but a "MOD" is something that changes the theme of minecraft, so if you don't like it, just don't get it instead of complaining about it stubbornly.
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] Enderman Arm

    This mod adds a new powerful weapon called "Ender Arm"
    It kills all passive mobs at 1 hit
    and all aggressive mobs at 2 hit
    Its very useful for hacking through mobs
    Very simple and doesn't ruin the game



    Ender Arm: Download
    ModLoader: Download
    ModLoaderMP: Download

    1. Download all the files above
    2. Drag all the contents from modloader into minecraft.jar
    3. Drag all the contents from modloaderMp into minecraft.jar
    4. Drag all the contents from ender arm into minecraft.jar
    5. Have fun killing everything!
    Installation Video

    Support us with this banner!

    Credits go to cr0ss0vr for modding
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    posted a message on Red Dragon
    I would like if someone created a mod where it adds a red dragon to the normal world.
    It would be just like the enderdragon, but spawns very rarely in the normal world, and doesn't destroy blocks (just make it phase through blocks). When you kill it, it dies the same way but doesn't create the fountain portal, only leaves an egg which is as useless as the enderdragon egg. Im trying to keep this as simple as possible.

    Red dragon


    Thank you for listening! :biggrin.gif:
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    posted a message on FruitCraft-Ideas

    FruitCraft is a texture pack in construction. It makes every block, mob, item related to a juicy fruit or vegetable. But I am stuck with a problem: no more ideas. Can you please help me get some good ideas? Help me by commenting down below! They can be ideas about any block, mob, items as long as they are not already created, but there are some "needed ideas" down below too! Thank you!

    Already Created

    Trees - Brocoli
    Grass&dirt - Kiwi
    Melons - Watermelon


    Creeper - Cucumber
    Enderman - Carrot
    Skeleton - Grapevines
    Sun - Orange
    Vines - Grapevines
    Ores - Berries
    TNT - Fruit Crate

    Needed Ideas

    -Tall grass

    :Frame: PICTURES :Frame:

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    posted a message on Original Snow Golems
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    posted a message on ".~*+CHRISTMAS HATS for SALE+*~."

    These hats are to be used by players with the spirit of the upcoming holiday: Christmas!

    How to use
    Want to add that hat to your skin? Easy! All you have to do is paste this whole thing
    right on your skin template, then your done and set for Christmas! Grab your lovely
    hat down here!

    :Green: Merry Christmas to you! :Red:
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    posted a message on Ant mod

    Ant Mod
    Im hoping someone would make this mod :smile.gif: . This mod would add ants and ants hills and tunnels. An ant hill would spawn rarely in forest-ish biome (definitely not in deserts, taiga, or oceans). It would look like the picture above-sorry, I don't have the texture for it :unsure.gif: . When you destroy it, a herd of ants will spill out and start nipping at you. They will be really small, about maybe 2 or 3 particles big? But they will come in a herd when you destroy the anthill block (kind of how destroying a trap stone spawns silverfish). They will cling and attack a strength of half a heart. You can either kill them by setting yourself on fire, diving into the water, or tripping into a lava pit. That gives you time to prepare before you hit the anthill. When all is gone, beneath the anthill will be a massive tunnel made by ants. If you haven't seen what an anthill looks like, just google it, but its really large. It would spawn randomly in worlds like ravines, abandoned shafts, or strongholds. There will be other ants down there, but they will be passive and not attack you this time. Then in the lowest, farthest room (in the ant tunnel) there will be the ant queen. She will be a little bigger than the other ants, but will stay in her spot unmoving. It will drop ant eggs (like chickens), and when you throw it, it will spawn an ant. Ants can crawl up blocks, so you can use the egg to build ant farm or something.

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    posted a message on Better Weather
    Don't you think rain and snow is pretty useless? Well, snow can freeze water and leave snow, but thats practically it. So I came up with a few ideas.

    Rain water-fill
    When it's raining, you don't have to go to a lake or a river to collect water. Simply hold your bucket out for a few seconds, and water will fill it (simply an empty-bucket turning into water-bucket)

    Snow ice-freezing
    When it's snowing, you can obtain an ice block by holding out your water bucket for a few seconds, and the water would disappear and an ice block would pop out (simply an water-bucket turning into empty bucket and dropping an ice block in front of you)

    Flower growing
    When it's raining, you can get flowers by right clicking a grass block and instead of tall grasses, flowers appear

    It feels lame to be out in the cold rain or a blizzard all day and feeling fine. If you get hit by the rain or snow for too long, rarely you would catch hypothermia. Your hearts would turn blue and start decreasing slowly like how you starve when your hunger goes down. The cure for it would be a bucket of milk

    You can prevent hypothermia by creating a warm jacket:
    :White: :: :White:
    :White: :White: :White:
    :White: :White: :White:

    Thank you if you even consider making it, but if all this is too hard for you, would you please make at least some of these features? Thank you a lot! :laugh.gif:
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    posted a message on [Adv/1.0.0] Strike of the Enderdragon :{500+ Downloads!!!}:

    You are returning home after collecting a bundle of lumber, when suddenly a shadow looms over you...

    Run out of your house before the Enderdragon crushes it, camp out in a tent, fight through the Dark Forest, have the Enderdragon chase you as you escape riding a minecart, and slay the Enderdragon to prove you are a true warrior!

    -Do not break any blocks except End Stones and Obsidian
    -Collect the most EXP for your points
    -Follow the Redstone Torches
    -Do not wander off track

    Strike of the Enderdragon: Download

    Support this map by putting this banner as your signature:

    This map is Beta, which means it's still improving. Please leave comments or suggest anymore ideas to add on to this map :wink.gif:
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