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    posted a message on Why don't butchers trade all meats?

    It seems that up to 1.8.8, butchers will only buy raw chicken and raw pork, and will only sell cooked chicken and pork chops. There seems to be no reason why they won't buy raw beef, raw rabbit and raw mutton, or sell the cooked versions. This is especially annoying since beef tends to accumulate from killing all those cows in order to get hides to make books and bookcases.

    So my suggestion is that butchers be expanded to buy and sell all meats, not just chicken and pork.

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    posted a message on Keep the Rose!
    The simplest solution: Allow rose bushes to be harvested with shears to give 2 roses. Allow the roses to be used as before, but if planted in dirt (not a pot), the rose will eventually grow into a new bush (probably taking as long as a tree).
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    posted a message on Honey & bees again (detailed and thought through)
    I've read a bit in other posts about adding bees and honey to MC and decided I may as well stick my oar in and have a paddle too.

    Why do it:
    Mainly, for fun. Not everything in MC has to be just because it's useful.
    Also as another way to get useful things. More on uses later.

    Make beehives spawn naturally on the side of oak trees, but only under very restricted conditions to make them rare.

    Conditions for natural beehives to spawn (on chunk creation only):
    1. Only on the side of oak tree trunks, not on any other trees.
    2. Will try to spawn just below the lowest level of the leaves around the trunk.
    3. Must spawn at least 4 blocks above and no more than 15 blocks above ground level measured from the lowest block of the trunk (if the leaf line is lower no hive can spawn, but can spawn at height 15 if the leaf line is higher).
    4. Must be at least 1 flower growing within 16 blocks of the proposed hive (bees need the flower's nectar).
    5. Only one hive can be naturally created per tree.

    If these conditions make hives too common, a percentage chance can be used to reduce the number made.

    The hive will slowly create honey. The speed of honey creation will depend on the number of flowers within 16 blocks of the hive. One flower equals 1/16th of a day's worth of production. Maximum production with 16 or more flowers nearby requires a full day to make one drop of honey. ie. honey=days*(flowers/16)

    After the honey becomes available, if the honey is not collected for at least 32 days running, it will become a chunk of beeswax instead.

    Beeswax can be used to construct new hives (8 arranged the same as constructing a chest) which can be placed on the side of oak logs (just like cocoa beans can only be placed on jungle logs). A placed hive will "pop" off the log unless there is a flower within 16 blocks.

    If there is more than one hive within 16 blocks of each other, honey production per day will be calculated as though all of the flowers within range were shared with all of the hives within range (flowers divided by hives rounded down but with a minimum of 1).

    eg. you can share 1 flower between 3 hives and it still only takes 16 days to get honey in all of them, but you need 6 flowers within range of the hives to increase production 1 point above minimum and you'd need the full 48 flowers within range to get full production.

    Collecting honey requires the player to right-click on the hive to open it like a furnace. If there is no honey or beeswax waiting, a small scale to one side will indicate how far along honey production has progressed (I suggest 16 tiny bee-icons which change from black & white to coloured as the honey fills up).

    Hives can be destroyed by hand (same hardness as wood). An axe will destroy a hive quickest.
    If a hive is destroyed, it will drop 1-5 wax chunks and trigger a bee swarm which will attack a nearby creeper or player (see Hazards).

    Immediately the honey or wax has been taken, bees swarm out of the hive and attack repeatedly (depicted as just a one block cloud of floating black dots accompanied by loud buzzing, 1 attack every 2 seconds).
    Each bee attack will only remove half a heart of health but has a chance of poisoning the player (simulates an allergic reaction, chance to be a little less than poisoning by spider attack).
    Bees fly a bit faster than a walking player and a bit slower than a sprinting player and will only follow the player for 32 blocks before returning to the hive (they'll actually just vanish).
    Bees will only attack at night if their honey is stolen or hive destroyed and will only attack while the player is within 4 blocks of the hive (justified because real bees can't fly at night, also makes the bees less useful as protection against creepers so cats still have a use, see Uses).
    Bees will be unable to fly at all during rain, making it safe to raid hives then.

    Honey drops can be directly used as though they were sugar or slimeballs (honey is both sweet and sticky, and it can burn).
    If you collect 8 honey drops, you can craft them with a glass bottle into a Honey Jar.
    Edit: If the suggestion for Jars is implemented, it would be 6 honey drops instead of 8.
    One Honey Jar and one bread equals a Honey Sandwich! :-)
    Honey Sandwich restores 3 and a half (3½) health.
    Honey has some medicinal qualities, so eating a Honey Sandwich would cure poison just like drinking milk.
    Bees will swarm and attack Creepers within 16 blocks of their hive but will stop attacking when the Creeper moves more than 24 blocks away from the hive.
    Creepers will run from bees but not from beehives.

    Bee attacks bypass all but leather and chainmail armor. No armor is damaged by bee attacks.
    A full set of leather armor prevents poisoning from a bee attack but does not stop damage.
    A full set of Chainmail blocks the bee attack completely (justified because chainmail is hard to obtain and we pretend that the chain acts like a protective net).
    Hives will be as flammable as wood.
    Bees can only be harmed by fire or lava but will try to stay at least 16 blocks away from either.
    Explosions at point-blank range may set a bee swarm on fire but will not have any other effect.

    If you want to farm honey, you'll need to do something like getting netherack and setting it on fire near to the hives (but not too near) so that the bees will immediately run away when they spawn after you take their honey.

    The only way for the player to attack a bee swarm is to set something very close to the swarm on fire. A bee swarm which is set on fire will be destroyed in 2 seconds.

    I'm sure that once we have honey, other uses will be found for it. But even if other uses aren't found, I think the hives and bees would add fun, variety and some useful things to the game.

    I spent at least a couple of hours composing this in Notepad and adjusting it to make bees and honey balanced before posting it. Be gentle with me. :-)

    Edit: Possible Beehive texture:

    Edit: Possible wax texture:

    Edit: Possible honey drop texture:
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    posted a message on Beeshives! [Simple]
    Been there, suggested that, in greater detail as well.

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    posted a message on Baby zombies: the overpowered menace
    Quote from aminecraftguy00

    I find it quite stupid how a smaller version of a zombie can't burn in sunlight, moves faster than normal zombies AND does as much damage as them. Their damage needs to be decreased and they should burn in sunlight.
    What he said.
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    posted a message on I just realised - horses and deserts...
    We now have horses which are unnamed by default, and we have deserts in which rain never falls, so I can't resist the obvious pun.

    I've been through a desert on a horse with no name,
    It felt good to be out of the rain.

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    posted a message on Who or what is "Grum"?
    Grum is probably the new Herobrine. In other words, a new "running gag" for the Minecrafters to argue over.
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    posted a message on RIP Adventure gamemode.
    Quote from kwerti

    Correct me if I'm wrong, but torches are wood type, ice is stone type, glass is sword type, and redstone is shear type, to name a few. Every block has its tool; why should they be breakable in adventure mode?

    Then again, it is 'adventure mode' not 'puzzle map' mode...

    But still!

    I still think my suggestion earlier in this thread is the best one possible. Allow servers to have an optional text file to modify block destruction, so you can define some things as "destroyable", some as "not" and some as "only with the right tool" or "only drop resources if destroyed with the right tool".

    It would be possible to have the text file define a rectangular area of the world where the rules are to be applied, allowing normal resource gathering outside of the "adventure area" but protecting the adventure structures from harm.
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    posted a message on I want an aqualung (detailed and thought through)
    It's great fun to harvest underwater resources such as clay, but it's a pain having to place down fence posts and flit from one to another to avoid drowning. Coming up for air wastes far too much time if you're deep diving; you only get a second or two on the bottom, or even no time at all.

    Enter: The Aqualung. An air tank which allows you to remain underwater for a reasonable amount of time but gradually wears out.

    To allow the aqualung to be worn, a new body slot for Steve would be needed. It would simply be named "back" and could be used for future craftable devices. But this thread is just about the aqualung. Please don't suggest other devices for the "back" inventory slot in this thread.

    Crafting the aqualung would require 8 iron blocks (not ingots) arranged in the crafting grid the same way as cobble is used to craft a furnace.

    The reason for requiring blocks and not ingots is to help prevent the aqualung from being overpowered. It needs to be an expensive item to stop people from wandering around on the ocean floor all of the time, avoiding the nasty monsters.

    The aqualung also needs to wear out, and the air needs to run out so it has to be recharged.

    When first crafted, the aqualung will be empty. In order to "charge" it with air, you must place it in the top slot of a furnace and put a piece of coal (or equivalent) in the bottom slot. As the coal burns, the furnace pumps air into the aqualung. No, I do not want there to be an "air pump" device. It would be single-use and therefore useless for anything else. It makes more sense to use the furnace as an air pump.

    Because the aqualung takes damage by being used, we can't use the damage bar to show how full it is. So the only way to know how much air is in an aqualung is to go underwater while wearing it and look at the number of bubbles remaining.

    When you go underwater while wearing an aqualung with air, the number of bubbles remaining now gives an approximation for how much air is in the aqualung. Each bubble takes 8 times longer than usual to burst. Each time a bubble bursts, the aqualung takes 1 point of damage. The aqualung can take 64 points of damage before it breaks. Once the aqualung is empty, it can be refilled in a furnace again.

    When the aqualung becomes empty, the bubbles reappear and begin bursting at the normal rate as the air in your lungs runs out.

    The aqualung can be repaired in the anvil using a block (not ingot) of iron.

    The aqualung bubbles should be a different color to normal holding-your-breath bubbles, so you know the air is coming from the aqualung. I suggest magenta for the aqualung bubbles instead of blue.

    The aqualung would not stack.

    Obviously the existence of the aqualung would make possible some things other people have been asking for, such as shipwrecks on the bottom of the sea, but please don't put those suggestions here. Keep the thread on-topic. If the aqualung ever becomes a reality, that will be the time to make related suggestions.
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    posted a message on Rotator Block!(Rotating blocks,rails ,redstone items and over Ton More Uses!)(Has lots of Pictures)*150+ Supporters!*-Control Th
    I like the idea in principle, but I think the control and options need some work.

    While I think the rotor should only operate on redstone signals, this is because I think it needs a GUI activated by right-clicking on the block, to set the options.

    Logically, you should be able to use the options to set the rotor so that it can:
    * Switch back and forth between two positions 90 degrees apart in either direction
    * Switch between facing one way and facing the opposite way (180 degrees)
    * Rotate 90 degrees in one direction for each pulse until it reaches a limit, then reverse direction for each pulse until it reaches the opposite limit, repeat
    * Rotate 90 degrees in one direction for each pulse, eventually returning to its starting position and starting over.

    Basically, anything logically possible for a rotor to do, it should be allowed to do simply by changing the settings in the GUI.

    Pistons and sticky pistons:
    * Extended pistons and sticky pistons should be unmovable. The rotor turns but the piston doesn't.
    * Sticky pistons holding a block would only carry the block when turning if the block where the carried block will end up is air. Otherwise the block becomes unstuck and is left behind.

    I'd support the Rotor if it worked like that.
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