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    Hey guys! Any of you remember me?

    *crickets chirp*

    Whatever. Anyways, I'm here because I need some help with my mortal enemy when it comes to commands.

    The aspect that drove me away from commands when 1.9 came out, and makes me want to rip my hair out even now in 1.11.


    I just can't seem to get the hang of it, even with help from the forums and the wiki (which both probably have outdated information). The command I'm trying right now is this:

    /blockdata ~ ~1 ~ {Text2: "{\"text\":\"stuff\",\"clickEvent\":{\"action\":\"run_command\",\"value\":\"/title @p title \\\"{\\\\\\\"text\\\\\\\":\\\\\\\"things\\\\\\\"}\\\"\"}}"}

    The command successfully executes, but when I go and right click the sign it does nothing. I've heard of some /trigger command/scoreboard utility which is supposed to help this issue in some way, shape or form, but I experimented with it for a bit with no success. And honestly, I'm getting a bit /triggered as well. I'm just about ready to give the cold shoulder to JSON in its entirety, because the \\\"s and massive trial and error are starting to become way too time-consuming for their worth.

    Any advice?

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    Quote from badpostmcgee»

    Your username was admittedly more cringey than the video, which was barely anything at all.

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    Quote from shpore»

    ...I fail to see how you find that cringey - it was a reaction to people underestimating the holocaust.
    So, tell me how you think that's cringey. It's literally a sentence.

    It was supposed to be a joke. I called the one thing that was intended to not be cringey, cringey.

    You could also argue that the holocaust video was not intended to be funny, but instead make you cringe. There are different methods of forcing someone to cringe, and holocaust footage obviously doesn't fall into the category of being the "funny" cringe. So you technically reacted incorrectly to the video, which could possibly incur a cringe on someone's part. With that being said, I enjoy licking the walls of public bathrooms.

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    Quote from Hexalobular»

    7:Armor stands.

    Materials listed from top (helmet) to bottom, stands from left to right.


    . Helmet Chest Leggings Boots


    #1: Diamond, Leather, Gold, Chain

    #2: Gold, Iron, Chain, Leather

    #3: Leather, Gold, Diamond, Iron

    #4: Chain, Diamond, Iron, Gold

    #5: Iron, Chain, Leather, Diamond

    Thanks for the challenges!

    That is correct. And you're very welcome.
    Quote from TheMasterCaver»


    I do not believe this is possible in any recent version without using mods or Superflat since the deepest mineshafts and strongholds appear to be able to generate is y=2 (floor at y=1) and dungeons, which the Wiki claims [citation needed - likely because there are no actual examples] can rarely generate deep enough to cut through the lowest layer of bedrock, will never generate any deeper than the deepest air pocket; even if you used mods to remove lava from caves they do not go below y=2 either. I just used Minutor to check the lowest layer of my world (>64,000 chunks) and did not see any signs of holes (non-bedrock blocks; a dungeon would be very noticeable) in the lowest bedrock layer; in this world I've found plenty of mineshafts as deep as y=2 (I've explored several hundred, which should be enough to almost conclusively verify that they can not cut through bedrock).

    However, prior to release 1.2 water and lava lakes could generate below y=5 and carve a hole in the lowest layer of bedrock (from looking at the code for 1.6.4 they cannot generate lower than this even though their random height is 0-127 (0-255 since 1.7). This is the level of their liquid surface, with a maximum depth of 4 blocks, or down to y=1):

    public class WorldGenLakes extends WorldGenerator
        public boolean generate(World par1World, Random par2Random, int par3, int par4, int par5)
            if (par4 <= 4)
                return false;

    I have not found where in the code it says that mineshafts or strongholds cannot generate below a certain layer but I would assume that y=2 is the limit given that I've found mineshafts with their center rooms as deep as y=4 (at -380, -810 in the seed -123775873255737467 in 1.6.4; Chunkbase shows that a mineshaft exists there in 1.7+ as well and it should still be the same since all they did was make them 40% as common) - even one stairway, which always go down, from this level would breach the lowest bedrock layers but there is nothing going lower than y=2.

    I assume that any of the methods to break bedrock using glitches are not relevant here because you said they mined the block under them - unless it was a dark oak log in 1.7-1.8.1, and you previously said it was not a Superflat world

    I'll admit, #2 was the one I was most skeptical about posting, since I figured it could very well be a bug that was fixed a long time ago. I might want to remove this one, but...I don't really know. It's not like anyone else is really going to care, right? It's already been solved and proven false, so the question is no longer relevant.

    Since these puzzles are being solved as fast as MineCon tickets are selling out, I'm going to need to stay on top of adding new content. Which I am. Or...I'm doing my best, anyway.
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    Quote from Applecrakerpro»


    I have to say flint. Sure, it can be used for flint and steels, but you only need one and then Mending has you covered. Also you can craft arrows with them, but chances are you'll have a skeleton grinder eventually and end up with way too many arrows. So that makes flint useless.

    The fact that you need that flint and steel in the first place gives it a use. Sure, it's the only piece of flint you need, but that flint is very important nonetheless. There are plenty of other items that can be considered more useless because they are in no way essential to Survival and are either harmful with no other benefits or literally do nothing to help your Minecraft game--poisonous potatoes and mundane potions come to mind first.
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    Quote from WolfyMcWolf»

    6. The Mystery Block



    Quote from AugiteSoul»

    Customized world?


    That doesn't allow you to remove bedrock, so that's still incorrect.
    Quote from SuperFire131»

    An alternate mob for the first one would be

    Endermite or Silverfish. Neither spawn naturally, both require player interaction to spawn and both are hostile.

    Hmm. I guess they do. Granted, endermites will spawn naturally as endermen teleport around the world and silverfish come from spawners, so those don't really count...?
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    Sledgehammer smashes up vacuum.

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    Quote from AugiteSoul»

    2: Superflat?

    There...are no hills in a superflat world. No, that's not the answer. And remember to put your answers in spoilers.
    Quote from 9314265068»

    I know 4 has already been done, but here's an alternate mob:

    Zombie Villager. Ike cures the zombie villager, which then reverts to a regular villager with none of the potion effects. He then murders the villager using anything.

    5. Escape, Part II

    1. Turn all logs into 8 planks.

    2. Turn 4/8 planks into a crafting table.

    3. Turn 2/4 planks into 4 sticks.

    4. Turn 3/4 sticks and 2/2 string into a fishing rod.

    5. Fish in the water until the RNG gods smile and bless you with a saddle.

    6. Reel in a pig using the fishing rod. Be sure not to force the pig inside!

    7. Saddle the pig.

    8. Mount the pig through the hole, forcing you to the other side of the wall.

    9. (Optional) Celebrate your victory by throwing a massive dinner party with all the fish you caught waiting for the stupid saddle.

    Kudos to you for the first one, because I didn't think of that at all.

    The second one, of course, is correct.
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    But then you enter an endless recursion of time, trapping you in a wormhole forever.

    I bend my index finger and then unbend it.

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    I win.

    Image result for one does not simply win this game
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    Quote from TacoKing3»



    Yep, you got it.

    I've added a couple more questions for you all.
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    Quote from Hexalobular»


    Make a crafting table.

    Craft a wooden pick.

    Mine 8 stone and 3 iron. To be fair, you need a stone pickaxe for this.

    Craft a furnace

    Smelt 3 iron using 2 planks as fuel.

    Craft a bucket.

    Cast a portal next to the lava.

    Place remaining plank next to portal so lava sets fire to the plank and lights the portal.

    Rescue plank.

    Enter portal.

    Explore Nether until finding a portal back to the Overworld outside the box.

    Or if ******* mod has been thorough and destroyed all portals find flint in the gravel and 3 diamonds in fortress chests.

    Take portal back to box.

    Smelt another iron with plank as fuel.

    Craft diamond pick and flint and steel.

    Return to Nether and mine Portal.

    Build and light new portal back to Overworld. You know, you can make this last part easier by simply finding obsidian and flint-and-steel in fortress chests. Nevertheless, your answer is


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    I suggest F3+J to toggle auto-jump.

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