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    posted a message on Survival Treehouse - By the seat of my pants

    The simplest protection is fencing and lighting.

    Some of the things I do to ensure 100% peaceful area at my base:

    - Fence your farm / safe area. Move the fencing out as you expand.

    - Initially place torches in a grid, with 4 spaces between torches. A bit wider spacing is OK but the 4-space seems to work best. You can "ungrid" as you make things more attractive but you must preserve sufficient lighting.

    - It is easy to make an automated and compact afk pumpkin farm, and with lots of pumpkins you can make jack-o-lantern. A buried jack-o-lantern is a great "flush" source of light.

    - For your more artistic style of play I would suggest getting the mod that let's you view the light level of any block. I don't remember the name but you can Google it. Just keep the light level of every block inside your fence above 8 and you will never need to worry about hostile mobs.

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    posted a message on v1.12 with only 10 villagers: iron, wheat and other farms

    After studying the rules that apply to villagers, doors and iron farms I still am not 100% certain but I think the following should work:

    - Use the standard 2-tier 16x16 golem spawn pads.

    - Place only 8 valid doors next to the spawn pad, each touching the center of a side. The doors would be at the same y level as they get placed in a traditional iron farm.

    - Place another 8 doors just under 32 blocks outward from the previous doors. Remember that a valid door needs access to skylight on one side and "sort of a roof" on the other (full details are explained in many tutorials).

    - Repeat as many times as desired until you are far enough to put all of your farms in the desired space.

    - Place any additional doors symmetrically so that you have at least 32 (4x8 per side). The extra doors can be right next to the pad if you don't need the space. You can also make your single village bigger by using more doors in the same manner.

    - Place your villagers all at the same y level as the doors, so that at least one will always be less than 16 blocks from a door.

    This is why I think it would work:

    It does not matter where the villagers are, since they are all within range to detect at least one door.

    - Whichever villager the game picks to start checking for a village will detect a door because it is less than 16 blocks away and from a village.

    - Then it will detect the other doors in sequence, adding them to the village until they are all included. Since the doors are placed in a symmetrical pattern around the spawn pad center that will become the village center, causing the golems to spawn there.

    - And in the meantime... All of the villagers are either doing productive work or being held captive in convenient booths for trades.

    And of course, make sure to place no other wooden doors any closer than 32 blocks outwards from the village center. And don't forget that it is a sphere, not just a circle.

    So, did I get this right? Or would this fail?

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    posted a message on v1.12 with only 10 villagers: iron, wheat and other farms

    I am playing skyblock on a server that limits the villager count to 10. I know I can make a typical iron farm with a 2x ring of farmland that some of the villagers work and a rail system under it can collect the drops. I can probably even setup cative trading booths for the villagers of the other kinds.

    But I wonder: Is there a better way to do this?

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    posted a message on How to detect water presence?

    I ended up bypassing the issue and using a T-FlipFlop to track the state. The T-FlipFlop is being activated by the same pulse that triggers the dispenser that releases the water.

    But I have to say that detecting the presence of water is a feature that is missing from Minecraft and I hope that it will be added to the game someday.

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    posted a message on How to detect water presence?

    I would very much like to detect the presence of water in a block, but I can't seem to find a reliable method.

    I found a couple of ideas but neither is "good enough":

    - Use a boat over a wooden pressure plate. Sadly, the water isn't lifting the boat, so the signal is always on. I even tried moving the boat upstream and closer to the source block, but no luck. So I am guessing this worked in the past but no longer.

    - Use a complicated circuit with a dailight sensor. Again, this won't work for me as I might need to use it in a closed room with no daylight.

    Is there any other method?

    (Note: In case it is relevant, I am on Java edition, skyblock, and I think the version of Java for this skyblock server is probably 1.12 or at most 1.13)

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    posted a message on Skyblock: Can endermen spawn in 1 wide 3 tall dark tunnel?

    Almost every version of skyblock requires collecting enderpearls. Not many, just a few, and after which you no longer need enderpearls.

    So I thought of a 1 wide dark tunnel with a switch-driven water flush as a way to spawn some in my otherwise well lit island:

    - The water flushes the regular mobs into a lava blade and hopper so that I collect at least some of the drops.

    - The water can be left on to prevent spawns when not in use.

    - Any Endermen in the tunnel will teleport out and into my world to be farmed when I flip the water from off to on.

    The critical question is whether endermen will spawn in that 1 wide, 3 tall tunnel when the water is off.

    Does anybody know? (I know this is a very unusual question, so maybe nobody ever tried it, but it would save me building it just to find out if it works :) )


    EDIT: Tested it and it is not bad at all. By standing 24-32 blocks away in a couple of minutes I got about 20 regular mobs and an enderman. And by placing the torches at "just the right distance" I was able to create a half-slab window along the side of the tunnel to kill mobs easily and safely. It could easily be built in the first hour of a skyblock world.

    Quite viable for one or two dozen endermen, and even as a first hostile mob spawner or to filter out zombie villagers.

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    posted a message on Minimum distance to avoid spawning/breeding interference?

    Update: I built a hostile mob farm and discovered that it is VERY sensitive to the 24-32 distance.


    - I made two drops locations (with a piston to move the top one's floor), so that I can do manual kills on the top one and auto-kills (except for witches) when the piston is retracted.

    - When I stand at the manual kill location (in the 24-32 range), the mobs arrive constantly (or pretty much anywhere nearby at that level).

    - When I stand at the auto kill location (8 blocks lower), the mobs arrival slows down significantly.

    So I ended up putting a fishing hole and other stuff to do around the manual kill area, to keep things active.

    I suspect this behavior had its reasons, but it is very disappointing. Being able to create smart automation devices is a big part of what makes minecraft fun. The tendency towards crippling automation as you get even a little bit further away is really hampering it.

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    posted a message on Farming huge mushrooms with bonemeal

    I am on 1.15.2 and I built a huge mushroom manual farm that I've done many times in previous versions (). It is a block of dirt on light level 8, using bonemeal to cause the mushroom to grow, and as far as I can tell from reading all documentation available "it should succeed".

    It worked for a few mushrooms then started to fail every attempt (it is probably trying to generate huge mushrooms and failing due to the height limit). My guess is that something changed in 1.15.2 (or maybe earlier) but I can't identify it.

    Does anybody now what might be wrong?


    EDIT (probable solution/band-aid): I think I figured it out, there appear to be times when you appear to break a mushroom block (visually) but it fails to be removed from its location on the server, causing it to block new growth even though it looks like there is nothing there. Disconnecting and reconnecting to the server seems to solve the issue.

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    posted a message on Minimum distance to avoid spawning/breeding interference?

    Thank you MasterCaver, so then the things I need to focus on to avoid cap-related problems are:

    (1) Keep the total "still alive" mob cap low, for both both passive and hostile mobs. Mainly because on a skyblock server everything is probably going to be close enough to be on active chunks and thus count towards those total caps.

    (2) Keep the hostile spawner over 25 blocks away from my most frequented location, under 32 blocks from its active kill location, and under 128 blocks from the more frequented areas.

    (3) Keep villages (whether they are breeding centers, trading centers, iron farms or villager-operated farms) separate from each other so that they do not connect, remembering that each village will be sized as a sphere that goes 32 blocks further than the sphere containing the villagers.

    Is that roughly correct, and all I need to keep in mind to avoid undesirable effects?

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    posted a message on Minimum distance to avoid spawning/breeding interference?

    I can't seem to find a comprehensive set of spawning/breeding rules.

    The biggest issue is that I found no information about any impact that mobs will have on each other's spawning/breeding when they are outside of a 17x17 area. So I have a lot of trouble figuring out where to place my Skyblock passive mob spawn pad, hostile mob "spawn pad" and "kill zone", animal farms, iron farm, villager breeding and villager trading center.

    From experience it seems that I need to separate them by quite a bit more than 25 blocks, but it is not clear how far. And somehow I need to place them all within a close enough radius of where I spend most of my time... if I only knew what that radius is.

    The rules I found are

    All Mobs:

    - I think I saw a mention that the lower in the world the position is, the higher the spawn rate. I do not know if this is only for hostile or also for passive mobs.

    Passive Mobs:

    - Spawn pad has to be at least 17 blocks from any mobs to avoid hitting the max cap for the 17x17 area.

    - Spawn pad has to be at least 25 blocks away from player. (and in a rendered chunk)

    - (Unfortunately I found nothing about the impact of other mobs a bit further away than 25 blocks).

    Hostile Mobs:

    - Need to be at least 24 blocks away from player to spawn.

    - Mobs less than 32 blocks away do not despawn.

    - Mobs less than 128 blocks away will despawn ramdomly. (no indication about how much impact this has... so while I know that I would want to be 25-32 blocks away when XP farming... it is not clear how far is good enough for regular passive farming)

    - Mobs over 128 blocks away will despawn instantly. So obviously the spawner should be less than 128 blocks from my frequent area for it to continue working passively.

    Any additional insight would be greatly welcome. And if there is a simple rule like "build this kind of stuff at least X blocks away from each other but less than Y from player" even better.

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    posted a message on Efficient base layout (regular survival or skyblock)?

    This is a problem I have been working on for years but never really came up with a satisfying answer. I am starting a new Skyblock base and I am hoping that maybe someone out there has a "best practice" layo

    Known factors:

    • Mobs spawn at a minimum distance from the player and up to a maximum distance, and once you cross over 128 blocks they start despawning.
    • Presence of mobs nearby will interfere with spawning.
    • Mobs are either restricted to spawning at certain Y ranges, or have higher spawning rates at certain Y ranges.

    Logical conclusions:

    • Combining all of that data, it is fairly obvious that for an ideally producing base, you want to limit yourself to roughly a 100x100 area, and build most of your base from Y=0 to Y=?
    • Must clear all existing mobs from Y=0 to sky limit in that area.
    • It is also fairly obvious that you will want to place certain farms at certain locations. For example, I read that in recent versions mob spawn rates are highest near Y=0, so perhaps place the hostile mob farm, enderman farm and slime farms in the corners of Y=0.
    • But once you do that, distance becomes important in order to place things like the villager farm, iron farm, passive mob farms, etc at Y=?
    • Then automated edibles farms that don't involve mobs of any kind can be placed at other locations.

    Has anybody considered this layout issue? Do you have any layouts that work well, maximizing productivity of the various farms and still work well as you walk around the base?

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    posted a message on Villagers disappearing in Survival Peaceful. Help!

    I am not playing in Peaceful but I had a similar experience. Knowing that mobs were probably getting them at night I started over and immediately blocked the doors with dirt once they went in for the night. I still lost my golem but I *think* the villagers are still safe in their houses (TBH I did not even want to check, I figured that if the game is buggy I will not feel bad at all should I spawn them after some bug makes them disappear.

    Still, it would be nice to know what is going on.

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    posted a message on who loves killing mobs?

    In Java edition with keyboard and mouse yes, it is fun.

    In the mobile edition (I only tried it in Android phone and tablet) my answer is a resounding NO!!!

    The touch controls are bad for combat, and when I spent the money on a good Bluetooth controller I found it absolutely horrible to try to move and aim, even worse than touch.

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    posted a message on What happened to my villagers?

    I know that it is common for them to get attacked at night and either die or get turned into zombies.

    But you say you turned off the day night cycle and made it always day, so the only thing I can think of is a bug. You should report it.

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    posted a message on What to do in survival mode (bedrock) first post!

    For some good ideas I suggest you search for Mumbo Jumbo in YouTube.

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