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    posted a message on If you had to remove one thing from Minecraft, what would it be?
    The new mine cart logic, why, why do you go off a track now... WHY!?
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    posted a message on When you're cave diving, does your curiosity get the better of you?
    This happens to me a lot.
    And when I'm playing FTB... Oh god... So many ores!!!
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    posted a message on NavesCraft {Survival Server} [WhiteListed] {Vanilla} [SMP] [Looking for staff] [Mature]
    In Game Name:

    Age and gender:
    15 male

    Country of residence:

    How often will you play:
    Probably at least 4 days a week

    About me:
    A minecraft player that loves multi player servers, but can barly play it with many people and enjoy... And finding nice small ones is hard. Normally on a server, I enjoy building. And I mean a lot of it. I also enjoy chatting with other ppl. I also like to build my base/house near someone else. I think it's nicer when everyone are closer to each other.

    (Sorry for any misspells, and may I ask: Why do you need to know from what country I am from?)
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    posted a message on Wolf Behavior (major update)
    This is a neat idea. I really like it. But how will dogs will pick stuff up? Where will it go, how many they will carry? You need to explain this one slightly more.
    Also another idea, while a dog is attacking hostile mobs, you won't be able to hurt him with your sword or any other way of attack.
    You can understand why easly.

    Almost forgot! SUPPORT
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    posted a message on New Nether
    You are pretty much saying: "The Nether is too hard, let's make it easier!"
    Which is just stupid. Not only that you barly said anything, the idea it self is pointless. The nether is hard, and making like the overworld won't only ruin it feel, but it also completly backward, becuase the nether have only 1 ore, the quartz, so why we need a cave for that?
    Either add more details, explain yourself, or just take this post down, because what you are saying makes no sence what so ever.
    And if it wasn't clear
    no support


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    posted a message on Justification for a New Resource (Oil)
    I like this, probably the best oil idea I saw.

    However. You were very wrong. Coal is useless for burning is a later part of the game. The Nether.
    Coal isn't the only wat to burn stuff. In fact, it is one of the worst! Lava, which you can easly find in the nether btw, is far better then coal. Also, blaze rods, which you will have tons of becuase of blaze farms, are 1.5 better then coal. (Coal burn 8 items, Blaze rod burn 12) And the only other use for blaze rods is to make a brewing stand! And how many of those you need?

    Anyway, there's no point of making oil non-flamable.

    But... I still support your idea. It's pretty creative, And I think that it will fit into minecraft!
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    posted a message on "Slogans" of Minecraft
    Thatsss a niccce hardcore sssave...
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    posted a message on The Did-You-Know Minecraft Thread
    Hey guys, did you know...
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    posted a message on What type of server do you spend the most time playing on?
    Sadly it's kinda gone now. It's very hard to find good vanilla servers.
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    posted a message on Something you MIGHT not know about Minecraft.
    Did you know...
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    posted a message on Can you recommend a godd SMP server to me?
    I'm searching for a good SMP server for quite a while, and I can't find any thing... All the servers I find are: RAIDING IS ALLOWED, TRUST AT YOUR OWN FATE
    I don't want that! What's the point of survival online with other players if you are supposed to stay away from them?!
    So if a server you know: Have no raiding, No pvp (Or at least have an option), and no idiotic admins, i will be happy if you will tell me about it...

    Also, I have no problem with factions, all time the exist in order to protect your land and work with others, not if they exists in order for you to start wars and all of that...

    Thanks for reading.
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    posted a message on 9 flint = 1 obsidian block
    So, you say to give people the option to go to the nether (A near end game place), barly after they took the first tree?!
    No Support.
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    posted a message on Rarest Thing(s) you've witnessed on Minecraft
    Quote from MistGoose

    What's even more rare; You found an actual use for a Bane of Arthropods sword.

    Lol! Ye! XD!
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    posted a message on -Public Opinion on Prison Servers-
    I find prison servers kinda stupid. It's just grinding money all the time. (At least the servers which I played)
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    posted a message on Something I just can't explain...
    If you ask most people when they enjoy minecraft the first time, almost all of them will answer that they had the most entertaiment when the game was still new to them. And that's also true for me.
    When I first played minecraft, I acually raged quit... The second time I played I found out about the wiki XD.
    Anyway, In the first two weeks which I played, I barly knew anything. I barly remembered any crafting resiepe, I didn't know how to find iron, and I was a horrible builder. And yet, it gave me a very good feeling, a feeling I just can't explain. It's like you are lost, but you still know where to go...

    After the two weeks, I became a much better craftian. And now I'm sort of a pro. But that feeling I had when I first played... It never came back. Because of this I lost almost any intersent in Survival Mode, and now I mainly play with plugins (Such as MineZ) or mods (Like Buildcraft, which is also my favorite.)

    I really want to know if any other game can do such a thing... But I think that won't happen.
    And I can't be the only one who had this. I'm pretty sure everyone had this too (Or maybe not..). So, did you?

    And if you want to know, When I first played: Game virsion: 1.3 | Difficulty: Peaceful (Duh!) | Seed: I wish I knew such a thing exsisted back then TT_TT

    (Sorry for any misspells or grammar issues.)
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