About Me
Hello, my name is Megaloneus. Feel free to call me Mega.
I currently play Minecraft on a fantastic server called VeteranCraft.
I am a former Sectional Moderator for the Minecraft General section, where my moderation career lasted for over a year. If you see a rulebreaking post, report it! It really helps.
I started playing Minecraft in its Alpha stage, but I didn't really get into it until just before the Halloween update. I still enjoy Minecraft.
Contact me if you have any questions or need a hand with something.

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I was naking a mob spawner trap and I had to cut a mountain in half for the room lol it looks cool

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Oh my. No wonder everyone is asking for pics.

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Don't beg for the +, earn it. My opinions on stuff.
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Only if you get to use the babies as projectiles.
Interests Did you ever feel We're falling as we grow? No I would not believe The light could ever go.

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