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    RIP was 9.
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    *Note* This is a Survival Island and an Adventure
    Map cross.
    *Another Note* This can be used as a multiplayer map, but it is more singleplayer.
    *Another Another Note* PLEASE Read to the bottom of this page.

    Background: You are a pirate, pretty much. You use a beach house as a base of operations, a home, and for survival. You must stay at home by night, protecting yourself from death, and go adventuring by day, looking for treasure on your boat as you go from island to island, not only for the wealth, but so you can get the set of armor and a diamond sword you need to effectively protect yourself, so you can adventure day and night. Who knows, maybe this treasure will allow you to adventure further!

    1. Do not destroy any of the redstone dust that will be found on this map that is placed by me.
    2. Do not cheat.
    3. Do not use mods to get through the map faster.
    4. Do not destroy any creations found in this adventure map made by me.

    Some more info: Chests can be found around the map on one of the three islands featured most (please note that any island you find can be used to mine or get wood, or etc, you can even set your own base there, but three are the main islands that have stuff placed by me'). They can have either treasure or treasure 'maps'.

    Also note that there are two maps of your starting island and main base. There is one left that is empty. Use it how you want. Feel free to make more, along with compass's.

    1. Find the first treasure(s) of the real world.
    2. Find the second treasure(s) of the real world.
    3. Find the 1st bonus level and complete it.
    4. Find the 3 easter eggs in the bonus level.
    5. Get the treasures from the bonus level. All of the ones in chests. All of them.
    6. Get out of the bonus level with a stack of obsidian (it will be provided to you in secret places, or kind of obvious places.)
    7. Find the 2nd bonus level and complete it (please note that entering the second bonus level makes it impossible to go back to the original open-world map (no storyline included, unless you like to RP) unless you save the coordinates and tp to them, or something similar.)
    8. Get all the treasure from the 2nd bonus level.
    9. Keep playing after the 'end' and make a suit of diamond armor.
    10. Tame a horse and use the treasure you found in the bonus level to equip it.
    11. Make beach houses on the two islands.
    12. Make at least one almost completely out of Nether Brick Fence for fences, if you use that, and Gold, Iron, Diamond, Redstone, or Emerald blocks for cobble or wooden planks, or just wood. Doors must be Iron Doors, and if you use pressure plates at all they must be gold or iron. Furnaces and Crafting Tables can be put in the house, along with beds. Glass must be Stained Glass.
    13. Search for more islands, make beach houses there too.
    14. Guess what the next bonus level (that might be found in the first, or the real world possibly) is and what it might entail (not required, but I want to see what you can guess. First one to guess both correctly can beta test the next update, that has the bonus in it (hint: Don't jump to straight the End or Nether. It could be that still, but there are mods allowing other worlds. I did mention I would have mods in one of my next maps some time ago, right? There might be more bonus levels.)
    15. Do all of the above achievements!

    Also, If you can guess:
    What my next map will be (I have 2 series's of them).
    and What the next easter egg in the first bonus level will be (or at least, how you get to it), then...
    you will be allowed to beta test every map and if you want, every big new update for any of my maps until I stop making them. This includes: EscapeCraft 4 and its possible sequel EscapeCraft 5, any of my superhero map series, and the updates to this that add anything big, AND all the updates that add anything big to the EscapeCraft series and my superhero map series.
    Send your guess's in PM.

    Date: Dec. 31, 2013: Release. (v1)
    Date: Jan. 2, 2014: Add bonus level #1 and some fixes. (v2)
    Date: Jan. 4, 2014: Add bonus level #2 and some major and minor fixes. (v3.0)

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    What Role are you applying for?(Mod/Admin): Either are fine, what ever you think I deserve.

    IGN: Megalandrys

    How old are you?: I am 14

    Do you have a way of me contacting you outside of minecraft?: I have Skype, Raidcall, and Ventrillo.

    What can you do to help the server?: I can build, I can advertise, I can help morale, I can code plugins (possibly, I am rusty with Java still), and I am ok at redstone.

    Here is a situation: Someone got griefed and I or other admins are not on and your the only one at the time. Describe what actions you would take to solve the issue.

    Well, it depends. Basic action calls for me to assure him and others to be calm, to keep track of everyone, take real action when/if someone of a higher rank/longer period of time on the server gets on, etc. But if we have, say, CoreProtect, I can easily use it to check who griefed the house, question both the person griefed (a regular action that I would do either way, actually) and the person suspected to have griefed it, if the suspect quits randomly and does not join after 5-10 minutes with an excuse, either temp ban them or document it to alret an admin, or if I have proof enough to ban him, ban him.
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    Quote from SupaLawlCat

    I used to use Fraps, and since the footage is uncompressed it can fill up really quickly. I recorded a few hours of gameplay and filled up about 1.5TB. I got a notification that my drive was almost full and was really confused until I noticed the Fraps recordings were hundreds of GBs each.

    Oh ­. Glad I use Bandicam, the most a Minecraft video has taken is less than a gig; with voice, some music maybe, and some editing maybe cause it to be 1.5 gigs.
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    Quote from Alzorath

    Nah... what I'm saying is install the 2-3 games you plan to record in the near future, on to your SSD, then record the footage to your HDD - generally speaking, the raw footage for my videos has ranged between 30gig and 450 gig (that last one, was hell to edit), so for lossless recording, you're pretty much stuck with using HDDs currently (not to mention, recording -to- SSDs tends to make them burn out quicker, because you're going through so many red/writes).

    As far as using flash drives... honestly, if I was really gonna use portable/external storage, I would go with an external HDD that goes through either USB 3.0 or eSATA ports... (I have one I use when my internal is full, that also serves as an alternate hdd if I want to be rendering while recording). Reason being, Flash drives will have pretty high burnout rate in this environment, just like SSDs.

    While I don't know the specifics of the system I plan to build later in 2014, chances are I'll actually be running 4+ internal HDDs for this purpose ( 1 system drive, 3 record-to drives, so I can render off/on to drives 2 and 3, while recording raw footage to drive 4)

    Ah. Yeah, I see what you mean, but 450 gigs? What the hell were you recording? Lol.
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    Quote from bc112354
    Decent map I guess. Also, to embed images do
    Does not want to work.
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    Quote from Alzorath

    It should do fine... though I would put any game you plan on recording, on your SSD and record to your 1 TB drive. (next time I upgrade my system, I actually plan to move away from SSDs... for recording purposes having large stable drives just seems to work out better unless you're made of money)

    I basically run on the AMD equivalent of your system btw...

    Oh, thats cool. The only problem is that my SSD is only 55 gigabytes, and that isn't enough for Windows and a bunch of stuff that would mess up my PC if I move it, and my videos. My idea is recording, compressing, and saving to Flash Drives. Best I can do; besides, the videos take up about a gigabyte, a bit less.
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    Quote from collectics

    Prison Escape by Megalandrys
    Creativity: 1. Escaping from a prison is nothing new (It wasn't even a prison) and the entire thing was basically walking.
    Difficulty: 1.5. Very easy to finish the map. No challenge at all, except for what to do when you get out of the prison and move to the next area. Add more direction.
    Detail: 1. Not even a prison. Bedrock rooms. TNT obviously exploded outside.
    Gameplay and Experience: 1. Like I said, the biggest critique I have of this map is that the gameplay is walking, or at least that is what happened in my view of the map. Hardest part was figuring out where to go and mining diamonds, sheer luck. I was bored. You definitely improved in the sequel, which is great. Anxious for Prison Escape 3. :)
    Overall Score™: 1+1.5+1+1 = 4.5. Terrible, but you were so close to Average in the second. :)

    Oh, the TNT was a apocalyptic theme I was planning on it having at the beginning, but really it still is. Think about it: in Prison Escape 1, there has been explosions outside and you were imprisoned, twice. In the second you are imprisoned again and
    find out your 'savior' is a madman.
    Then in Prison Escape 3, you are imprisoned yet again, and
    when you 'escape', you find out you are being given to another madman.

    Also, think about how you never encounter more than a few sane people, the other two are mad, again there have been explosions, and there are monsters everywhere in the 2nd and 3rd Prison Escapes.
    Maybe I will reintroduce all of the apocalyptic settings a lot more in PE4, and mostly in PE5.
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    Quote from collectics


    Once you go through the lava and enter the water elevator where do you go next? It is a dead end at the top. I looked through the map with MCEdit and I couldn't find the exit also.... I feel like it is unfinished.

    You probably found this out, but the block you hit at the top of the elevator is clay, a breakable block for the map.
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    Quote from collectics

    Notes I'm Taking:
    • I suggest adding more pictures and figuring out how to embed the pictures in the thread. - Every time I do it screws up and tells me it doesn't like that.
    • Gruesome? How can Minecraft be gruesome lol - It was in the beginning, it kind of still is.
    • Spawn outside the map. Going into Creative to figure out where it starts. - I think I fixed that.
    • Where are the diamonds? I'll just use this torch. - In what area?
    • Parkour done, I don't like the floating blocks but liked that you had to go right next to the walls to finish it. - Thanks
    • Why are there trials in a prison? This is a prison, not a testing chamber. - It wasn't technically a prison made by the police, it was this guy who has been trying to capture you since the last game and was mentioned in an easter egg in Prison Escape 1. But what fun is having a prisoner, if you are a madman, without playing with them?
    • The rules said you couldn't break any blocks. You can break clay, might want to change that. - Oh, yeah. Let me just...
    • If you died in the lava, you would not have your bow, making it impossible to finish the map. Again, this can be solved with command blocks. - What part? From what I know, the lava at the parkour wouldn't get your bow, as you get the bow right after. IF your talking about the hidden lava, later you don't really need the bow, it just helps. If you mean restarting is impossible, the arrow *should* still have the door open.
    • Nice backstory. Gets me interested. - Thanks, its much much more relevant (or I will try to make it so) in Prison Escape 4, which is in development, as with the next installments in my new series.
    • I think this is the end, can't find any more passages. Should put a The end sign or something. - It is implyed that it is the end by context of the writing, and the fact that you have nowhere to go.

    Anyway, time for the review! :)

    Prison Escape 3 by Megalandrys
    Creativity: 1.5. The story was a normal "Escape the whatever," one. The prison could be substituted for Aperture Science Enrichment Center and it would make no difference. However, the books at the end of the story really redeemed the story, as it contained many details. I have seen the challenges before though. Maybe add a few extra trials to expand your creativity? - The bold I disagree with slightly, as stated above. Then, thanks for the compliment on the story. Also, a little warning/spoiler, the next one is basically a big Aperture Science Enrichment Center, but less portals and more close death and cool challenges. I am debating on making it short and finishing early, or making it long and difficult, and finishing after a couple of days, but just thought I would warn you. (By the way, it doesn't begin like that, it is a bit more Adventure, until you get to it. Like, you (censored for spoiler) and then go to the place where you go through challenges then it ends with (censored for spoiler).
    Difficulty: 2. Like most of your creations, the difficulty was fairly easy. Although the bow trial was a good challenge, I suggest adding more mob spawners to the room (but not too much, test it before you submit it) and make the parkour less obvious. If I were you, I would ditch the parkour all together. - I only disagree with the end because I try to have a little parkour as a filler, and because some people enjoy it, so I do a bit, but hopefully not to much. (As used in my new map, I sometimes just use it so it isn't just 'run across this long hallway to the objective', again as a filler.) I am also trying to make them harder, as seen in my new one and soon to be soon in its sequels and Prison Escape 4 and beyond.
    Detail: 1.5. Like the previous maps, bedrock rooms with no attention to detail. This is supposed to be a prison, not a testing facility. Randomly generated world. Story existent but doesn't make an impact until the end, where it makes a huge impact because the map is short. - The first bold sentence: I did add iron bars, but yes, it is primarily bedrock, but again, there is iron bars everywhere at the beginning and some I think after. The second bold sentence: It is more of a mixture, but I get your drift. For the end, I don't disagree, but I would like to say I am trying to make the story more... out there.
    Gameplay and Experience: 1.5. Although the difficulty was too easy and the rooms still haven't improved since #2, the overall challenge quality has increased and the story is gradually becoming better. - I have no real complaints, and would like to thank you for your compliment.
    Overall Score™: 1.5 + 2 + 1.5 + 1.5 = 6.5. Average.
    + Story great at the end. - Thank you, I am trying to make it more impacting, especially seen in PE4 and PE5 (possible), and in the new series, where it really is completely story centerlined but still with challenges.
    + A variety of challenges, all different styles - Thank you.
    - Difficulty too easy - No complaints, but I am trying to make it harder.
    - Details non-existent, just bedrock rooms - See above at 'Detail'.

    Congrats Megalandreepuncher, you got Average. Your skills are improving, keep it up! :D

    If you have any questions or comments about the map, please don't hesitate to ask me on the thread in the signature below. Diamonds to you. :) - Ty ty
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    posted a message on The reviews are closed now. For real.
    Thats right, I made a new one...
    Name of Map: Bikini Man Begins
    Singleplayer or Multiplayer: Singleplayer
    Genre: (CTM and Survival maps will not be accepted until further notice): Adventure
    Recommended Version: Any would probably work, but go with 1.7.2 to be safe.
    Link to topic: Topic Link
    Download: Download Link
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    Quote from Alzorath

    Nice specs... though generally if you're recording, you want to record to a drive that doesn't have your games on it - as you'll be causing a potential chokepoint if you have it pulling gamedata from the same drive you're recording to.

    Overall though, nice system... curious if the intent was to record, or if this possibly belongs more over in the hardware section :P

    Thanks for all that advice and the compliments! I'll be sure to do that, and yeah, it does, I guess. I did mean like on a streaming or recording basis, how would it be?
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    Quote from Alittlehelper

    That should be able to record any game with smooth fps.

    But i would get an i7 extreme processor

    And a razor mic

    I have that and it is awesome :)

    Thanks, and thanks for the advice! I'll see about it, especially the i7 processor.
    Quote from Kettler

    Your specs. are great! don't worry with lag, the only thing I recommend is to double-check the options of the games you will be recording, sometimes, you'll need to lower the settings. (for example, Minecraft).

    Thanks for the compliment, and the advice!
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    Picture since it is mad at me and says the image extension is not allowed: http://imgur.com/x3VezpS

    (Note: I updated the rules in game. I did not edit the ones here or the picture on purpose. See if you can figure out the so incredibly easy easter egg)

    This is the story of how Bikini Man began. You must rescue your partner, Blue Jay, from a dangerous escaped criminal.

    1: No breaking blocks unless instructed otherwise.
    2: Play on Easy, suggested that you switch to it before playing.
    3: Follow the storyline.
    4: Don't cheat. Search more if you are stuck, or ask questions here. I'll be happy to answer them as long as they don't spoil anything.

    Please note that some villains are based off of Batman villains, so I will go ahead and say I do not own the Batman franchise.

    There are 3 easter eggs in this map (one of them not much of one though), and there will be some more in the next one. See if you can find them all. I will give you a cookie and maybe the ability to pretest the next one if you find them all and tell me what they were for proof (in private chat).

    Download Link

    Patch Notes:
    Date: Nov. 25, 2013 - v1: Release.
    Date: Not Available - v2.0: Added Easter Eggs and minor fixes.
    Date: Dec. 8, 2013 - v2.1: Added more Easter Eggs (one pretty hard), added directions since my play-tester got lost, and minor fixes.
    Date: Dec. 21, 2013 - v2.2: Bug Fix in mob fighting area. Minor change in map (see if you can spot it)
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