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    posted a message on Which is better way to obtain an unlimited supply of arrows?

    Hmm... odd, I find that skeleton spawners are rather slow at producing arrows. The farm I built however can earn 32 emeralds within a few minecraft days.

    If a villager gives 16 arrows for one emerald then that means:

    32 (emeralds you spend) * 16 (arrows you get per emerald) = 512 (arrows purchased)

    It only took about 3-4 in game days. Sometimes the farm will yield more than 32 emeralds, one time I got 64 emeralds out of it in one harvest.

    Quote from Hexalobular»

    Infinity enchantment for the win!

    the problem with infinity enchantment is that it is not compatible with mending. The bow will eventually break or get supper exp expensive to repair. I like the mending thing because theoretically the bow will last forever and keep its enchantments.

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    posted a message on some questions regarding bells, beds and villagers in general.

    1) If I move a bell from one location to another does that mean the gathering place of the village moves with it?

    2) Can I have more that one gathering place in a village by having bells located in different areas?

    3) How can I get villagers to stop trying to claim my bed. Some don't sleep at night because they want my bed.

    4) Just how big can a village expand from the bell before the villagers don't even notice it's there? (As in how many blocks away from the bell can a house be before the villager inside it realizes there is a bell in the center of a city?)

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    posted a message on Working on an Island Village

    I have found a seed with a very nice forest island spawn. To the north is a few villages on the mainland and going even more north will lead you to a jungle with a temple in it. Here are some pictures of the village I am building:

    The residential district:

    The farming district:

    Inside a standard house:

    My house has a gate to prevent villagers from entering my house:

    Edit 12:11PM 4/19/2019:

    The Village Expands. I added a smithy:

    The Farming District Expanded:

    The new barn for storing crops:

    Edit: 4:47 PM 4/20/2019

    The village has gotten so large now that iron golems and stray cats are now spawning and the villagers are breeding on their own. The village now has 4 iron golems, and I think over 10 villagers living in it.

    Buildings I plan to add:
    Archer towers.
    Armory (For storing excess weapons such as bows and arrows, and for storing unused armor).

    Library (For enchanting).

    A small fortress.

    Brewery (For Potions).

    An inn.

    A tavern.

    Several more residential homes.

    The Seed: 1718626086689732879

    (Please do not spoil what treasures are in this map as I want to find them on my own).

    This is going to be a medieval themed village. Any suggestions as to what I should add?

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    posted a message on How long does the bad omen effect last?

    Also build a tower (or series of towers) to hide in that you can shoot down from. Build the tower before hand so that when you do get the bad omen effect, you will have a defensive structure ready.

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    posted a message on How long does the bad omen effect last?

    Nvrmind, I think it lasts indefinitely until you walk into a village to start the raid, when I saw the timer, it didn't give a time, it just said "**:**".

    But I did manage to find a village and turns out I was ready for the fight, I successfully defended the village.

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    posted a message on Make a boss that drops diamonds plz.

    I don't like the idea of diamonds not being renewable, and having to make another mine just because you mined out all the diamonds in the area does not always seem fun to me. Can you add a boss that drops diamonds? Make it a really rare boss and make it hard to kill so that it can't be abused.

    Edit: Make it drop 3 diamonds max.

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    posted a message on Biome Islands World Generation.

    A while ago I came up with a concept that they add a new world type. In this world type, they would generate medium to large islands each containing a beach surrounding the entire island, and a single other biome (such as a jungle) in the middle of the island. That way players can travel the oceans looking to colonize other islands and would be able to more easily start their own private islands. Now I say the islands could be medium to large because honestly, I don't like building on small ones. I like them to be big enough to build small cities on. Each island would have a beach and a randomly chosen biome in the center of the island. That way if someone wants a jungle island, they can search for one, and if someone on the same world wants a forest island, they will not have to search far for one to. Anyway what do you think of the concept?

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    posted a message on Steel Armor (As effective as diamond armor but has less durability)

    I Made a set of armor that is just as effective as diamond but does not last as long.

    Steve wearing full steel armor with a steel sword (does 8 damage compared to diamond's 7) and wielding a roundshield carved from the wood of a yew tree (a tree that exists in real life that I modded into the game):

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    posted a message on My New Island Home Seed

    I discovered this seed on 4/10/2018 at 6:59 PM. I am so happy to see this jungle island spawn seed as its the first time I have seen one this size. It is roughly 1100 locks east to west, and 900 blocks north to south. It also has a mushroom island directly south of the big island. The seed is -721376150468336

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    posted a message on Make villages spawn on smoother ground.

    Every time I run into a village it always looks like it has been hit by a earthquake. Can they make villages spawn on smooth / flat ground?

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