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    Yeah, if you're playing the old map in Minecraft 1.9 or 1.10, the end is all messed up.

    The new version I'm testing takes care of that.

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    1.10 Map Update: The new map is testing very well, everything seems to be working in the ways that I hoped!

    It is annoying that breeding villagers is not automatic (you have to feed them or trade with them to get them "in the mood"), but that just means the village grows a little slower.

    The problem I'm facing right now is that the Ender Dragon fight is HARD!!!!!! I think I've died 12+ times so far.

    (The end world looks different than the prior version, but still maintains the Skyblock style.)

    It's just too easy to get knocked into the abyss and lose everything, and it seems much harder to force the dragon to turn around (it used to only take a snowball or two). Even then it can drop a dragon-breath fireball on you from a distance, which either knocks you off or kills you with a cloud of dragon breath.

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    That sounds way too hard, unless you include the cauldron. In order to cure zombie villagers, you need potions, which require water. Also, most iron farms I'm aware of make use of water to funnel the golems to a collection point, so not having infinite water before an iron farm sounds ghastly.

    Well you can fill any number of water bottles from a single water source block without depleting it, but yeah, it would be tough.

    I was thinking more of having to get 7 iron from zombie rare drops rather than building your iron farm, but that would also take a very long time.

    I think I'm going to playtest this one and see how it goes, but at this point I'm leaning against it. Too tough for the casual player.

    Maybe I'll put it in as a HARDCORE BONUS challenge: "throw away your second ice block before using it, and instead craft a cauldron to capture rainwater".
    Quote from Bblock»

    One suggestion: While the multiple biomes are great the square shapes are boring. Maybe make them a little more naturally shaped with some plains and/or river biomes weaving through. Make edge type biomes like cold beach, edges, rather than a large area. Put the mushroom island biome surrounded or partially surrounded by the ocean. Things like that. It would give people a chance to make their island(s) more naturalistic. This may all be moot with your new world generation type. If so, just ignore this.

    At this point they're still in squares (now 16x16 chunks, so you can use F3+G to see the edges), but I've tried very hard to make them flow naturally into each other. Similar climates are together (dry, wet, cold, snowy), so I think you'll be happy with that. The whole grid is 64 biomes in an 8x8 grid (with a few duplicates, there are only 58 biomes), so there is plenty of room to build whatever.

    If a single biome is too small for a build (say the jungle), you can expand into the nearby Jungle M, Jungle Edge, or Jungle Hills, which should behave in an almost identical way (same climate, same spawns, same grass color, etc.

    Final biome issue I'm working with now is the "Plains M" biome, which might not actually exist, despite what the wiki says.
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    Hey, everybody! Sorry to drop off the planet for a long while, I hope you've enjoyed your play on this map!

    I'm currently working on an updated 1.10 version, which will include:

    • All possible biomes, not just a handful of favorites (sorry Nuin, your cool biome map is now out of date!)
    • You can spawn all new mobs, including polar bears, rabbits, husks, and strays (the new ice skeletons with slowness arrows)
    • Added a world border, instead of relying on bedrock walls
    • Switched to a "normal" world type instead of superflat, which fixed some issues, like the following:
    • Successfully added a witch hut to the swamp biome, and an Ocean Monument to the Deep Ocean!!
    • This allows you to spawn and farm witches and/or guardians, and craft prismarine blocks and sea lanterns!
    • Totally revamped End Dimension. Cool but difficult!
    • More items in the reward chest.
    • With the help of some of the reward items (and the new biomes), you can now obtain ALL in-game achievements!!
    • Revamped challenge list (still working on this)

    I'm still testing some things, like trades and iron golem farming and stuff like that, to make sure we won't have any issues.

    I saw some reports of problems in this thread, like falling immediately upon spawning in the nether, but couldn't reproduce it in 1.10. Depending on what direction I make the portal, I might end up facing the wrong way in the nether, but I can look down and turn around without issue. Did that problem fix itself?

    Any other deal breakers you've found? The slime chunks and the nether fortress areas do seem to be spawning correctly.

    One change I'm considering that would make the map somewhat harder: eliminate the second ice block in the nether. To get the second water, you'd have to get enough iron to build a cauldron, allow the cauldron to fill with rain (takes a while), then pick up the water with a bucket (since 1.9, you can empty a full cauldron with a bucket).

    Is that too hard? What about actually including the cauldron instead of including the ice block?

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    Hey, guys!

    I am working on the 1.8 map, but unfortunately ran into a problem! One of the major features I hoped to include was a section of DEEP OCEAN biome that would otherwise contain an Ocean Monument that spawns guardians, which would allow you to get all the new prismarine blocks (see them all here).

    Unfortunately, it looks like there is a bug where guardians do not spawn on superflat worlds, even when the monument location is properly defined. This is actually very similar to the Witch Hut bug I described a while ago, they may in fact be related.

    Any opinion about this? Is this a big deal? Should I put it in as a bonus objective, only achievable if they fix the bug?

    Anything else specific you are looking for in the 1.8 version? (Besides a slight revision to objectives, based on the changes to trades and enchanting).
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    Quote from piman777»
    Hope nobody is bothered by my trying to answer this, but here I go. If I understand the program properly, you will have needed to generate a chunk that contains a village or an ocean monument. If you have, then you can go to the "region" file and search the name "id" and the value "Villager" ( for a village) or the value "Guardian" (for an ocean monument), as those are the only places either of those spawn. If you find one, the x, y, and z coordinates are within the ocean monument or village you are looking for. I'll make and put up a video of this tomorrow.

    EDIT: It's up, tutorial at hope it helps:D

    That seems to work, but note that you are searching for a villager and a guardian rather than a village or a Ocean Monument. If all villagers get killed or something, or if you are in Peaceful so no Guardians spawn, that might not work.

    A much more direct way to find an Ocean Monument is as follows (assumes the chunk has been loaded):

    1. Load the save folder in NBTExplorer.
    2. Expand Data > Monument.dat > data > Features
    3. Each Ocean Monument should be listed as a separate subfolder. The number are chunk numbers, multiply by 16 to find coordinates.
    You can do the same thing for villages by looking at Village.dat > data > Features. Some of the ones listed don't seem to actually generate villages, however. Perhaps there are other requirements (biome, etc), that may cause some of these locations to not generate an actual village.

    But both of these are pretty roundabout methods. If you're really trying to locate features on a large map, use a mapping tool like AMIDST.
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    Quote from linwing»

    Regarding that mycelium--Mega Train--when you update, you'll want to change the statement about spawning mooshrooms on grass blocks instead of mycelium, because that can no longer be done.

    I didn't know that had changed in the snapshots, I will definitely test that before I release my 1.8 version! Thank you for letting me know!

    There are actually two sources of mycelium on the map: 2 blocks in the Nether that had the original 2 mushrooms (I couldn't place them down on glowstone like the original map). To pick this mycelium up, you'd need silk touch, but even if you accidentally dig these up, there is a second source. I'm going to put this into a spoiler tag, as you might not have encountered it yet:

    After you've gone to the end and beat the Enderdragon, there is a chest that contains all sorts of interesting things. (Ever wonder where to get the diamond to make your enchantment table?) That chest may contain some mycelium, along with some other useful blocks.

    I'm so glad you've been enjoying the map!

    If you or anyone else has noticed issues playing this in 1.8, please let me know! I'm going to be testing the map myself, and should be releasing a 1.8 version after testing is complete (no ETA yet).


    My Let's Play / Director's Commentary video series is coming along, I have now made it to the end and beat the dragon!!

    Please, please, if you are playing the map yourself, don't watch this video until you've made it to the end!
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    Quote from ferbellmann
    Is there a witch hut in this map?

    No, I tried but there is an existing bug where witch huts don't work on a flatland world. It has been reported to Mojang.

    A normal mob spawner should give you a small amount of witches, however. And later on, you can get more glowstone, glass, and redstone via villager trading.
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    Quote from Murp9879

    When its released for 1.8 snasphots plz add a slime block island.

    PS:I use 14w32d.

    Right now you can spawn slimes either in the swampland biome, or in any of the nearby slime chunks. I don't know for sure exactly what I'm going to do for 1.8, but since we can already get slimes, there isn't much need to include a new "island" for that, in my opinion.

    So I'm working on a small update with some very minor changes (removing the bed is the main change).

    Tannah (check out his let's play series of this map here) found that at least one of the original chests is a trapped chest (the one on the End portal island, I think). Anyone else found any issues that need fixed in the current version?

    Has anyone made it to the end yet, and want to give some feedback (in a spoiler tag, or via private message)?

    I'm up to episode 15 of my Let's Play / Director's Commentary, check out the whole series here:

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    Quote from lennel

    Hey Megatrain,

    Finally got back to recording after the "New Puppy" chewed most of the wires in the home office :SSSS:

    Here is our first episode of "The End of Skyblock". I hope we do your map proud...most-likely won't, but we can hope :Pig: (We're running it on a Minecraft 1.7.10 private server)

    Thanks for a great revamp of Skyblock!


    Thanks, guys. This video looks great, much better than your prior start!!

    I like the edited-together style, better I think than a split-view or something. Keep it going!
    Quote from zobrux
    After a quick poke around, this looks like a very nice "just updated enough" skyblock. One minor suggestion / quibble: now that we can make mossy stone and mossy brick in 1.8, vines are more valuable. If I recall correctly, the only way to get vines in this map are off a jungle tree, and if my tests are correct, only the 2x2 trees generate vines.

    Since getting four jungle saplings from the initial two is very much luck-based, what about either increasing the jungle sapling count, or putting a vine in one of the bonus chests? Maybe replace the lapis block in the 1.8+ version of the map with a vine, since 1.8 priests will sell lapis shards?

    In any case, thanks for putting this together! Now I can use the newer features without cheating.

    Glad you like it!

    Didn't I put 2 jungle saplings in the chest? I thought that was an OK compromise between the need to get 4 and the risk of low drops.

    We will have to do a lot of testing for a 1.8 version of this map, since enchanting and trading has been totally revamped. I'm not sure all what changes will be necessary, I'm not going to start testing until 1.8 is finalized/out.

    Sorry for the lack of updates to my Let's Play series, I was out of town for a couple weeks! Here is my latest episode where I start my village/iron farm:

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    Quote from Foxiie

    I'm kind of confused, is this a piece of dirt surrounded by nothing?

    Pretty much :D

    The challenge of a minimum-resource map like this is to do the most with the least starting materials.

    A few ideas to get you started:
    • Be very careful with the dirt and grass, this may be all you get, and you'll need it for all sorts of things (growing food, planting trees, spawning sheep)
    • Chop down the tree, hope it drops several saplings, and re-plant more trees. Infinite wood!!
    • You can use the lava and ice to create a simple cobblestone generator. Infinite cobblestone!
    Gather a bunch of resources, and explore the nearby islands, to see what they hold, and what you might be able to do with the resources there. Go through the challenges book and see if you can accomplish the items in the list!

    Don't be afraid to ask here if you get stuck!
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    Glad you guys are enjoying the map, and I have also found the community we create in threads like this to be the source of a lot of good information.

    I am leaving in a couple days for an extended vacation, so there won't be any new videos posted for a while.

    To tide you over, here is a short video where I brew up some potions:

    Next episode I will be starting construction of my "MegaVillage" for trading and for iron golems!

    In preparation, I have put up a new tutorial video for my MegaVillage design, check it out!

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    posted a message on MegaVillage: Manage 100+ villager trades + iron golem farm
    Finally posted a revised tutorial/overview of my MegaVillage!

    Changes (some of these were already discussed earlier in this thread):
    • 2-story golem spawner, better iron production!
    • Center hole is now 3x3 (avoids Golem jams)
    • Platform is now 41x41
    • Outer wall is only 1.5 blocks high, better visibility
    • Tips for enhancements using pistons

    This is still for 1.7.x trading, I haven't made adjustments for 1.8 changes to trading and villager breeding.
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    Quote from Pokezelda

    Hi, I'm definitely going to be LPing this map in the near future. I have another series I have to wrap up first, but I've been looking for a survival map that interests me for a while. The last map I really enjoyed in that genre was Sky Den, and before that, the original Skyblock. (I think Skyblock was my first Minecraft custom map, I cannot really remember) so this should be a fresh survival start for me.

    I cannot promise to complete every objective, like the automatic farm, things like that (I'm not the best when it comes to redstone or anything to do with wiring) but I can complete most of the more achievable ones.

    So when I've uploaded the episodes, would you want me to post them here on the forum, so you can see them? I'll obviously leave a link to the forums, and to your Youtube channel in the description, a fair formality on my part.

    Well, anyways, I cannot wait to start recording this map. I'm sure it will benefit my survival skills a lot, I mean, it has been a long while since I did survival.

    Awesome! I'll be excited to watch, and hear what you think of the changes. Sure, you can post to this thread, if you like.

    Quote from Set3

    Sry, but I had to ask:

    Unless if I'm remembering this incorrectly, there are 3 diamond ores in the chest at the end. My question is: is it cheating to use a fortune pick on the ore to get moe diamonds?

    Spoily answer:
    That's kind of the only reason I included diamond ore instead of just diamonds! So totally allowed!
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    Quote from Set3

    The reason I ask is that if you spawn him under a 3x3 area of bedrock with air above that the wither cant move or harm you. It seems to me like the only way to kill him easily since he can break most blocks.

    Ah, the piston/bedrock trick? (By Panda4994, popularized by Docm77) Yeah, that's pretty cheaty. I don't think that should be allowed. I was just thinking you'd spawn the wither on top or something.

    Unless you want to try the trick under the original starting island, which has a single bedrock block.

    If you beat the dragon, the portal back to the main world is mostly made of bedrock, right? That's probably a legit candidate, since it's generated by the game.

    Quote from Tails0456

    I am having trouble using this map on a server. After I have everything set up for the server and replace the world file, no one is able to connect to it because the game says the server is "old." Can someone help me?

    Sorry, I don't know anything about working with custom maps on servers. I'm sure you could find help in the "Server Support" forum? http://www.minecraftforum.net/forum/152-server-support/
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