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    posted a message on Respiration is broken since Update Aquatic (Xbox One)

    Respiration does not reduce water damage it just helps you breathe underwater for a longer time.

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    posted a message on I have a problem!! (If you are person that easy of anger i recommend do not see this) you have been warned!!!!!

    In bedrock edition you can modify the vanilla skin packs and they will accept any cape you put in, so chances are its not an official minecraft cape.

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    posted a message on win10 pvp clan - PvP training

    do you have discord?

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    posted a message on Why don't my worlds show up in Pocket inv editor pro 1.17

    That program is probably outdated, its been around for a while.

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    posted a message on Nitro Clan

    Hello, my name is megalunchbox and im recruiting for the clan Nitro.

    This clan plays on minecraft bedrock edition servers and we are looking for people that like to pvp.

    We welcome pvpers of all types, we want to increase the size of our clan and have a non-toxic, active community


    Nitro plays many things such as Factions, Hcf, and we host pvp tournaments to test our members skill.

    Nitro is mostly pro pvpers right now, for people who are really good, you will play hcf.

    (Hcf: hardcore factions, obviously tougher, players with more skill)

    Currently we are in need of players who will want to play on the CosmicPE Factions server when it comes out. You don't even actually need to be good at pvp because there are many different pvpers we are in need of.

    In nitro you must be able to work together with other players and be in voice calls.

    Ranking System:

    Owner: Zuro

    Co-Leader: Me, ImX

    Officer: People who are active in voice calls, tell people what to do

    Member: Regulars
    Recruit: New members

    Types of players we need:

    Trappers: people that can lead others to a trap, block them to where they cant hit you and kill them.

    Pvpers: people that fight against other teams

    Grinders: people that get stuff for the faction

    Builders: build the bases

    How to join:

    1. Join our discord (YOU MUST DO THIS STEP)

    2.If you don't have discord download it because its what we use to communicate. It runs on pc and on phone.

    3. once you do this scroll to the bottom of the chats and there will be a text channel called apply to join, apply there.

    Discord link: https://discord.gg/eNrshkB

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    posted a message on I Need Great Mcpe Builder

    Someone needs to close these threads theyre for servers that are long dead and people keep the threads alive by posting on them

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    posted a message on Allocate more ram to Minecraft Windows 10 Edition
    Quote from suprememarshal»

    I also want to know how to allocate more ram to minecraft windows 10 edition. The reason is because I want to be able to play with a render distance greater than 30 chunks.

    can play with 50 chunks just fine, minecraft win10 will automatically allocate the ram it needs, it might just a problem with ur gpu
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    posted a message on Microsoft have KILLED Minecraft

    I saw you posted this like 3 months ago are you just using this thread to gain views on that video so that people can feel threatened by your garbage video?

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    posted a message on win10 pvp clan - PvP training

    and i re-typed that monster for the most part

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    posted a message on win10 pvp clan - PvP training

    Rip i edited out the thread, time to re-type this

    In the mcpe community there aren't that many good win10 users, I can easily beat pretty much everyone i fight in the community. I think that if I were able to teach a bunch of people how to pvp correctly, there would be a shorter skill gap just as there is in the java version. So you ask how does this apply to owning a clan?

    If you don't already know how to pvp I'm going to teach you how, the right way that way you don't end up using an autoclicker or proxy hacks. After I've taught you how to pvp I can do 1v1's for a while and we can move on to things like hcf and pvp clan servers.

    So if you're win10 or mobile you can apply but it would be easier if you're win10.

    If you add me on discord Megalunchbox#7819 i will have a faster response then i would on this thread

    Put the following in your application



    Skill 0/10:

    PvP background:

    You will most likely get in, unless you are just too young or new to the game.

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    posted a message on Join us in CyberCafe! Mature members only.

    GT MegaLunchBoxYT

    Age: 15

    why: i think that recording on an smp would be fun

    gender: male

    skills: god pvper, good miner.

    device: win10

    Would like to record on an smp server - channel link - https://www.youtube.com/channel/UChJlGbRkjPEpy953ludjVeQ

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    posted a message on I Have An Issue and Need Some Help...

    When you uninstall the game, some features of the game are still there in case you reinstall the game, i dont know the file path though, so you will have to figure it out yourself.

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    posted a message on My Dissatisfaction With Microsoft's Future Plan For Minecraft

    The marketplace shouldn't be your concern, you can always download free maps from the community and everyone knows this. Microsoft isn't doing a bad job at all, they've actually been doing some pretty cool things for the game. Also for you as a java edition user, are not being abandoned. Microsoft has been clear on their intent on continuing to add features to that version of the game. Even if it is "tossed" c++ won't be able to compete with java's modability.

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    posted a message on (Seeking Help) WiFi issues & Minecraft (Win10/Pocket)

    That seems to be a problem with your network, and not the game. I suggest contacting your internet service provider.

    Make sure that when connecting to a server you have the correct ip and port, secondly your name cannot be steve.

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    posted a message on Win 10 Version in Non-Win 10 computers

    There is actually a way, if you use the program bluestacks and purchase the game. The controls are very annoying but it still works.

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