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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Endermen or Farlanders?
    Farlander is clearly the superior name. Endermen is funny, yeah, but if we want a scary, cool mob, then Farlander is the best name.
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    posted a message on My Suggestion Thread Was Locked?
    My suggestion thread for Lendermen was recently locked after a discussion with a certain forum member. He tried to use assumptions to "prove" why my idea was "dumb", yet I pointed out key elements in my suggestion that gave it merit. He got mad at me for this and ended up reporting my thread and then running off. Now it's locked after 5 admins came in at one time.

    So if I don't like someone's suggestion, I can theoretically argue with him for a bit then report his thread, and I win?

    I love these forums and have made several threads without any problems whatsoever. Then this happens and gives me a bitter taste in my mouth about this site. The person who reported actually foul-mouthed another one of my threads (my Slime-Aid one). I gave a well-reasoned response and he must've realized I was right, because he didn't comment again. But now he comes back to comment on another one of my suggestions and manages to get it locked because he doesn't like it? This is ridiculous.

    Admins, I'm sure you have the power to unlock threads. Could you look just a bit further into this matter and then decide again? If you want the proof about the Slime-Aid ordeal, the short discussion is still there on the first page, a few comments down. It should be apparent that I am no troll, just a bit sarcastic and I like to add some humour into my posts. I guess some people don't get the humour or get too upset with my sarcasm, but does that give them the right to whine about everything I do and get my threads locked? I would hope not.

    Thank you for your time.
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    posted a message on Lendermen
    Most of us are aware of the upcoming baddy, the Enderman. From the looks of it, this squid-like silhouette loves stealing blocks in the middle of the night, with the help of several other similar droogs. Entire mountains may be stolen overnight. How can we help restore balance and fix the damage that Endermen will cause?

    Lendermen. These guys will be the opposite of Endermen and instead of stealing blocks from the world, they will place them. Perhaps they will come out during the day, or you will need to feed an Enderman lapis lazuli to turn it into a Lenderman. Here is a comparison shot:

    Also, I think we should add the Letterman. He would be able to deliver mail (such as in the Snail Mail idea).
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    posted a message on Slime-Aid!

    Yes, Slime-Aid.

    You know those useless slimeballs you have lying around? Well, what if I told you you could drink them?!

    . . . no?

    Alright, well what if I told you that drinking this goo would actually give you enhanced abilities?! That's right!


    What it could do:
    Upon drinking this marvelous substance, you would take half a heart in damage (it goes down smooth as sludge, plus the small Slimes who drop Slimeballs have a lifespan of half of a heart, so it only makes sense). Enticing as it may seem already, that's not all! Aside from the measly damage, you would also gain the ability to cling to walls*! Movement along walls would be as easy as holding the sneak button and moving as you would normally**! Your hands would stick to the surface of the wall and allow you to maneuver in tight areas as well as scale abnormally vertical mountains! Plus, you take no fall damage for as long as the effects lasto!

    *wall-clinging abilities would be temporary.
    **climbing speed would be about the same speed as sneaking, possibly slower when moving upward.

    oyou only take no fall damage if next to a wall; if you dive into a hole and aren't touching any walls, you will fall normally. If you are next to a wall and aren't holding the sneak button, you will descend at about walking speed. If you are falling and then go near a ledge, your speed will be gradually reduced until you reach the walking speed. Basically, if you stick to the walls and don't hold the climb (sneak) button, you will descend at a constant speed that is slow enough so that you won't take fall damage.

    How it works:
    After the Slime-Aid is put into your mouth, the salivary glands work to break it down. The enzymatic properties of your spit would break the mixture down into tiny particles, which would flow down your esophagus, down into your stomach. After a while (a few nanoseconds), the Slime-Aid particles would disperse throughout your body, filling into all of your pores. The sticky properties of the Slime-Aid would turn you into a walking Post-It Note!

    Why it works:

    How to obtain it:
    I saved the most hotly-debated subject for second-to-last; the recipe.
    I would like it if Slime-Aid could be made by adding a portable dried Slimeball to a bucket of water, as it would allow for compact storage and fulfill its intended role as a portable drink enhancer. My idea for this would be as follows:

    RECIPE 1:
    1. Combine four Slimeballs and 1 sugar into a Slimeglob*
    2. Cook the Slimeglob in a furnace to produce a Driedball
    3. Add the Driedball to a bucket of water to make Slime-Aid!

    *(on a crafting table, it would have a sugar in the middle, and a Slimeball above, below, and to the right and left of that sugar, with the end product being a large, less-round version of a Slimeball).

    However, this would, as some have pointed out, make the process a tad confusing and add a couple of items whose only purpose would be to help make Slime-Aid (Slimeglob and Driedball, though the Driedball would be useful for stacking a certain amount (would be much less than 64; I'm thinking 4-8 in a full stack) and save space from having to have a bunch of buckets). So the only real "useless" object would be the Slimeglob. My reasoning for including the Slimeglob as a step is to ensure that Slime-Aid isn't super easy to make. The fact that you need four Slimeballs and a sugar makes it much harder to make than if you just needed one Slimeball. Also, the heating step means that you'd have to have a heat-source and a furnace, further increasing the difficulty of making Slime-Aid. I've simplified the recipe as much as I can while retaining the same amount of difficulty and the product's portability. Having said that, here is an alternate recipe that might also work, should it be more popular:

    RECIPE 2:
    1. Combine one/three Slimeballs and one/two sugars with a bucket of water

    That's about it. This could also make Slime-Aid, though I think this takes away from the balance of the recipe that I devised and makes a little less sense when it comes to actually having a drinkable product. However, it only requires one new item to be made, which is Slime-Aid. The quantity of the ingredients is one or the other (the numbers on the left side of the slashes or the numbers on the right), not sure yet.

    If you have an opinion on which recipe you like best, please share!

    There is a distinct lack of drink in Minecraft, and having one with the usual heart-healing properties seems boring. A drink with effects such as wall-clinging makes the game more interesting, yet with the damage it deals and temporary effect of it, it would not make it unbalanced. It would give some use (other than the upcoming sticky piston) to Slimeballs. Also, I feel the Nebraskans go unnoticed all too often. This is for you, Nebraska.

    If you have any ideas for what this drink should do, think my idea is perfect as is, or hate it immensely, please tell me! This is my first time making a thread, so the concentrated levels of noob that it shows should be expected. Comments explaining opinions will be enjoyed more than those who simply say "this idea suckz". Because if you do that, guess what? Your comment sucks. Yeah. Let that sink in.

    Thank you for your time.

    - mrbeanglomp: raise the number of Slimeballs needed to make Slime-Aid from 1 to 4 [put into consideration]
    - BobWhiskey: add sugar to the recipe so it doesn't taste like filth [done]
    - Lord Penguin: change recipe and effects [done]

    - Coal Miner Meesho
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    posted a message on Appropriate music for each situation

    I love listening to calm music when facing certain death. It's glorious. I just wish Notch would add some smooth jazz when creepers get near.
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    posted a message on The Undergrowth [16x][1.7.3](WIP)
    Welcome to the jungle! Well, it's jungle in some parts, swamp in others, rainforests here and there. Very green and stuff. I'm trying to make this texture pack universal. No matter where you go, you get the same vibe of being in a warm, dense jungle/swamp/marsh/rainforest, but can still tell when you're in a new biome.

    This is my first time attempting to make a texture pack, and I'd like some help as I try to create it. Please leave comments and criticism to help me improve. Here's a sample:

    and here's another

    I've got a lot more done than what you see there, but I just wanted to show the theme. It'll be a little dark, since it's jungle-y, and there'll be lots of plants and such. I'll be putting up some more pictures later.

    Here are a couple things I've done that might be a bit unorthodox:
    -The sand has been changed to mud; sandstone is now mudstone
    -Snow has been replaced with wet grass--I'm removing snow from the weather, instead it will be heavy rain. Light rain will be replacing the normal rain.
    -Cactus has been changed to Bengal Bamboo
    -Gravel is now Loose Dirt (or Dry Dirt)
    -Redstone is now Redvine (not these bad boys: . Similar name, different function)

    So far I'm pretty much done with the grass, dirt, stone, mud, mudstone, gold, iron, diamond, coal, redvine, wood, lever, ladder, torch, redvine torch, loose dirt, clay, carrot cake, and most of the flora (flowers, tall grass, etc.). I've done the repeaters, doors and trapdoors, but they might be changed. The tree and leaves you see in the sample pic might also be adjusted, unless I decide I like them enough to keep as is. I *might* be adding some vines or moss to the stone, but it didn't turn out to well last time. I'll probably end up doing that for the cobblestone and have the mossy stone be supercharged mossy.

    That's it so far. I'll update this soon to hopefully show all the things I've changed. Leave criticisms and comments please :smile.gif: Thanks.
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    posted a message on how to create a texture pack
    I think you'll be needing WinRAR for this, if you don't have it already. It basically helps you with downloads and working with files.

    Download GIMP. Download the default textures. Drag and drop the default textures into a new folder on your desktop, name it something like "original textures" or "default". Then make another folder which will house your new textures; name it whatever your new pack will be called. Copy and past all the files into there. Or just copy and paste the "original textures" folder and rename it to save a couple steps. (this is so you don't need to go looking for the originals again, you can keep making texture packs by copy+pasting from the original. If the game updates, however, you'll need to get the newer default textures, so keep the default texture link bookmarked or something)

    Now you can open GIMP. Choose to open a file, and go to your new folder that you made that has all the textures (the 2nd folder). Now you can pick from here what you want to edit. I think most people start by editing the terrain file. Click that and open it. It's fairly small, so I like to zoom in 8:1 (it's under View>Zoom in the toolbar). Now just start editing the texture you want to edit. I use the Rectangle Select Tool to make a box around the block/item I'm editing, so I don't color outside the lines. To disable a box, just click once anywhere outside of it while you have the Rectangle Select Tool on.

    It's a little challenging to get the block textures just right. Just mess around and try to make it so it's somewhat hard to tell exactly where one block starts and another begins (example: if you're working on a dirt texture, try to make it blend. If you have a clump of dark dirt in the middle and it's lighter all around that clump, it will leave large light spots when the texture has 10 of itself all next to each other). Make sure to add texture. If it's just one color, like a specific shade of green for grass, it will look very flat and might even be an eye-strain.

    After you're done editing and want to see how your blocks look so far, save again (you should save frequently as you go, so you don't lose your work). *MAKE SURE* your file is saved as a .png--otherwise none of your blocks will be see-through (glass, ice, etc. [flattening your image also messes up your transparency; use "merge down" if you have several layers]). Now make a new .ZIP file on your desktop (right click desktop>New>WinRAR ZIP Archive). Open up your texture pack folder that you made at the beginning (and make sure the stuff you worked on was saved in there) and highlight all the items in there, from achievement to terrain. Drag and drop those into your new .ZIP file. Rename the .ZIP to what you want your pack to be called (but you might need to keep the .zip in the name). Go to Start and search "%appdata%" (without quotes) and click on the one that says .minecraft. You should find a folder that says texturepacks. Drop the .ZIP file in there. Now you can choose that in your Mods and Texture Packs option of your game, if you did it correctly.

    It sounds like a lot, but once you get the hang of it it's only a few simple steps. Hopefully it works for you. If you want to animate the water and lava, that's a whole 'nother thing. But this video should help if you decide to do it:
    I think you'll also need the MC HD Patcher, or something like that. I've never used it before, so I can't help you much with that, but it's needed to make textures like 32x and above, and for making the water and lava animations.

    Also, there is a manual way to get your default textures. I've just forgotten it, so I can't tell you, but it has to do with opening your minecraft save file or something and extracting it from there. There's probably a thread on it somewhere around here.

    I would've made a video to show you all this, but I can't find any good, free recording programs that are working on my computer. Maybe it's just that my computer's dying so it can't handle camera-work. Oh well :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on Character Gender Selection
    Quote from JonusRockweller

    Anything can be mis-interpretted or taken to an extreme.
    He probably wasn't even thinking of "just sound effects", and could have figured the 'majority' wanted some polygon representation on the difference of gender.

    So I'm going to have to call the 'sexist crap' comment a bit needless, and that shouldn't have even come to mind really. Haha

    I was thinking the same. I think it was a funny comment that was about graphics, not sound, since he knows you can just change the skin. But this voice idea would be good. On a related note, I'd love to have a third option, which is Morgan Freeman's voice. Whenever I fall from a cliff, I want to hear his voice calmly say, "Why, that was quite painful."
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    posted a message on Slime-Aid!
    Quote from DinosaurXenon

    Just making the game more frecking complicated. And yes that would be an invaluable tool to a griefer lol. Also, slimeballs are just TOO RARE. You know, Notch should make slimes spawn easier.

    How is it complicated? If anything, Minecraft is a very simple game. If adding a drink cracks your skull, maybe you would be better off playing a simpler game.

    TNT is an invaluable griefer tool. Using Slime-Aid to go up a mountain would hardly benefit them. Plus, how would they get the drink if slimeballs are so rare? It would take them forever, when they could simply use dirt blocks to get up places.

    Slimeballs might be rare, but you can make slime farms. Also, the rarity of it would make it more valuable and help balance it out.
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    posted a message on 1.8 Updates: Sprinting May Be Included
    If he adds running shoes, I pray that they will not somehow fall into the hands of a creeper.
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