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    IGN?: Meerschaum

    Age?: 27
    Discord Username?: stupidneet

    Favorite Minecraft aspect?: Being able to build and explore in a 3D environment with chat and social features.

    What intrigued you to join Sunia?: Frankly im looking for a nice community and log into and hang out with people. Maybe possibly join up someone and hopefully make friends.

    What benefit will you have to the community?: I'm fairly mid range on all aspects of minecraft skills except for PvP. I'm not the best builder but i consider myself a bit more then average so you won't be seeing any cobble boxes from me. I was going to add that i always chop the whole tree down but i see you guys have timber so thats a mute point.

    Do you consider yourself a teamplayer/community oriented?: Ive had basemates in the past and it was a blast. So yeah, i would.

    Do you agree to the rules?: They all seem fair and standard but if i have any questions il ask one of the higher ups.

    About myself: My favorite past time lately is feeding the squirrels in my front yard. I moved after i graduated highschool and where i used to live had this amazing Chinese restaurant. Those guys had the best spicy orange chicken in my entire life and no one can seem to recreate it. I'm a lo-fi music enjoyer and use it to fall asleep. Thanks for reading.

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