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    posted a message on [16+] Whitelist SMP - The Sacred River of Avalon

    Username: DigitalEra

    Discord: Jokerlolz#4696

    Age: 22

    Are you willing to speak in voice? Yes

    Why do you play Minecraft? Just for the freedom, I wouldn't say I specialize in one thing or another and I still want to learn other aspects of the game. generally in the past I have worked more in the development side of minecraft but want to get into playing a SMP and learn more on the end of redstone and farm automation. I have a friend I may get to apply as well who has worked as a builder on some servers I have managed who would likely be able to base with me and be sure everything looks good.

    Do you have any hobbies? Like many others gaming is my main hobby however I do enjoy software engineering and web development. However it mainly boils down to gaming, 90% of free time for me is spent in one game or another lol.

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    posted a message on Aero Empire | Factions Server looking for Builder

    Hello Everyone, I am the owner of the soon to be Aero Empire Factions server. We are currently in the development stage and while the plugins and game play is getting to the point of being finished, we will have quite a bit of building that needs done. So, that's what brings me here. I'm looking for someone who Is able to dedicate a fair amount of time helping make out spawn and a few other areas look as professional as possible.

    If you would like more information on the server or about the position then please feel free to join our discord to speak to me. This will also be where you will go to apply. So be sure to stop on in and shoot me a message.

    Discord: https://discord.gg/r5fBvEU

    Discord Account: Jokerlolz#4696

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    posted a message on 💎TigerHiveMC💎 - 🔸Staff And Players Needed

    still on 1.8.8 lol

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    posted a message on ✫Project Reality Survival✫ [TOWNY] ✔Comment for free Adventurer rank✔ *Must Read*

    Been playing the last few days, definitely worth taking a look at.

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    posted a message on Looking for a server to dedicate my time to.
    Quote from TrueGamer420»

    Add me, I have tried to add you, discord is not right.

    My name is Jaryd, Im 23 myself, ive been on and off minecraft for years, played all versions, owned multiple servers, but Ive been going strong with my Eco Survival, had it really good last year, had to move across the country so I have to sell ownership and depend on the guy who bought would keep it alive and it died in 2 weeks, so ive been back at it strong now with most of my old community if not all, and we have a solid server going that has monster goals, we already are pushing unreal milestones for 2 weeks of being up.

    Would love to chat and get to know ya, you may just fit right in :)

    Little bit of our info:

    Survival SMP - With a custom twist, we are unique

    website: https://www.projectrealityreborn.ca/

    discord : https://discord.gg/CryFS67

    Playerbase : 16-25 active daily, at night 8

    Pros : We have a twitch streamer whos on our team, 11k followers, we have plans to get more, content creators, and such

    we have a developer, web dev, and working out the kinks on our final staff team

    MCF Post : https://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/servers-java-edition/pc-servers/2941495-project-reality-reborn-smp-most-unique-survival

    We are definitely looking for the right people to join our team to help us make the moves we want to make, as our team is committed

    I have joined your discord and sent you a PM, hope to speak to you soon.

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    posted a message on [EN][ES] ZuOnline [Pure RPG SERVER] looking for staff

    Your discord link is expired, but I wouldnt mind testing

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    posted a message on Looking for a server to dedicate my time to.

    Hello Minecraft Forum, My name is DigitalEra, and I'm looking to become staff on one of the many growing servers the community is creating. I see many posts with extremely little detail and effort put into them, so looking through countless posts for something decent has become a real pain. So I'll begin with a little about me and my background for why I could be an asset to your server.

    Beginning with my time in Minecraft, I have been playing since the beta of Minecraft and have played yearly ever since. Not only being a player in the community, I have ran my own server for quite a while and been staff on countless. The only big name that really matters and is around anymore would be MineYourMind. I used to be a Senior Moderator for them, however, that isn't the extent of my knowledge. I have worked for many servers as Administrator, Developer, and Co-Owner.

    I am 21, and went to college for Software engineering. I spend a lot of my time in the backend of different game servers and if I'm not doing that I'm just generally playing the game. Most of the time I spend at home is dedicated to whatever project I am working on at that time. Right now I find there to be a hole in that area. I am only playing Escape from Tarkov and a few small Minecraft servers right now, however as the title suggests, I am looking for somewhere to dedicate my time. Hopefully I am able to find somewhere here in these forums.

    If you would like to contact me you can message me in discord, or post here on this thread. Feel free to add me and shoot me a PM. I can be found at: Jokerlolz#4696. I hope to hear from some of you soon.

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    posted a message on Looking For A Free Logo

    I can make you an Avatar but it wont be free.

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    posted a message on MineCo™ Official Recruitment Thread

    omg, fix the formatting of this post, what an eye sore.

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    posted a message on Plugin developer needed asap!!!!!

    Add me in discord: Jokerlolz#4696

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    posted a message on Looking for a Co-Owner

    Hey Everyone, My name is Ben, but go by Digital. Obviously if you are here you know what I'm looking for. So Ill start with a little about myself.

    So I'm 20 years old and have already finished my degree in software engineering. I have been working on the back-end of Minecraft and Runescape servers since before high school. Whether it be developing websites or setting up servers I have enjoyed the back end of servers for quite some time. I actually already have a server that is pretty much ready for launch other then needing a bit more building to be fully operational. I have some time to kill before moving this summer and would like to dedicate some serious time to running a sever again, however, since I will be moving I cant be draining money into a server. This is where you come in.

    I'm not looking for someone to drain $100's into the server, just someone with knowledge in the back-end side of forums/servers who is willing to pay for the hosting, I already have graphics created and things of that nature, just need the hosting up again. Now, being 20, I'm not looking to work with someone who is 14. Nothing against younger kids, just not who I want to rely on when i need someone to do work to the server.

    I'm not going to create a general Application like everyone else doesn't, because I dont care about your Bullshitting skills, add me in discord and we can talk. I would rather speak to you and know what you can do rather then ready your run of the mill application answers.

    Discord: Jokerlolz#4696

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    posted a message on ⚡ Conquest Survival ⚡ A Towny Survival server

    1) What is your Discord Username? Jokerlolz#4696[/b]

    2) What position are you applying for? Plugin Configurator (Should be Plugin Manager, just sounds better Since Configurator isnt a word)[/b]

    3) What experience do you have this role? Run my own server for 2 years and did all that work, as well as being staff on other servers over the years doing the same thing.[/b]

    4) Why do you want this role on our server? Its practically the only reason I get on minecraft now, I am more interested in the backend then I am in playing the game most of the time. You have the most detailed post I've seen in a little while, dedication in the post I hope correlates so dedication to the server.[/b]

    5) Is there anything else you would like us to know? Im 20 years old, and have my degree in Software Engineering. So Im not another 14 year old wanting access to your files to mess with it. If I join I plan to dedicate time so I can be part of a successful endeavor.

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    posted a message on Survival Craft Season 2 (HermitCraft-like Server) Apps are Closed!

    Minecraft IGN: DigtalEra

    Age: 20

    Are you a streamer/youtuber? Negative, lack of internet speed kills that department

    How often would you play? Daily when I have an enjoyable server to do so on

    Why would you like to join?: I like the small close knit servers that like to have fun with one another in a friendly survival server environment

    Do you agree with all the rules?: absolutely

    What's your favorite thing to do in Minecraft?: well tbh I like to host servers more then play haha but if it was limited to ingame content Im not really sure, probably grinding mobs for loot.

    Tell me about yourself!: 20 years old, Degree in software engineering and like to game on my down time.

    Questions?: only one, will ask if Im followed up with.

    Please contact me in discord: Jokerlolz#4696 I dont check here often.

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