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I'm an artist, novice modder, story creator, social media chatterbox, and barely an animator. I have big plans for my future, but that's a story for another day. :)


  • On my personal website, I like to show off my original creations of a story series I call Fantaji. There's barely anything to look at for now, but I plan on adding much more in the future. You can check out my personal website here:


  • I've currently got big plans to create some neat maps and mods for Minecraft, and I'm currently designing an organized schedule to help me make sure I get my work done at a timely rate. You can find my work on PlanetMinecraft and here on Minecraft Forums later in time!



Normal Interests:

  • Cats (I'm not as good at raising them though... ^-^' )
  • Giving credit where it's due.
  • Sharing my work and thoughts with others.
  • Anime and animation in general.
  • Games that allow me to get creative (GMod, Crossout, Spore, and Minecraft to name a few.)

Atypical Interests:

  • Baggy clothing (I HATE tight clothing!).
  • I've a mild pregnancy fetish (expectant parents make me feel more happy than "aroused"). I call it a fetish because you'd be surprised how many drawings of pregnant people I've made over the years. Fortunately, I plan to not let my fetish get in the way of my work.
  • I don't like working in complete silence at all. I always have something playing in the background, let it be music, YouTubers being YouTubers, or even just the sound of rainfall.
  • I've a stuffed bear named Greylie. I've had him ever since I was a baby and I still cuddle with him when I go to bed. To me, he's a symbol to the fact that youth never truly has to be given up in order to grow up. :)
  • In my artwork and stories, I like to make things interesting by making things weird. Pregnant robots, boys with boobs, a blind sniper that never misses, etc., etc. I like to experiment with unusual ideas to help add some originality to my original content. Some ideas I keep for the attention that I'm sure it'll attract, some ideas I keep because I feel proud of myself for them, but some ideas I scrap if I later cringe at said ideas.
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