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    They heard you enter. The stone kept them back. Through the blocks they could see you, but never reach you

    You stepped out of protection, out of safety. You revealed yourself to them

    Limbo is that which lies between and yet does not exist
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    Quote from street_carp

    I'm running a Tekkit server and shortly after making this post I will have updated it 3 times in 3 days. Unless certain FTB packs are getting multiple updates per day (which would be excessive and problematic for server admins) I don't think you know what you're talking about.

    Some people ITT need to learn the difference between Tekkit and Tekkit Classic.

    But that would require people to actually think about their choices rather than parrot what they heard someone else said!
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    Quote from RustyXXL

    The Redstone Engine was never thought to be used for machines, And as much as I've seen from slowpoke this really sounds like his kind of humor. Iirc I even watched the stream where he said that, and there was no drama on that stream. It was pretty clear that this was a joke.

    Doesn't change the fact people used them for machines in order to get a nice start on things. And stream? No, it was an IRC chat to an up and coming modder. And yeah, he's pretty insistent with balance changes a lot. Doesn't take "Change the config file" as an answer

    Go look at the drama around Tinker's Construct at the moment for an example. That's Slowpoke's doing
    Oh and none of the FTB team "forces" any of the modders to include anything in their mods, but they are friends and thus they of course influence indirectly what's being made with the mods. So you could turn that argument around "Because the Tekkit team isn't friend with the modders they have no influence on needed changes like bugfixes.

    Hey, speaking of bugfixes, heard of any bugfixes to that liquid error in Forestry and how it doesn't have any things in place for any liquids outside of the Forestry ones and the Liquid Metal ones? Yeah. No surprise Tekkit doesn't keep that buggy thing in when it will guaranteed crash if you try to use its tanks on anything odd. If only he had the sense to program in some edge cases in case he couldn't render the liquids
    That's simply not true. Slowpoke himself donated a bunch of money to the modmakers, and participated in a bunch of charity events for Childplay, as did many of the other modauthors, whose mod are in the pack.

    I have no problems with the mod authors. I have every problem with Slowpoke. Everything I've heard indicates that all of the money goes towards the ones in the Big 5 mods, whereas any lower mod gets jack squat
    Honestly I got MFR, and it's a nice mod, but there is nothing in it that would be so advanced that this would make any sense imho. Could you please provide a quote with source for that statement

    I can't provide Power Crystal's PMs, but it has to do with how his Rednet kind of destroys Redpower and doesn't lag your server to bits. People wanted him to split it up into parts so they could only include certain parts, where he promptly said "Yeah, no"
    So what? I don't like Gregtech either (And I use neither FTB nor Tekkit, btw...they both don't offer the stuff I like, so I have my own mod compilation). But others do like it. That's simply a matter of taste and is neither pro nor contra FTB or Tekkit

    Someone earlier said Gregtech was a point to FTB. I felt his point needed to be destroyed
    At pax or whatever that was called...they even hold a live contest there, where hundreds participated and some of the people even won real prizes

    Was that released to the public or just a special once off thing? Cause I sure haven't seen any updates to the map since
    And did a lot of copyright infractions, earned money from advertising, didn't provide correct links or none at all and even said publicly that they don't care about the copyrights before they changed their opinions and now are a legit modpack

    People only complained about the "copyrights", I use in inverted commas because we are literately talking about mods made for a video game and any other modding community would be laughing its head off now, because they weren't getting their adf.ly revenue. And as soon as the donations page went up, suddenly a lot of the heat dropped off. Why? Because the modders received donations by the truckload

    I was around when this happened. I remember watching the drama die off literately one day because their donations filled up faster than adf.ly ever did

    Tekkit started as a private modpack. They didn't expect people to care as much as they did. Remember, this thing came out before all the rest
    Nope, Both packs are pretty even imho...

    Pretty much, but there are a lot more FTB fans out there who have some fake views on Tekkit that result in me needing to squash their views
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    FTB pushes "balance" changes on mods and is the reason redstone engines are going to be nerfed into the ground next patch and has at least once said that mod makers would have to pay to get their mods in, before quickly saying "It was a joke" when this reached the expected level of drama
    Tekkit lets mod makers have free reign with whatever they want to do

    FTB makes money, yet the only person who's seen a cent of it is Slowpoke
    Tekkit is non-profit and the day they added their donation button to give to mods ended up giving mod makers more donations than they'd ever received in the past

    FTB refuses to add Minefactory Reloaded because it'll make other mods look bad. Their words, not mine
    Tekkit refuses to add Gregtech because they don't want to deal with Greg's massive ego and prefer playing for fun rather than tedium

    FTB is supposed to be centered around a map. When did the last one of those come out?
    Tekkit launched the entire modpack craze

    Tekkit is the clear winner
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    posted a message on Im going to make a modpack opinions and advice please
    Quote from skifrager

    2. what's wrong with ad.fly?

    Puts viruses on your computer
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    Don't use adf.ly is a good suggestion

    Less viruses going out to your users and all
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    Quote from ice000breaker

    im not sure, but there were people testing it, i dont think they will make all that work to say "APRIL FOOLS! HAHAHAHA"

    Or maybe they did

    You don't get a good April Fool's joke by putting in no effort
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    Quote from DJ3000

    FTB has been around longer than tekkit.

    Uh, no it hasn't. Tekkit sort of paved the way for FTB

    Anywho, Technic lets you make your own easy to make custom modpacks. FTB needs you have to go talk to people to make them. So I use custom Technic packs because its easier to have exactly what I want
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    Quote from MehfromMinecraft

    Why not have one of you (pahimar/xeno) work on this mod and keep updating it, and the other one work on EE2 and get it up to date, and please everyone instead of creating a fan war?

    Because they don't want to update EE2 and want to work on this one instead

    I do not understand how this is a hard concept to grasp. You are not "customers". You are "People downloading a free modification off the Internet"

    Anywho, to people who say the mod is useless: It isn't. It just isn't all that useful at what you want it for, endgame resource generator and mass-conversions to power other mods. But at midgame, or just decorating? Then its stupid useful. Being able to convert gravel en-mass into Sandstone or something else useful is great. And if you have bad luck with iron but tons of gold, just switch it over

    It just isn't your endgame resource generator you were expecting it to be. Seriously, I cannot blame them trying to go as far away from that as possible, given that resource generator was clearly not their intention from the mod at the start
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    I feel this is all I need to say on the subject of armor plated murder fish
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