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    posted a message on What "Grinds Your Gears"?
    Quote from GloveWhoCampz

    We will love and tolerate the **** out of you my friend. :)

    <my avatar>
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    posted a message on Notch Teases a Secret Currently in Minecraft
    Quote from 2Latee

    And what is that? I have been flying around the End too but haven't seen one like that before.

    God knows, but you can find it after the enderdragon is dead. I've seen it, it's a weird cloud thing.
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    posted a message on Notch Teases a Secret Currently in Minecraft
    I have a hunch that it's related to this.
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    posted a message on For all you haters of the "clones"
    Fortresscraft was considered to be the biggest clone - And it does feel quite cloney. But they did change some things.

    >In the spawn tower, there's a room where you can make custom blocks
    >built-in gamemodes, like predator and spleef
    >Built more around building
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    posted a message on For all you haters of the "clones"
    I think people on both sides of this are too easy to jump in and say "lol clone".
    By "both sides", I mean that the fans tend to jump the gun easily, yet the developers may accidentally take too much from Minecraft.
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    posted a message on Village overhaul - Types, Trading and more
    Bump because aaa
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    posted a message on Village overhaul - Types, Trading and more
    Villages are boring.
    Let's make it better.

    Actual villager changes
    Each villager can buy and sell things from you.
    And villagers don't have their arms fused together anymore, they walk around like normal humans. Their arms only fold when you have a chat with them.
    Let's look through each villager. Also, each one has a daily budget.

    They sell wheat and other raw vegetables and things like that. They'll happily take anything off your hands, though. Don't expect to get much dosh from these guys, however.

    Freshly prepared dishes and raw meats avalible from this guy. He also has a few bones for sale.

    Ores and tools galore. At most, you can get iron tools from him. For a fee, he can repair your things(takes 0.7 minecraft days for 1 item), but you'll have to give him the materials sometimes, and you MUST give him a diamond or two for him to repair your sparkly blue stuff. (He can also be seen tinkering with iron golems every so often)

    Hunters go and gather things in the wild and sell them to whoever needs it. Seen with a bow. They WILL attack you if you fight them. Uses a bow. They only hunt passive mobs and wolves. They're not big game hunters - They leave that to the golems. They'll happily take weapons off your hands for some dosh.

    Books, books, books! He sells books and potions to you. He has an enchantment table, but he isn't all that good at using it. Very rarley, he can have some enchanted items in stock, but, scince he's a crap enchanter, they rarley exceed level 2.

    Villagers go to him each day for good luck. He can give you such blessings for no cost - Such as +7% speed for one day, or better luck, which increases the chance of more things dropping. He can also have a few enchanted tools on him. He's better at enchanting than the librarian, so his services are a bit costly. No-one knows how he manages level 50 enchantments without extra books, though.

    Village types
    Oh yeah, there's types!

    The bog standard type. They offer every service, but they don't offer amazing things.

    Very few animals are sighted in the desert, so meats are valued here, and will offer pretty penny for some pork. They have amazing blacksmiths due to there being loads of minerals around. Librarians aren't common in this type, and neither are hunters. The houses are mostly sandstone and sand.

    Snow is terrible for crops, so farms are nonexistant. Sell some veg to them to make a nice amount of money. Priests aren't all that common in these villages, and neither are librarians.

    These villages are dug out of ravines - Only ones that are open on the surface. They get by on wheat, and only wheat, so other food is valuable to them. There are usually a lot of librarians and blacksmiths.

    These villages are wooden and hang from treetops. Librarians are nonexistant. Expect a lot of food to be found among the inhabitants. Hunters are common here.

    VIllager to villager interaction
    Each villager depends on the other.
    Librarians and preists work together on things, mostly the latter teaching the former about enchanting.
    Butchers need blacksmiths, hunters and farmers for tools and ingredients.
    Hunters need blacksmiths for tools and preists for good luck. Maybe librarians for info on the area and it's game, if any are present.
    Farmers sell their things to everyone, and get food and tools from butchers and blacksmiths.

    It's a lovley little thing.

    And by money, I mean Gold Nuggets.
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    posted a message on Blockland
    Quote from El Digato

    Blockland sucked after 2006.

    Care to present why?
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    posted a message on Arrow enchantments + ammo slot
    Quote from mp0011

    I know that, but you can already change enchanted bows easly, easier than changing arrows (just put 2-3 different bows and scroll).

    With arrows, you must to enchant whole stack (or one by one...?) and you get random enchantment. This costs eg. 20exp for 64shots...

    Whole stack for random enchantment.
    And having a zillion bows is clunky and annoying. Colour coded arrows that make more sense are much better.
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    posted a message on Usable Books
    Good way to make notes of things. Also useful for adventure maps.
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    posted a message on Arrow enchantments + ammo slot
    Quote from mp0011

    We have bows enchanted already, this enchantments could be added to bow enchantments pool.

    The arrow could, however, have two type: one, dropped by skeletons, and stronger, user created. In that case, fearhers and flints would be usefull again.
    The idea of enchantable arrows is so you can change ammo type easily.
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    posted a message on Instead then permanent death on Hardcore you wil go to the nether
    The point of hardcore mode


    your head

    As a seperate option? Probably.
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    posted a message on if you could have any super power what would it be?
    Biotic powers from Mass Effect.
    Being able to produce Mass Effect feilds is a useful power.
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    posted a message on Arrow enchantments + ammo slot
    First off.
    The ammo slot is a slot where you put your arrows. Simple as that.

    On to the actual enchantments.

    Overload arrows are charged to breifley stun and do extra damage to constructs(blazes, golems) and to (very) briefley stun them, and have a small chance to instantly kill. If fired at creepers, there is a small chance they will turn into an overcharged creeper, or instantly detonate them. If fired at overcharged creepers, they have a small chance to detonate. If fired at an inactive redstone circuit, power will be supplied to it. If fired at an active circuit, it may overload.(don't worry, it just turns off and some parts of it pop off. Besides, this can be turned off.) Thing is, it's pretty bad against other mobs. Overload arrows have a blue glow.

    Do I have to explain this? They don't work on nether mobs, and if you miss, you might start a small fire by mistake(this bit can be turned off). They have a red glow.

    It's a watered down version of Fire. Mobs will take some fire damage on hit(unless it's a nether mob), and if you miss, it won't start a fire. They have an orange glow.

    It's like a splash healing potion, but, instead of doing an AOE heal, it's focused to one target. The drawback to this is obvious. It glows white.

    Will spawn a small, temporary light where it hits. Useful for cave exploration. Otherwise useless in combat. It glows neon yellow.

    When a Warp arrow hits a target, it will be temporarially crippled because you pretty much ripped apart it's molecular structure. This does not work on constructs or creepers. Also, if it hits a block, you can kiss that block goodbye (Sometimes - Dirtlike blocks have a good chance of going, while stone and obsidian won't be so easy to remove. For you "omg no grefing" types, this can be turned off.). The downside is that you sacrifice damage for some DOT and a slight stun. Oh yeah, warp arrows glow a bright purple/pink, so you can easily dodge them. The effectiveness of Warp varies - A good amount of the time the effect is breif, and, very rarley, it's crippling and can even kill.

    Targets will be launched back and suspended in midair for a while. Like Warp, the effectiveness varies - Sometimes they just get a larger than usual knockback, and sometimes they stay midair for ages. These arrows are a purply-blue.

    These arrows home in on mobs. Not always the one you want, though. Higher levels allow it to turn in a tighter circle. Frozen enemies and skeletons cannot be detected by seeking arrows. It has a nice maroon glow.

    Frost arrows deliver a massive chill to enemies. Anyone hit by it will be slowed down or completley frozen on the spot, and health regen is frozen for the duration. If you nab a critical sword strike on a frozen enemy, they will be instantly killed. If fired at water, it turns to ice. If fired at lava, it turns to stone. Constructs are more resistant to frost than other mobs, and if a Ghast, lava cube or Blaze is chilled, they cannot attack in addition to the usual effects. Skeletons are nearly immune. They are coloured a very light blue.
    Footnote: Frost can be a sword enchantment too

    AP arrows ignore armour completley (unless it's iron or diamond, where 10% of the damage is transferred to armour with iron, and 20% with diamond) and deal full damage to health. they travel a little slower and do less damage as a result. It's coloured in a pale yellow.

    Bolt arrows make a small explosion on impact. This explosion is pureley anti-personell, so no block damage is dealt. glass can still be broken, however. They glow a lovley green.

    Countering the enchantments
    If you wear armour, your armour takes all of the damage of warp(albeit lessened). You won't be thrown as much if you wear armour, too. You will have to protect your circuits from the effect of overload. Armour can be enchanted with Frost resistance, too.

    Arrows + Bow enchantments
    The fire affinity enchantment may need to be removed from the bow enchantment pool. Also, the "endless" enchantment does not work with enchanted arrows. When using an endless bow and special arrows, all arrows fired after the last will be regular arrows.
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    posted a message on Elevator: Forums
    When a user posts, the lift stops at a floor. Said poster describes what happens.

    I casually walk into the lift, and press the button to go up. Nothing happens because i'm the only person inside.
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