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    ClanWarZ is a server that has been totally redone, and is ready for new members. It has a creative world where you can build whatever you want without the worry of greifing. It has a anarchy* world, where the players make the rules. Lots of types of shops including, but not limited to: enchanting, command, and most items. Also, it has the war plugin with lots of pvp arenas. Mob arenas and hunger games arenas are also favorites. To rank up, all you have yo do, and you get the first rank up after only a couple seconds of game play. So join now, and become the best!!!!!!

    *Admins and other staff will do nothing to enforce any rules in the anarchy world except no mods or hacks

    If you have any questions or complaints post here or go to our website @ ClanWarZ.enjin.com


    List of some mods:Factions, War, Mcmmo, Survivalgames, and much much more.
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