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    Chat Mod Application:

    In-game name: mcrobot
    Age: 16 [Real name is Joseph- I dunno if you need that or not, but anyway..]
    Current rank:
    What is your timezone?: Central Time Zone.

    How long have you been playing on the server (and did you play on the original server?):
    I have been playing since the first day it opened (atleast for Soap.2) But I did play on the last server and was well known with many people. I think I started around 5 or so months before it went down, but I'm not that sure. Sorry :(

    Have you ever been banned from the server?

    If so, why? ^^^^^

    What makes you the best choice for moderator?
    I think I would make a good, not the best, moderator because I get on the server daily, and realize all of the rules that the server has. Obviously I can't say as much as Shananium, cause he would probably be the best moderator, but I can try and say some things. I know many of the people who play on the server and help most of them, except for the ones who pm-spam me to give them money. But anyway, I have helped many people, and will continue to do so if I am accepted for this spot. I also understand that we don't need many mods, considering you already have a few, but I believe that I can be of help in many means; first of all, moderation. Secondly, by assisting if I find any bugs, or showing them to you guys so that you can fix it, and finally by making the server a better place for new people.

    Are you known by any other usernames? If so which ones? I don't have any alts at the moment, but I am thinking of getting one soon!

    -Extra info-
    I also have a working mic, and have TS3, Skype and Curse(voice).
    Some other games that I play that I've heard some people play in the TS are; CS:GO, LoL and Smite.
    I also donated, but I don't think that matters....
    I might be busy some days because the school I go to is horrible o-o, and I get a lot of homework most of the time.
    I also make some of the dankest of the memes.

    I hope you can see that I might be acceptable as a Chat mod, and it would really make my day if I was accepted.
    -edit, got rid of extra spaces-
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    Yissss.... There comes another day where Deli will feel pain >:3

    ... jk

    It would be great to have it up, maybe we could grab Frankie xD
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    Quote from Crimsonblade2

    Crimmy's Chat Mod Application!
    • What's your in-game name?: Crimsonblade2
    • How old are you?: 12, turning 13 on October 26th.
    • What's your timezone (GMT)?: Central U.S.A Time.
    • What times can you mod?:I can mod about 2 to 5 hours a day, depending on my schedule and homework.
    • What rank (block) are you?: Free, duh :)
    • How long have you've played on PAP?: Since it opened, about 2 weeks I believe.
    • Do you have any experience in modding?: Sadly, I do not have any, but I would love to give it a try.
    • Have you played on other prison servers?: Yes, some good and some bad.
    • Have you read ALL the rules?: Yes, and I read them often to make sure I don't forget.
    • Why should we pick you as a chat mod?: I think you should pick me as a chat mod for some key points. I can type very fast, and correctly. I am always fair to everyone, not giving friends a special way out. I know, a guard is not a chat mod, but it can help for being a chat mod. It speeds up my typing, so my past guard experience helps for coming into a chat mod world. I have fluent English, but I keep it simple in the chat so people don't get confused when I talk in very complicated English.
    • Anything else you will like to tell us?: I hope I can be a help for keeping the server's chat clean and friendly. Best of luck to you on this great server.
    Oh wait! Delicious is in a bikini! That must mean I have the Matt Damon Texture Pack!

    Love it! Will report to Drinka so he can Check it out <3
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    IGN: mcrobot

    Name of server your transferring from?: Dont Drop the Soap Prison Server

    Have you been banned from the server your are transferring from?: No

    Picture of your in game name in the chat:

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    posted a message on [[Solved]]
    Its true, And we really need help. Chikincows and I, Mcrobot are working on this together. We both tried to run the client with the mod but got the same error. Pleeeaassee help us! The mod cannot be furnished more untill we find out what to do. :( Thanks if you respond and help us greatly. <3 -Mc
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    -Forgotten Realm Application-
    IGN: mcrbot
    RP name: Dovahkiin
    Faction(Race): Demons
    Character Personality: Builder, Caring, Always trying to lend a helpful hand from whether it means to be a test dummy for experiments, or building an amazing Castle.
    Character Skin: Kinda looks like a ginger, White Jacket, Creeper on back, Black pants.
    Character History: I met Chikincows on a random server and it was the best time in my game life. He was the best of best friends and he helped me a ton. I was extremely happy when I found out he was an OP on this server. Also with a brief meeting of Panda, the server has changed my life forever. <3 I really love this server.
    Character's Family with Brief Description: Mom - Helps me with everything; Dad - Yells at me but who cares:P. Bro - Plays 'Minecraft' with me, Has Skyrim(Reason for my RP name) Sister - Never really see here, plays Minecraft, but has no account, Going to Japan soon.
    Have I been banned?: Never was banned, and I hope I never will.
    Have I read the Rules and do I realize that I might get Banned?: Yes, I have, and i have experience with this server and its people before it became White-Listed.
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