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    Just A update, I reinstalled Chisel and updated the mod it is dependent on, now i can load up fine, I am guessing It just somehow got corrupted yesterday while updating.

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    Looks awesome downloading now, keep up the great work dude.
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    Minecraft Let's Play FTB Monster Ep.1: Blast From The Past

    Minecraft Let's Play FTB Monster Ep.2: Stocking Up!

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    It has been a while since my last post, but i am back Again today for another update.

    First up is i did a very tiny update and cleanup of the pack, I removed chromatic craft because of some problems i was having with the mod. I also installed BibiloCraft which adds these cool tool racks and many other little organizational things. With this tool rack i thought it would be a great way to show you all the tinkers tools that i have made and retired over my time playing this pack.

    Next up we have a Giga Fight from Botania. This is a tier 1 boss from the mod but is recommended to use the highest tier armor from the mod because as i find out they are hard to kill.

    This is a shot while i am fighting the boss. I recommend as well as the mod author to use a Terra blade, as it was the only thing i could get to hit the spirit. While fighting you get blindness for short burst and withered, i actually died the first time i fought him which resets the fight and because of this i was able to get some baubles which counter acted the withering.

    After the fight is over you get giga spirits which are the white flame looking things on the ground in front of me, these are used for the highest tier botania items.

    Although short, i will have more updates this upcoming week since school is now started and settling down.

    Thanks for reading.

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    Another update coming your way in my survival Journal, to pick up where i left off i was collecting mana in mana pools from the mod Botania. One of the many cool features of this mod is the ability to create a portal to a far off land called "The Portal to Alfheim".

    As you can see above this portal requires 2 Mana pools to stay open so i do not recommend to open it unless you have a good supply of mana at your disposal. One of the many awesome but weird things about this portal is that players and mobs cant go through it, instead it is used to convert items from the overworld into items from Alfheim.

    What you are seeing in this picture is the result of me throwing manaperals (enderpearls that have been thrown in mana) into the portal and because of this out pops pixedust. So as you can see this portal can be very useful, although i wont list what they turn into you can throw Mana diamonds. mana perals, livingwood, manasteal, and glass into it and Very useful items will return.

    On another note, filling those mana pools to open "The Portal To Alfheim" took a long time because of this and the wonderful invention of chunk loaders, I was able to get alot of behind the scenes work done that i will now share with you.

    To start things off one of the cooler things i did was set up this spawner for enderman. I am using a Dragconic spawner upgraded with a notch apple and wavern core. This eliminates the need for a player and removes all normal spawner requirements.

    After the enderman spawner i added this automatic hammer and siv, these machines take cobble turn it to gravel and then created broken ores that can be refined into ingots. This is a neat mod that i dont want to go to in death with but here is a link: Link

    This next one doesn't look like much but that is because you didnt see the 8 withers i killed inside this hole. This i must say was a very fun experience. I thought i should add this picture so the next one can make more sense.

    And finally The wither Killer This is a 5 by 5 by 3 with a hallow 3 by 3 in the center. each block of this multi-block structure takes 1 diamond 8 obsidian and 8 iron bars, so this is not for the faint hearted. The main block with the wither head and glowing red eyes takes 8 nether stars and 7 diamonds a bow and some nether quarts with redstone, but i must say it is worth it. All you have to do is input wither heads and soul sand and a minute later there is a nether star.

    Just like that another survival journal is gone, let me know what you guys think and what you think i should do to improve.

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    Hello Fellow Minecrafters I am back with more from my modded Play though. I am going to Dive right in and Say:

    I found the end portal !!!

    Now that, that is out of the way i just want to say sorry for the delayed posting because like I just said i found the end portal, but because i did i spent Hours Grinding Out ores to get armor good enough to fight the dragon After all i do have Hardcore Ender Expansion which Super charges the dragon. So the armor i decided to go with was Ender-Io's Dark steel armor.

    The armor it's self is easy to make with Obsidian, Coal powder, and Iron. But the upgrades take a while, I Fully upgraded it with Octadlc Capacters and some other great little addons. The Great thing about this armor is any damage taken is dealt to the Rf power it holds once you upgrade it each Piece holds 1,000,000 Rf. Now I know i was using BioFuel and a biogenerator but to power this suit i needed a upgrade.

    This is a big reactor from "Big Reactors" the coolent is Resoent ender, and I must say for 1 fuel cell this thing can output alot of power enough to power my suit.

    This next part is kinda hard to rap your mind around but this block here "Rf Entangler" Is from a newer mod Quantum Flux it Takes Rf and stores it in Space It is like the thermal expansion Tesseract expect it only moves power and if you build a Cell that you Shift Right click on it with; it fuels all Rf Tools in your inventory.With my new armor and Power supply i set off into the end, and once Again I am sorry I forgot that this is based on screen shots and unlike youtube you cant see what i do so i missed getting pictures from the Dragon.

    But as proof i killed him i did get a picture of the Portal and Egg. Once the dragon was dead though my mind Shifted and i knew what to look for...

    Draconium The most important thing to Dragconic Evolution, I collected as much as my heart desired and left the end happy with myself and the ores i had recovered.

    -----On a side note the posts from here on will be more spread out now as i am starting School Tomorrow.----

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    A new day means new opportunities, and that is what i have done, to start thins off i took another trip to the twilight. I was looking for 2 things, A hallow hill for resources and A naga so i could get my adventure going. The hallow hill came first and I am glad it did.

    Inside the hill are spawners and i grabbed one of the skeleton ones for my spawner setup. But more on that later.

    The next thing i found was the naga and this stage 1 boss is normally easily beaten, If you have armor, I died 3 times him but on my third attempt I killed him

    When you kill the naga it drops 1 yellow tinkers heart, up to 9 naga scales, and a Naga Head Trophy.

    After my twlightforest trip My resources where finally looking good to the point i could build a Ender Quarry. This wonderful device is from extra utilities and is a Hugh step up from the buildcraft quarry. I am powering it by BioFuel.

    Since most of you are smart i am sure you noticed the weither skeleton heads and soul sand in my inventory, I was able to acquire these by that skeleton spawner from the hallow hill i picked up. Although it was a normal skeleton spawner, the mod Ex Nihilo Adds a thing called witch water, this magical water turns skeletons into weither skeletons when they pass through it.

    With this spawner setup

    And this clever from tinkers with beheading 4 on it I get weither skulls within seconds instead of hours. Although i shouldn't have and i died 5 times from it I fought a weither...

    And i must say it was worth it!!!!

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    It has been a eventful Day in minecraft, In fact 12 hours of off and on game-play, has lead to this post, I have built machines, portals, and killed Pigmen.

    My day was going great until the Pigmen in fact, I don't know if any of you have seen the mod Torcherino [/b]but to sum it up you can make a torch that can speed up the tickrate around a area up to a 9x3x9 upto 400%. This is where my adventure begins while playing with the Torcherino [/b]I put it down by a nether portal at 400% and about 20 pigmen where in that portal in 10 seconds. I Am sure you all can guess what happens next...

    I hit one. I died 20 times to the Pigmen Before i finally found a way to kill them all and remove the Torcherino.[/b]

    After that mishap i built 2 portals 1 to the twlightlight Forest and 2 to The Last Millenium, Both where needed to further my Chromaticraft experience.

    This is the portal to the TwlightForest, One of the older mods used.

    This is the portal to The Last Millenium It spawns a void world with endless possibility's

    That is it for now, Like i said it was a long day of crafting but tomorrow will bring more.

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    When I logged back in this morning, I was Positive i was ready to go to the nether, I had my full set of iron Armor, my iron sword and my stone tinkers tool. And i must say when i stepped though the portal it was a Amazing sight.

    Little did i know that natura Added Some kinda hell dog that will light you on fire and chase me around ( To busy running to take a screenshot of That) Even after that experience The wonder of the nether still drew me in and if it wasn't for the ghast Shooting at me I would have stayed, but with 3 hearts and a almost broken set of armor i made my retreat to the over-world.

    Apon my return it hit me I needed to pick a mod to start on and get to it so naturally i chose the mod i know the least about ChromatiCraft. After very little online research I went exploring for one of these:

    Now some of you might be wondering why would i want a giant rainbow Tree well to answer that Question I need to ask one myself did you play FTB monster. These rainbow trees are actually called Dyetrees and this is what there leaves drop:

    Thats right Every type of dye you could ever want, including Lapis and bone-meal. Other then the normal uses for all this dye i have big plans in mind for it but Since that includes getting into Another mod i put that on hold and am now exploring The caves for crystals that this mod generates to further my adventure into Chromaticraft.

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    posted a message on Make Minecraft on a different engine.

    Instead of a new engine, I could see it progressing into it's own engine. Keeping Java at the heart of it but building such a big core for it's self the game would become better.

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