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    This tool was created for those that in an efficient way want to create a map/image from a Minecraft world. It proceeds its successor for being fast, easy to use and have several customizations.

    This is currently an open beta version where bugs may surface. Currently only Windows version with GUI exists. Versions for Linux and Mac OSX has been tested and a terminal version is in the works.

    This program was completely rewritten from scratch to utilize the new functionalities in C++, allowing more efficient programming flow. The GUI version consists of Qt, which makes it highly portable.


    Windows 1.15 64-bit: Download (5.88 MiB)


    • Efficient in both CPU cores and memory consumption
    • Self-contained
    • Minecraft Worlds 1.2.1 up to 1.15.2
    • Custom color format for each block
    • Modes: cave, heightmap(gray/color), slice, gradient, solid, night
    • Standard, custom worlds and single dimensions
    • Output image: full, map
    • Info about world (Click on seed to copy)
    • Able to generate image of any world (As long as there is memory available)

    Block Color format

    # PixelMap script - BlockColor example file #
    # Script language created to increase usability
    # and future updates of block colors in
    # Minecraft.
    # This line is a comment and can be placed
    # anywhere in the file and will ignore all
    # characters til next line occurs.
    # All whitespaces like space and tab, will be ignored.
    # It currently supports block ids and damage
    # values and namespace ids vlues, hexadecimal and
    # rgb/argb color.
    # Usage
    # <block_id[:<damage_value>[...]]|namespace_id>[ ...] = <hex_color>|<r g b[ a]> [# comment]
    # Examples
    # 0 = f0ffff
    # 1 2 = 69ff00ff
    # 3:1 = 127 127 127
    # 3:2 = 50 127 128 129
    # minecraft:air = 255 255 255 0
    # Advanced showoff
    # 1 2:3 2:4 5:23 67 = 456789 # Assign everything


    PixelMap and all content associated with it, but third-part libraries, is licensed under CC BY-SA. The author leaves the right to change the license for the product whenever necessary.

    Third-party libraries: libpng, zlib

    PixelMap Beta

    This is the old PixelMap that only works for pre-1.2.1 worlds. It is currently not maintained and got several issues that has not been fixed.

    PixelMap is an application written in C++ language designed to create bitmap images of Minecraft Beta worlds in various different styles. The program can be used with both command line and the built in GUI. If there is problems with the command line, then try out the GUI first. It's small and easy, but contains most of the program supports.
    I have myself compiled and run it in both Linux and Windows without any special difficulties.


    • Optimized in both memory consumption and speed
    • Option to run program in several threads (Multithreading)
    • No special support packages required: Just download and run
    • Cave mode
    • Standard and custom worlds supported
    • Only and exclude options
    • Slice mode
    • Supports Nexus/Nether rendering
    • Custom textures
    • Heightmap(line/gray/color/solid)
    • Rotation
    • Caching for gigantic worlds
    • Serverfriendly
    • GUI
    • Nightmode
    • Both Alpha and Beta save format support

    PixelMap and all content associated with it, but third-part libraries, is licensed under CC BY-SA. The author leaves the right to change the license for the product whenever necessary.
    Third-party libraries: libpng, zlib

    Download v0.86
    x86 (32bit):RAR, ZIP, 7z
    x64 (64bit):RAR, ZIP, 7z

    As I want to keep this a free service, still I give my time for something free. I am mere human and still need to pay my dept.

    PayPal donation - A small donation of what You value my work

    Older versions
    x86 (32bit) v0.85
    RAR, ZIP, 7z
    x86 (32bit) v0.84
    RAR, ZIP, 7z

    Source v0.85


    • Download archived file that your system supports (zip/rar/7z)
    • Put the file in desired folder you have read/write access to, e.g. Desktop
    • Unpackage the file in the folder
    • Run PixelMap


    • Download archived source file
    • Put the file in desired folder you have read/write access to


    • Unpack the file in the folder: tar zxf PixelMap_Source_085.tar.gz
    • Run commands:
    • make
    • make install


    (Command line)

    $ cd /tmp
    $ wget http://mirror.aposoc.net/Minecraft/PixelMap/Beta/archive/0.85/PixelMap_Source.tar.gz
    $ tar zxf PixelMap_Source_085.tar.gz
    $ cd PixelMap_Source_085
    $ make
    $ make install
    $ cp pixelmap ~/Desktop

    Could be copied to an another location


    • Unpack the file in the folder with Winrar or 7-zip
    • Either compile it with a define WIN32 or use Visual Studio Express to open up PixelMap.vcproj
    • Compile



    The order of parameters is irrelevant but the arguments must be after a parameter. Do not use brackets (< >) in the arguments. All parameters are optional.


      This parameter requires the folder name of a world. If alpha is specified a number from 1-5 could be used. If specifying a custom path, (back)slash(/ or \) is required. If this parameter is not provided, World 1 will be rendered. The path can contain spaces.

    -f .png

      Sets the path where you want to save the rendered image. You can only save as .png.


      Path to where you want the log file to be saved. Any and all file types are supported. If no argument is provided, the log will be saved as log.txt to the same folder with the PixelMap.exe.


      Only renders the user defined blocks, multiple blocks are supported. You can also use 'W' or 'L'(Small letters) to quickly select all, flowing and stable, water and/or lava. 'T' is used for trees.


      As above, but excludes blocks instead.

    -s <0 or 1>

      User defined slice of a world. To render all slices under the selected slice put 0 after the height or 1 to only render the selected slice.


      Renders a line heightmap with a user defined frequency. Using 'G' or 'C' (Small letters) allows you to see either gray gradient or color gradient. 'S' is used when disabling the normal mode and therefor showing plain colors.


        Sets the amount of processor (CPU) cores to be used when rendering. It is not recommended to use more threads (cores) than your processor has. Using multiple cores greatly speeds up the rendering process. Default is value for this 1.

      If providing no arguments, max cores of the computer is used.


      Renders caves.


      Rotates the world 90, 180 or 270 degrees.


      Render the world as if it were night with torches, lava and other sources where light can come from.


      Uses the colors from the terrain.png image when rendering. Any size or type of terrain.png can be used as long as it works with Minecraft.


      Disables the rendering of a map. Only useful if you wish to only write a log of a world, not render a map.


      Renders the Nexus/Nether.


      Instead of allocating the image directly, it creates a temporary cache-file where it stores the image data before saving it to the actually image. Default folder is in %temp%.


      Does not display any message/error box when done.


      Does not display any gui(It does everything in the background). Good for servers.


      Removes the use of lightmap provided in chunks to instead display hidden objects above the light. This decreases performance but gives a more reliable result.


      Closes the application when rendering is ready. Good for stacked renderings. --no-gui also activates this. Windows only.


      Opens up the folder the output is in. Windows only.


      Chooses the version of a map. Currently it only supports alpha and beta.


      Enabled debug mode where it logs interesting parts in the program.

    By default, the rendered image of a world is saved to the same folder where the PixelMap file is. If you use the -f parameter you can save the rendered image where you want it.

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    You are not the only one: http://www.minecraftforum.net/forums/support/unmodified-minecraft-client/2722468-minecraftlauncher-exe-is-bds-bladabindi-bryb-and

    However, over there we got problem with Avira. Do anyone know if they are using the same database or is this a coincident?

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    posted a message on minecraftlauncher.exe is bds/bladabindi.bryb and deleted minecraftlauncher.exe Thanks Avira.

    I have had the same issue. Reading the logs, Avira tells me that it updated itself this morning and two times after that. I played last night so I thought that this update might be the cause of the issue. I also never found any other people with the same issue until now when you posted this.

    First it complained about Minecraft.exe of containing this trojan. Then, after downloading the msi from the official site and installing it, it started complaining on both. Now, due to how Avira handles its files, I cannot replace, remove or rename the file as I cannot levitate myself to the required Administrative privileges required.

    When I deactivated Avira to be able to scan it properly, I found this: https://virustotal.com/sv/file/5aca0c9ad8591f4e1e842e5a53a7573c6e84b9bc6729e601d87879e0568ea91c/analysis/1470510442/

    I would love to provide with any additional help if required and to solve this issue. As SeaWry said, it probably is bogus definitions and it is flagging a false positive.

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    Quote from Peacem4k3r

    Well, I do have an 64bit OS (Arch Linux), that wouldn't be the problem ;D

    I know there are such mappers, and they did work well for my map, but I do need a complete image of my map. (Like Cartopgraph outputs). So if I succeed on compiling your program for 64 bit, I don't need to write a script to join all the tile images to one big image ( I rendered my map with a java cmdline renderer, the only one who succeeded rendering my 10 gb map :biggrin.gif: But as I said, I got many tile images )

    You could read on the first page how to download and compile PixelMap for Linux, but I'll type it here as well:
    $ cd /tmp
    $ wget http://dl.dropbox.com/u/8304300/Minecraft/PixelMap_nightly.tar.gz
    $ tar zxf PixelMap_nightly.tar.gz
    $ cd PixelMap_nightly
    $ make
    $ make install

    Then run ./pixelmap with proper command lines to retrieve your rendered map.

    No-edit: I searched on the compiler and discovered that you need to make sure what sort of compiler you have. First, you require g++, but you need to make sure it compiles x64 programs and not only x32. Reading this you require a -m64 parameter to compile it. However, I've took the liberty to modify Makefile so it should compile x64 programs.
    I have not tested it as I don't have any Linux platform available.
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    Here are some statistics for PixelMap when loading Aminia(Skylands):
    Chunks: 42632
    Size: 36.2MB
    Time: 2:31/1:28
    Memory peak(before creating image): 108MB/123MB
    Memory peak(while creating image): 161MB/178MB

    Left value is default and right is two threads on dual core processor. Both generated this image:
    Using this setup on first:
    PixelMap -w sl

    And this setup on second:
    PixelMap -w sl -t 2

    Also generated a log afterwards:
    PixelMap -w sl -t 2 -l log.txt --no-render

    Which gave me this log:

    I was unable to provide with comparison, like mcmap, Cartograph or c10t.
    mcmap cannot generate top-of-view.(Way too slow too)
    Cartograph crashed each time I tried to load the map.
    c10t had too much dependences on several libraries that I was unable to find everyone. Therefor, it didn't start at all... And I couldn't find any documentation of how to use the tool.

    If you doubt these results, then please provide with your test data here.

    Edit: I got Cartograph working by placing the world in the Minecraft folder. First time it took more than 5 minutes, and second time took approximately 2:41(Used a stopwatch). It used 75MB constantly of memory, and in the end went up to about 150MB.
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