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    A 4x4 grid would be a bad idea, that just adds unneeded complexity to crafting and the need to remember more. The player should never be able to cause the Wither effect because of how overpowered that would be. It's a pure upgrade from poison. And sorry, but the mob fortress is also balanced sloppily, because I can just break in (literally), take the loot and worm my way out without needing to really do anything.

    This also a wishlist, or close to being one. Also, why add another brewing stand for more potions? Why not just have different recipes instead of a whole new stand?

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    posted a message on Remove sprint jumping.

    I don't see much of a reason to remove it, it's not that big of a balance issue. "This makes no sense" isn't much of a reason for me.

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    Quote from GHXman»

    The final prize is Maxed out diamond sword/pickaxe/axe. Enchanted. Gold blocks and diamond blocks can be found in structure. There are vexes, lonely vexes escaped from their boss/summoner.

    This started out alright but then this killed the believability. Diamond blocks? No. Already enchanted diamond tools? Yeah, all I need to do is mine my way around the obstacles and bam. No support.
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    Copied from the last guide. Please add the ability for this forum to have cheat codes:

    SPACEBOOT1 - Disable joke threads

    FLAZOONI - Same as above

    GYPSYBLACKMAGIC - Same as above

    BAKEDTOAST - Same as above

    YESMEANSNO - No poll answer swapping

    SIGNATUREHERE - Disable pointless post signing

    YUNO - Erases all memes in all posts

    1UP - Disables upvotes for terrible suggestions

    BUMPIT - Disables new posters graverobbing threads from years ago. Herp.

    SIZEDOESNTMATTER - Disables unnecessary big text

    COLORMEDUMB - Unreadable text colors default to black

    THEYSEEMEROLLIN - Criticism is not mistaken for hating anymore

    CRAMFLAKES - Stops idea cramming, so the OP doesn't randomly put stuff in his idea just to call it "finished".

    SELECTIVEREADING - The OP doesn't just respond to positive posts

    WASNTME - The OP doesn't make excuses for bad suggestions. (eg. "my little brother posted this not me")

    VENDETTA - OP doesn't carry a grudge against the critics

    Also, can we have a mention that if you can't handle negative reception, there's no point in making a thread?

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    posted a message on Golden Fish
    Quote from GHXman»

    SO wish carefully.

    I wish this weird fish didn't exist in my vanilla game. Can't take this seriously.
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    posted a message on Guidelines for the Suggestions Forum
    Quote from DrWeegee»

    I will admit that some threads look like troll threads, but you have to understand, there truly are people who would enjoy things like guns, cars, whatever usually-thought-to-be joke things in Minecraft.

    I know a joke thread when I see one, and I don't label all bad threads to be a joke. It's not always about the suggestion, it's about reading between the lines and observing how they post. Also, if someone makes a thread so stupid that it can almost be considered a joke, it doesn't give you the right to just troll call or flamebait them, but it's still something the poster brings on himself. You shouldn't get all frazzled that your idea bombed when you could have searched for a hundred of the same threads that got crushed into dust. If it's an idea that would be hard to search for, I can forgive that.

    It leaves a lot of gray area I feel the mods go through and are trying to explain to us. Sure we perceive them as joke threads, but what if the joke threads are actually serious? You can't exactly just go banning and warning without solid evidence that it's joking. Saying "It sounded really stupid" isn't exactly evidence either. That wouldn't hold up anywhere.

    As much as I'd love dumb threads to just vanish, that wouldn't make the forum that much better. There does need to be quality control, but I don't want all bad threads to be locked and punched in the head. If I saw "My super serious thread is about ender creepers. They have 1000000 health! My brain is smart." I'd never give these threads time to be seen if I was a mod...

    There's one user in particular (which I can't call out) who intentionally gives himself away and nothing ever happens to him because he knows nothing will.

    Unfortunately that means the quality of the forums seems lower for us, but to allow everyone their freedom to post their ideas in a suggestions forums is pretty much the most important part of the forums. Limiting people because their ideas sound dumb isn't exactly right.

    It isn't. But going "be free and have fun with it" doesn't mean all is well. You don't have to take suggestions that seriously, but don't call the entire forum "a bunch of haters >={" because you didn't take the time to think about what you were talking about.

    If you think a thread is a joke thread (or breaking any rules in general), don't bump it back to the top repeating the same argument 26 other people already made, which I see happen insanely often. Report and move on. Perhaps try to come up with some neat suggestions yourself, or put a bit of worthwhile discussions in other ideas.

    I agree with this 300%, if only we can convince more people to not be so gullible and not go on a bump-for-the-last-word! frenzy.

    The quality of a forum usually is significantly community driven, and if you want it to improve, we'd need to set a better example than posting on threads we think are joke threads to mock it with the same exact phrase 27 times then going somewhere else and start complaining about how there are so many joke threads.

    The bigger problem is people feeding into them and giving these people more attention. This guide should also mention how this forum isn't for you to rage-rant just because you don't like 1.9 combat.
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    posted a message on Nitwit gives bad advice
    Quote from GriseousOrb»

    It might be nice to push my friends off cliffs!

    What a good-hearted villager. The quotes are clever and all, but still, "dialogue" in this game just doesn't fit very well.

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    posted a message on Magmafin - Nether-Lava Fish (Heckload of Images!)

    See guys, this is the kind of suggestion that should get attention/bumps. Not people suggesting "GUNS". Extreme support.

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    *looks at sunperp, then at the OP, then at sunperp*

    So uh... Yeah nevermind. Guys, if the arguments have been made already to why this idea doesn't work, you don't need to repeat them with more and more bumping. It's bad enough the better suggestions don't get this much attention. gg. Gonna rate this forum gullible/10.

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    Quote from dacatoah»

    Has any one ever wanted a golem that will stay with you and fight for you without being on a lead.

    No, that is the antithesis of balanced.
    Quote from Greymagic27»

    Stop shouting at him and telling him he is wrong and stupid

    Yeah about that...
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