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    For a first draft of your first texture pack, this is promising. Most of the natural blocks are textured in a way that's soft and relaxed; it looks pleasant up close or at a distance. But some of the blocks don't look like they belong together in the same pack. For instance, the pine needles have a scratchy, realistic texture that looks out of place in a pack where most other things are smooth and cartoony. Tree leaves and sugar cane are drawn with loving artistic detail, but grass and flowers look like they're made from Play-Doh noodles. The robotically symmetrical spider web also looks strange, since most of the other natural blocks have an organic amount of chaos.

    Some stylistic differences within a pack can make sense, if there's a reason behind it. For instance, constructed blocks might use straighter lines than natural blocks. (This is mostly the case in your pack; it makes sense.) Interactive blocks (like crafting tables, ladders, and chests) or uncommon blocks (like diamond block or redstone lamp) might be drawn in greater detail or brighter colors than plain blocks (like cobblestone and dirt). Or not. Consider what looks good and makes sense to you and other Minecraft players.

    So my advice is to think through what kind of style or mood you want your texture pack to have; consider how each block compares to the look you're going for, and whether it looks like it would belong in the same work of art as the other blocks. Then change what doesn't fit. And get all the honest feedback you can. You're on to something good; I wish you the best as you keep developing it.
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    Welcome to the forums!

    First of all, Minecraft Forum doesn't support importing your photos, except for a few special cases like your avatar picture.

    To post pictures in a topic, the first thing you'll need to do is get an account on a website that provides free image hosting and supports remote image linking. I've been using Photobucket.com for years; Imgur.com is also popular, and there are many others out there. So pick one and register for a free account.

    Then you'll need to upload your photos. If you've taken Minecraft screenshots using the F2 key, you'll find the screenshots in your Minecraft appdata. On a Windows machine, the path of the screenshots folder goes something like this: "C:\Users\[Your Username]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\screenshots" Once you've found the screenshots and uploaded them to your image hosting account, copy the image link the site gives you for a picture you want to post on the forum.

    Post the picture on the forum by pasting the image URL in IMG tags, like this:
    By the way, I see newcomers ask about image-posting every so often; I think it would be a good thing to put in a FAQ sticky topic specific to the Screenshots subforum.
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    Quote from Winnermarcelosc

    LOL, i thinked she was notch's wife...

    Notch and ez aren't together anymore... :(

    ...In good news, the latest snapshot has pigs eating carrots and chickens eating seeds. Yay!
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    In Game Name: McKathlin
    Age: 29 (By the way, I like that this server is family-friendly and welcomes all ages.)
    Country: USA
    Describe yourself: I'm a software engineer, married to a fellow computer nerd. I love to create beautiful things and help others with their projects. The vanilla server I admin for my family and friends is my pride and joy. This is my first time branching out to play with members of the Minecraft community that I haven't met IRL.

    "I will follow the /rules"

    I'm looking forward to joining you all once the server is back up, if you'd like to have me.
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    Quote from MrLoco

    Clearly it will be Minecraft. I just hope he plays long enough to get to night, and screams while dying to monsters. But that would take like 10 minutes wouldn't it? Maybe they could do that and edit it...

    I just fear he will punch a few things for a few minutes, accomplish nothing and make the game look un-fun.

    Good points; those are some ways that watching a clueless gamer play Minecraft could fall flat. Fortunately, somebody's going to be helping Conan, and so can clue him in to the basic things you need to know for fun to happen: You need wood to craft things, hold the button down to break the block, and night is when the monsters come out and things get dangerous. I hope he gets creeper'd. But if not, getting head-pounced by a spider, shot at by a skeleton, or low-speed-chased by a zombie also have comedic potential.
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    Once you're experienced in Minecraft, the goal of mere survival is not interesting for long. Even completing the End could get old. Here are a few goals that reach beyond survival and get better the longer you dedicate yourself to a world:
    • Build something impressive to look at: a palace, a city, or some world wonder, or whatever else enters your imagination. Large-scale, beautiful builds require a lot of time and love.
      • If you're building above ground, you'll need to gather a lot of materials, and if you're building below ground, you'll accumulate a lot of stone and ore. So above-ground and underground building projects can complement each other quite nicely.
    • Build an adventure map. It takes a long time to make a good map that provides even a brief rich adventure experience, and there are always ways to make the map more in-depth and interesting for adventurers.
    If you're stuck in a rut because you end up falling into the same boring activities after having built a good base, here are some ways to change it up:
    • If there's a task that bores you, devise a way to semi-automate it. This will free you up to do the things that interest you more, with easy access to the resource you're farming.
    • Impose rules on yourself (at least as part of role-playing for specific builds in your world) that force you into a different gameplay style. Here are a few examples:
      • The tree spirit challenge: http://www.minecraftforum.net/topic/336073-challenge-the-tree-spirit/
      • Earthfear style: pretend that digging dirt and stone is against your religion (with a special exception for the eight blocks you need to build a village's furnace). You'll get to know and love wood and wool, and iron drops from zombies will be a precious commodity.
      • Nocturnal style: pretend that direct sunlight will hurt you. Build underground during the day, and forage on the frightening open surface at night.
    If you just don't feel like building anything large-scale now, you probably just need to take a break and come back once inspiration has struck.
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    This is really interesting to look at. The fire and webs-for-smoke from the smokestacks are a nice touch.
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    I'm glad that the snapshots for the upcoming release are working on fixing the excessive grinding needed for powerful enchants as of 1.2.5. I really like the idea of EXP coming from useful activities other than killing mobs. And in this snapshot, it's good to see the EXP system moving towards balance.

    But as of this snapshot, it's still a bit too easy to get to high levels. I'd recommend the following changes:
    • Mining coal should give exactly one EXP. Not two, not three. The EXP from mining a typical 16-block coal vein should not exceed the EXP from killing a dungeon full of mobs. Reward should be proportionate to risk or at least to effort.
    • It seems smelting EXP has been nerfed in the latest snapshot, which is good, but it's still overpowered (and arguably too spammable) as a source of EXP. I'd go so far as to recommend that the only smelting that gives EXP be ore smelting (to make up for iron and gold ores not being worth EXP when they're first mined).
    • Even after this, it might still be worthwhile to ramp up EXP per level a bit more for the higher levels. Of course, adjusting this is the hard part.
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    As an alternative to black wool and gray wool, consider blue wool and light blue wool. They also look good with the materials you mentioned in the OP.

    If it's a university, you'll probably want bookshelves, which bring in the oak wood planks texture as a matter of course (because that's what their tops and bottoms look like). Oak wood planks (and stairs, and fences) will coordinate with bookshelves, and provide a happy medium between the dark and the light materials, to make the look of the place a little less harsh.

    Edit: Since you are going for an alien look using End materials as your basis, you probably won't want a lot of wood planks, or things will start looking mundane. I'm only recommending wood planks as an accent to be used sparingly in indoor spaces.
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    Quote from Sacheverell

    The possibility exists that I might have wanted to spotlight not the mod, but a user-made video about the mod. Just something to consider. :wink.gif:

    I see. The video is good. It's quick and informative and has a voice-over that arguably out-awesomes Sacheverell's. (That's hard to do.) But aren't there any new good videos about good mods?

    I think the seed mod answers a legitimate need: give more ways to use to a one-function item that tends to pile up. But it goes too far, unless you want to make exploring and spelunking obsolete. I like the idea of being able to burn seeds as fuel, but one handful of seeds having twice as much fuel power as a stick or sapling is unbalanced; half as much would be more like it. Seeds as chicken feed would also be an appropriate use, one this mod doesn't include. Most of the mod is crafting recipes, ranging from reasonable to nonsensical, any of which could be custom-defined in Zombe's recipe mod.
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