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    posted a message on Cozy Pack [8x8] [1.8] The resource pack to make a minecraft a bit cozy!
    Cute pack! It has the familiarity of the default pack, with quadruple the charm.

    I'm not sure if you're aware of the missing spots, but I noticed that the following have not been textured:

    • Trapped chest
    • Acacia leaves
    • Coarse dirt
    • Purple stained glass

    Also, the bed texture looks a little wonky. The top, pillow-side, is the default red, but the rest is pink. (I like the pink.) And the side, pillow-side, is a pixel or two down from where it should be.

    That's not necessarily a complete list; I'm still trying out the pack (and enjoying it).

    EDIT: Added a few more things I noticed..
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    posted a message on Saturday with Sach: A Question Worth Exploring
    For me, the "one true" Minecraft experience is pure vanilla on a Large Biomes map, in hardcore mode if I'm looking for challenge, or normal-difficulty survival mode if my focus is building.

    I host a vanilla survival server for a trusted group of family members and friends. My builds tend to be small yet lovingly detailed. We build and adventure together when we can, but often we're each building alone. Just knowing that a friend might drop by to see what I built is fun. Also, I put my hoarding habits to good use, supplying my fellowcitizens' building projects.

    I sometimes try out alternative gameplay styles within vanilla:
    • The Tree Spirit Challenge
    • Earthfear style -- mine no dirt and a minimum of stone
    • Nocturnal style -- avoid the surface during daytime
    Imposing limitations can bring out new ways of building and adventuring; stuff like this works well to get me out of a rut.
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    posted a message on Saturday with Sach: My First Night
    I first played Minecraft on my brother-in-law's multiplayer server. I spawned at night, in the water, and drowned. Then I was told which button swims up. I respawned at night, in the water, and got chased by zombies, panicked, and died, whether of drowning or zombies I don't remember. I don't count that as my first night. Instead, I'll count the night after my first day.

    I respawned again once day broke. My brother-in-law showed me how to punch trees and make tools, and he gave me a tour of the house he'd built to look like his real-life house. I sought out a nice spot to call my own, and with his permission I dug into a cliffside to make my first home. He taught me how to make a door, a furnace, and torches. By the time night fell, I was nestled safely into a simple dwelling, which I enlarged and shaped through the night.

    The following day, my brother-in-law stopped in every so often to show me how to craft a new thing: glass blocks, a chest, a bed...things I didn't realize I needed until he made me aware of their existence. I eventually expanded my first home to three storeys and many rooms. I adorned it with vertical glass windows, bookshelves on the second floor, and a terraced farm out front. I've built many other projects since then, but I still find my first home beautiful.
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    posted a message on FFIV stuff

    That looks to be scaled big enough (and then some) for a full-sized ruins, cave, and tower. Nice.

    I've been thinking about doing a project like this for Dragon Warrior I's Alefgard. What tools did you use?
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    posted a message on Surface stronghold
    Wow, interesting. At the risk of making this topic fit better in the Seeds section, I have to ask: what are the seed and coords for this?
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    posted a message on Screenshots section could use a "How To Post Screenshots" sticky
    Quote from xRILLIANx

    You know what else the screenshots section could use? An official "Community Critique" subforum, similar to the "Texture Discussion" subforum, where people post their work with the mindset of improvement and critique, rather than just "Look at this cool thing I made, tell me I'm pretty!"

    I don't believe the distinction would be as useful for screenshots as it is for texture packs. Let me explain with an analogy:
    • The Texture Packs section is like a marketplace. Customers come in to find things they like, take them home, and use them. They might tell the merchants what they think of their wares while they're there, but that's not why they came. Customers would consider booths displaying unfinished work for critique to be a waste of time and space, because those things aren't ready for market.
    • Hence the Texture Discussion section. It's like a workshop, where craftsmen gather to discuss improving their craft. This is the place for looking at unfinished work to figure out how to best finish it. If non-craftsmen wish to give their opinions, that's helpful as well: they know what sort of handiwork they'd like to own.
    • Screenshots don't have value as a take-home-and-use product in the same way that texture packs do; they're more art than craft. The Screenshots section is like an art gallery. You can fully enjoy a piece of art whether or not you buy a print to take home with you. When people see art, they like to talk about what they think of it (if not with the artist, just with whoever's with them). Some artists are more interested in having their work critiqued than others are. Art is subjective, so viewers will disagree on whether in-progress art is advanced enough for enjoyable viewing. But in my opinion, unfinished builds start looking good in screenshots at a much earlier stage of development than unfinished texture packs look good when applied.
    The point I mean to make is that with texture packs, there's a line between consumer and critic, between finished and unfinished. Those lines are blurry or nonexistent with screenshots, due of the nature of the medium itself.

    I do hope that mods see your idea and think it over; it may well have merit even though I personally don't see it. I also hope that they'll give some thought to the "How to Post Screenshots" sticky thread idea. I'd like for this topic to stay alive until a mod either implements it or explains to us why they won't. :)
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    posted a message on HELP! posting screenshots
    Quote from abpop

    Any other ways to post pics?

    Maybe what you're looking for is a way to upload pictures straight to MinecraftForum, because it would be more convenient. That isn't an option; if it were, MinecraftForum would have to store them. That would be costly and potentially put a lot of strain on the site. As you might imagine, MinecraftForum already has a lot of data to manage between user avatars and the text of millions of posts. So they let their users find image hosting on sites that make image hosting their main business.

    So, it may seem needlessly complicated to use another site in order to post images here, but now you know why. Photobucket (which I use and haven't had problems with) and imgur really aren't bad to work with; you get the hang of it quickly.
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    posted a message on Christmas Wallpaper !
    Quote from oPleumZo

    I deleted footage already.

    http://www.imggu.org.../c45265cd06.jpg ?

    This one does have less of the problem where details get blacked out from the contrast adjustment.

    I like this picture, especially the star for the tree. I wonder whether the Enderman was an invited or a surprise guest. Either way, it makes sense that the mob capable of placing and picking up present blocks would be the one to show up. :)
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    posted a message on Screenshots section could use a "How To Post Screenshots" sticky
    Quote from justproud2b

    The stickied topic "Share your Minecraft pictures here" has a link in the first post to this image made by Opeth

    I could however see the need for a more clearly titled sticky (with instructions). Either way you do have a reference to link to if you need to.

    Thanks, Just. Opeth's image uploading guide is really helpful; I'll include it as a spoiler in my draft post to help those who choose to host through imgur.

    Yeah, I'm glad the "Share your Minecraft Pictures here!" sticky thread has a link to the guide, but as you said, a separate sticky with instructions would make it more obvious where to look for help.
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    posted a message on Psychological Reference - Your Profile Picture (Poll)
    When I read posts, my mind tends to give them the sort of voice that their avatar looks like he/she would have...unless their avatar doesn't look like a face, in which case I ignore it and assign the voice based solely on the words they say. (For instance, the OP's avatar looked enough unlike a face to me that I ignored it and assumed a generic guy voice.)

    If someone's avatar is a trollface, I'll strongly suspect them of wanting to test rules' limits and mess with people's heads, but other avatars have less of an effect on my impressions of people. If I'm skimming a thread with many posts, maybe I'm more likely to pause and read a post by someone with a cool-looking avatar than a post by a graysteve or creeper. But overall, I think I judge people much more by what they post than by how their avatars look...as far as I can tell.
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    posted a message on Screenshots section could use a "How To Post Screenshots" sticky
    From time to time, I see newbies make mistakes in posting screenshots, such as not putting the link in IMG tags, or using a file path from their own computer as the link. Or someone will simply come out and ask how to post screenshots. The Show Your Creation > Screenshots section particularly depends on screenshots and expects them for original posts, so I think it would be a good idea to add a sticky thread to the Screenshots section that explains how to post screenshots. The post might outline steps, something like this:

    1. Take the screenshots in Minecraft. (If you want your hotbar and held item out of the picture, press the F1 key to hide them. When you're done taking snapshots, press F1 again to show items again.) To capture a screenshot, press F2. The picture will be saved to the screenshots folder of your Minecraft AppData folder. For example, on a Windows 7 machine you'll find them at C:\Users\[YourUsername]\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\screenshots
    2. Make sure you're able to host them on the World Wide Web. Many websites, such as imgur.com and photobucket.com, offer free image hosting. Create an account on one of these sites if you don't already have one.
    3. Upload your screenshots. Do this by logging in to your image hosting account, going to where you can upload images, and selecting the files you want from your Minecraft screenshots folder (see Step 1). Stay logged in to the image hosting site to get links for the next step. Open the spoiler below to see a handy pictorial guide to uploading pictures to imgur.com:
    4. For each picture you want to show, copy the link that your image hosting site provides for that picture, paste it in your forum post, and put [img] tags around it, if it doesn't already have them. The result looks something like this:
    5. [img]http://imagehost.example.com/myalbum/picture.png[/img]

    6. If you're putting many pictures in one post, you may want to conserve load times and scroll effort by putting your additional pictures in a spoiler, like this:
    7. [img]http://imagehost.example.com/myalbum/MainPicture.png[/img]
      More pictures:

    I know that all of this is basic forum stuff, but Minecraft attracts a lot of young people and others who may not have frequented forums before. So I think this would be beneficial. What do you think?
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    posted a message on 2 blocks of Fencing gone. Major argument.
    The server owner can check server.log for login/logout events between the last time Player 2 was sure the fence was there, and the first time Player 2 noticed the fence was missing. That would reveal a potentially responsible Player 3, if any. If there was no Player 3 online during that time, or Player 3 didn't do it, Sefirah's lightning fire and server lag guesses sound plausible.
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    posted a message on Your WEIRDEST Minecraft Habits
    Quote from Someguyfromcrowd

    I have roughly 230 iron blocks and a small number of ingots.

    Eventually I'll just build a iron house or something.

    I do this very same thing with iron, gold, diamond, emerald, and lapis. Once I have more than about 24 loose pieces, I compress the rest into blocks even if I have plenty of space. I think it's to give myself the illusion of scarcity to encourage me to gather more materials...as if I needed encouragement...
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    posted a message on [WIP] Minecraft Mansion (Tutorial?)
    Hi Gus, I'd like to see the mansion you built, but these don't appear to be working image links. The links inside the IMG tags need to be World Wide Web addresses. You can host something from the Web by getting an account on an image hosting site such as photobucket.com or imgur.com, uploading the screenshots from your computer to the site, and then copying and pasting the Web links the site provides you with for each of those screenshots.
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    posted a message on My World
    Wow! There is so much cool work here! I especially like the skyscrapers and the dam.
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