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    posted a message on [1.6.4] [New] OBSIDIAN OUTPOST TEKKIT SERVER
    I would like to give this a go. My names Mike, im in the military, just looking for some place to kill some time with some cool people
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    posted a message on Shnazoria "Long Live the Mother Tree" [Economy] [Government] [Jobs] [Light Role-play] [Halentra] [Tribal]
    Minecraft Username: McMulticast

    Do you have Teamspeak: yes, although my roommate sleeps a good chunk of the time im on. but other then that i would be happy to join in on some friendly chit chat.

    How long you have been playing for: 3 months after etho started making his LP.. when ever that was (4years maybe)

    Do you agree to play fair and maturely: always
    Why should you be a part of the community?: Because im stuck in Germany bored out of my mind. looking for friendly people to play with.
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