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    Your voting site seems to be down. I can't find the links to vote.

    Is this just basic factions or are there other mechanics? Is there a full list of the factions and RPG mechanics somewhere?
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    actually, you can ensure that the victim is not in creative mode. Set the command as "/clear @p[m=0] 35 5". The 'm' checks the players game mode. The value 0 corresponds to survival. 1 corresponds to creative and 2 corresponds to adventure.
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    I've been thinking about how awesome this would be myself. I'm a computer programmer, so I know a bit more about what problems would ensue with this. Firstly, Minecraft uses Open GL. I don't know too much about Open GL, but I have looked into it a bit. The nice thing about square bitmap textures is that with Open GL, you can draw all the bits with the same texture with a single drawing sweep. If you were going to include Vector graphics, you would probably have to render bitmaps and then use the bitmaps in Open GL. You could also try to have Open GL actually draw everything, but that would be extremely difficult to program (Open GL is hard enough as it is) and would probably be more laggy than normal texture packs.

    I have an idea though. Open GL likes power of 2 sizes. So you could render textures of 8x8 through 1024x1024 (or 2048 if you have a good computer and a large screen). The computer would then use different sized textures depending on how far away things are. If you are up against a wall, it would use the largest size for the wall. But for something far away, it would use the smallest size. This would give you the resolution of a 1024x1024 texture pack with (possibly) less GPU usage, but it would require lots and lots of RAM.

    As for the format, probably just square SVG files. Not too hard to make.
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