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I grew up in a small Kokiri village in the forest. Later I met a fairy and left to forest to save the world. I ended up traveling across time and wielding magic powers and a magic sword. After I had won my battles, a strange blue box appeared before me. I entered and started a new adventure traveling space and time with a man known only as the Doctor. One day on earth I was separated from the Doctor and knocked out. I woke up to a robotic voice explaining the usage of an ASHPD. After completing many of the increasingly difficult tests that followed, I escaped to the outside world to find that everything was made out of strange cubes. I began to dig and build and explore. Now I continue to recount my adventures as well as to experience new ones as well as writing adventures for others to experience such as Mazetron and Spellcaster.
Interests Zelda, Minecraft, Terraria, Assassin's Creed, Portal, iPhone app programming

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