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    That error only means that Spigot could not find the world "Oakville." Check if the world's name for caps, maybe you mistyped. For warps, make sure to copy over the Essentials folder in the plugins folder.

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    Question 1
    I can use on server the /Leave comment to leave a minigame or leave the server. How can i use this command is there any plugin needed for?

    It depends on what plugin you're using for the minigame.
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    Question 2

    When joining the server i always come back at the place i logged out. On big servers when you logout and you enter the server again you don't spawn at the place you logged out but you spawn in the lobby. How do I fix this to? It would be nice if everyone spawns at the lobby infront of where they logged out or has this anything to do with the player.data?

    Large servers use plugins to manage spawn locations. Also many large servers that you spawn into a lobby probably have a largely different setup than you do (containing proxies and more). Yes, where the player spawns is stores in the player data, however their inventory is also stored there. In the Essentials plugin, there is also a player.yml where their spawn location is also stored (since the last time I made a server, however they may not be doing that anymore).
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    Question 3

    As in question 2, is there a way to 'disable' the playerdata in a world, for like exm. the lobby because that seems not needed or am i wrong about this? (feel free to answer)

    Not to my knowledge; a plugin can be used to make the teleport to a specific spawn area and clear their inventory. Alternatively, the plugin could delete their player data on logout, however the first way is easier.
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    i found a seed that gives you a ton of clay!!!!!

    seed: Minecraft beta 1.5_01

    X: -109.7720965393828
    Y: 69.62000000476837
    Z: 158.14725893797686
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