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    Detecting/dealing with hackers! (ADMINISTRATIVE USE ONLY)
    • Use NC+ (No Cheat +) do NOT use anticheat. Anticheat is very sensitive. I would reccomend a script (like mine) to automaticly ban people who get kicked for flying. If you have NC+ it shouldn't be a problem in the first place.
    • Ban Them Swiftly and Without Mercy.
    • Ban their IP so they dont get on with alts.
    • If they threaten you go >here.<
    • Make sure you have seen it or have proof (very important as some players with lag will appear to be hacking).
    • Make sure ALL players know your policy on hacking and instantly banning those who do.
    • Have an auto kick/ban for spamming. This is esspecially important as it disrupts centeral communication in your server.
    • Pay attention to players who say theres hackers, ask them for a screen shot.
    • Remind players that hacking is an instant ban.
    • Do NOT do temp bans, except in cases of long time players.
    Thats how I deal with hackers and in my opinion this works very well. I have no active hackers on my server. There are 166 total banned players because of hacking.

    Now what happens if someone somehow gets op (and you don't know how)?
    • A couple things can happen. They can stop the sever ban anyone so and so. Why? In rare instances people will use a plugin to "poison" your server so people can enter something like ".opme" and "force" operator.
    • There are a couple plugins that do this and these are for educational purposes only (it just takes a google search guys): LINK *WARNING* *WARNING* *SKIDDIE ALERT* That is called the posion plugin. There are many more if you go searching the bowls of google so lets take away one thing from here: SING WITH ME! Dont download this mod... Else your server will be destroyed before to long... Go and dowload your mods from dev.bukkit.org... Oh don't download this mod...
    • If you get posioned you need to take off any plugin unless you KNOW you got it from the offical dev bukkit site. If you have no idea, you need to wax your plugins: Take them all off, and redownload from the bukkit offical source.
    • It doesn't matter what OS you use if you get a posion plugin: If it runs java, its exploitable.
    • First rule though: Don't accept plugins from people you don't know that come from random links.
    How do they keep getting new alts?!
    • Did you ban their IP? If no do it. If yes they are useing new IPs. The best way to deal with people like this is to continueally ban them until they run out. It may seem like a lot (and it is) but these are rare instances.
    • People get alts by cracking weak account passwords or phishing them.
    • WeepCraft has a VIP account cracker. Cracking accounts is illegal. If you do it you can get punished by law, so dont do it skiddes... Don't do it... I do have your IP, and I can trace it.
    • Try banning a range of IPs.
    • Some guy threatens your server and says their behind a VPN. If someone does that, you need to contact the owner of the VPN and report it. Tell them if they have seen an unusually high ammount of packets directed at your IP and port number. Most of the time though they lie. They will probably be on a VPN with logs, as in the VPN is a "legitment VPN" not a VPN where illegal activity is okay to happen.
    How to "Trace" through a proxy, and preventive measures
    • Heres the situation. Your server is being DOSed. (Not DDoSed, DOS is denial of service attack while DDoS is distributed denial of service attack, DDoSes are almost impossible to trace and are usually from large, and expensive, botnets). The person says "Im behind a proxy u cannot catch me Im super l33t". Well, most proxys are "transparent" proxys, not "elite" proxys. Elite proxys are almost impossible to trace without a court order in whatever country the proxy is. So to find out if you can trace through the proxy. If you snatch a packet you can see an forwarded IP address. http://www.wireshark.org/ is a good place to start. You can download it, its a free program, and it will let you sniff packets. You can set it up on your network and sniff packets coming into your computer. If someone DOSs you you can look at the IP of the garbage packets and if they are using a transparent proxy you can see the forward IP address.
    • Preventive measures This is a good way to stop people from connecting to your server with a proxy. Go and get a list of proxys preferably a .txt list, and add them to your banned IP lists. I'm seeing currently, if I can develop a script, to detect people who have proxys and auto kick them. When this comes out this should be good in preventing DOS attacks. Links to proxys: http://hidemyass.com/proxy-list/, http://www.publicpro...roxy/list1.html, and look it up on Google.
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    Yes, mac is based on a linux distro. Ctrl C kills the command consol process. So it would potentially kill the server without saveing. Depending on how much (not a lot), I can definatly write a script to shut down the server load a fresh copy of the world, and start it again. I belive thats what you want?
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    Aha! I may have TWO ideas!
    #1. Use a command block that has a pressure plate where the player spawns. So whenever the players step on it, it turns the autosave off. So also the problem here is: When you stop the server it saves the map in its state. What you want to do is potentially KILL the server and have the auto-save off. Though its pretty messy. You can kill the server process with [Ctrl] [C]
    #2. Make a script (or you can hire me to make it :3) that reloads the world map every time the server is stopped. Are you running this server off of windows, linux or unix? If you use a script to do it use linux/unix.
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