About Me
Hai there! I love makeing shell scripts, which is my bread and butter. Bread and gold... Milk and cookies... Whatever, I enjoy network plumbing and host a minecraft server ( Linux is my favorite OS. I am currently creating scripts for minecraft, mainly for use on my vanilla server but I do post some of them. The current two that are posted are to Auto Ban players that fly after 45 ticks and a suplimental cheat prevention script that kicks players who preform a "wrong move". If you want me to do shell scripting for whatever reason I will do so for a small amount of money by paypal, if I think the project is really cool Ill do it for free! My favorite linux distro is BT5. Just started getting my CompSci major so I'm looking forward to getting better at programing and network engineering.


Cheat Prevention (Assists in preventing/dealing with cheating) Constantly Updating

IP logging and key word logging script (Used to log potential hackers) Being refined

Greeting Script (Greets players and logs their IP and username in a file) Being refined

Scripts in the works:

Administrator notification errors (tells an administrator when the server experiances an error)
Time done: ~next six days

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