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Hi, I'm _Maxmos_, and I'm a huge fan of minecraft and Nintendo ! My favorites series are the flash and supergirl :D I'm also on miiverse and twitter ;) I LOVE playing video games. I'm an extremely ordinary french guy. I'm also a PranksterGangster because I watch Pink Sheep's videos and make sheeps handsome mustache like him in my ressource packs :P My biggest project is the Wuhu Island map :P

Yo that description is 2 years old. Too lazy to change it sorry, also, my biggest project isn't this beautiful map anymore ^^


ah i aint putting my actual in real life's interests, but in here I'll just say that my interests are playing video games and making content for minecraft whever I'm motivated, don't expect regular updates for things, things gets updated within 2 weeks at most when I get motivated, which can take time, took me 8 months to get back to work on that addon

And playing SSBU with my boi Mewtwo

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