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    Prime’s HD Textures increase the resolution of Minecraft’s textures while remaining as faithful to the vanilla aesthetic as possible. The resource pack comes in a variety of options all the way up to 512×512 with a selection of optional add-on packs to add a variety of unique features.

    The Lite version of the pack (which includes a handful of blocks and items up to x256) can be downloaded for free!

    The full version of the pack (which includes all the most recent blocks and items up to x512) is currently available to my Patreon Supporters.

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    The Environment+ add-on to Prime’s HD Textures improves various aspects of your Minecraft world, making your game feel more alive. Almost every type of foliage in the game has been enhanced with detailed models and variations. Environment+ further expands upon your world with custom plants like cattails and custom biomes such as cherry blossom forests.

    The Optifine mod will be required for cat tails, connected textures, and custom biomes to work.

    Custom Models

    Custom Biomes

    Discord members get an exclusive first look at upcoming textures.


    Pack is currently WIP

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    Naturus Classic

    The original version of Naturus from 2015, updated to the newest version of Minecraft. Designed to replicate the look of the shaders and the better foliage mods, using features such as lightmaps, models, and skyboxes.

    Feature List

    - Ambient bird chirping sounds

    - Darker water

    - Shadows under blocks Optifine required (Brightness: Moody)

    - Warmer sunlight Optifine required (Brightness: Moody)

    - Orange glow to light sources Optifine required (Brightness: Moody)

    - Blue moonlight Optifine required (Brightness: Moody)

    - Realistic skybox Optifine required

    - 3D grass on every grass block

    - Yellow birch leaves

    - Realistic rain

    - 3D flowers and roots on lilypads

    - Various other subtle changes



    Minecraft 1.16

    Naturus II

    Naturus II is the sequel to the original Naturus. Vanilla-friendly upgrades to Minecraft with a focus on lighting, water, and foliage.

    Feature List

    - Shadows under blocks Optifine required (Brightness: Moody)

    - Orange glow to light sources Optifine required (Brightness: Moody)

    - Blue moonlight Optifine required (Brightness: Moody)

    - Realistic skybox Optifine required

    - Animated 3D leaf models
    - Falling leaf particles

    - Animated grass

    - Slanted sun/moon

    - Improved snow/rain

    - Darker water



    Minecraft 1.16

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    [12/1/2018] Prime's Survival Tweaks release!


    After being teased on r/Minecraft about a week ago, Prime's Survival Tweaks is finally up for download! PST is a pack designed to fix the currently broken system of progression in Minecraft. In vanilla, a players simply makes a wooden pickaxe, upgrades to a stone one, and has full iron gear by possibly the first night; after this, it's just a grind until they get diamond gear and that's it. PTS aims to remedy this through custom crafting recipes, functions, loot tables and more, which all provide a more concrete path for the player to follow; along with some other survival-based tweaks to help balance the game. Make no mistake, PTS is a difficult pack and as such is aimed at more veteran players who wish to spice things up a bit, it will not be everyone's cup of tea.

    As a final note, the pack is currently only compatible with the 1.14 snapshots and I don't plan on backporting it to 1.13 any time soon. Additionally, it is already clear that crafting in Minecraft will get a major overhaul with the addition of all the new crafting blocks in 1.14, although as of now we do not know how, as none of the blocks have functionality. Depending on the use of these blocks, a re-balance of the crafting recipes in PTS could be required, however I guess we will just have to wait and see.








    Minecraft 1.14 (snapshot)


    (required for PTS textures to work properly)

    Minecraft 1.14 (snapshot)

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    After two whole years since the last time I updated this pack people are still downloading it,[/b] and it is still my most downloaded resource pack to date.

    That is why I have finally decided to return and make sure those who
    are downloading Naturus are getting the best and most updated version
    possible. So, for the past week or so, I have taken it upon myself to
    not only update the pack to the 1.13.x versions of Minecraft, but to
    completely re-create the pack from the ground up with improvements all
    around and even brand new features. All with the goal of (hopefully)
    staying true to the pack's roots, while also improving upon what it can

    So here it is, version 2.0. Although at first glance it may look
    similar to Naturus 1.0, they are without a doubt two different ways of
    going about the same idea. One problem I had with Naturus 1.0 is that
    it's scope of what it was trying to accomplish was very wide, covering
    all aspects of "nature" in Minecraft. With the 2.0 version however, I
    have narrowed the features of the pack to focus more closely on it's
    original idea; to do it's best to re-create features found previously
    only in mods like Shaders and Better Foliage in a vanilla or Optifine
    setting. This includes things such as shadows and moving plants (a full
    list of features can be found in the thread below).

    Although the new version is here, and will be continued to be updated
    as the main version of Naturus, the old versions will still be up for
    download in the "legacy" section of this thread for those who prefer the
    old versions.

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    [10/7/2018] Prime's Item Placement version 1.0 is live!


    Many hours in the making, I am excited to finally be able to introduce my latest pack; Prime's Item Placement!

    This is a project I have been working on from scratch for the last few days and I feel it is finally ready for a public release. As you will be able to see by the images above and below, this pack does something very unique. I have always found the item frames in Minecraft a bit.. underwhelming to say the least. They were good for labeling chests or maybe showing off a rare item, but that was about the extent of their usefulness. With this pack however, the humble item frame has been overhauled, allowing you to display items (and blocks!) to their fullest size, without the bulk of a wooden frame in the way. This seemingly simple change has allowed for an infinite amount of building and design possibilities and I can't wait to see the things people do with it.

    Finally, I would just like to mention that I have not found the time as of yet to check every model in the pack for bugs or issues, so I apologize if you run in to any problems. Therefore, I ask that if you do find any broken models, please report them to me below so I can fix them and release a more polished download.

    Prime's Item Placement takes the item frame and turns it from a useless aesthetic, to a valuable building asset. To begin, I have taken the item frame and made it invisible, removing the unsightly birch wood outline. Next, I went through every model for every item and block in the game and edited their values so instead of appearing as a tiny item when put in an item frame, they are displayed in the same resolution as the rest of the blocks in the game. What these two changes do, is that when an item frame is placed on a wall, and an item is put in it, the item appears to be hanging or sitting on the block, rather than contained in a frame. As you can see in the image below, this means that you can hang items on the wall, or even set them on the table; and as you can see in the image above, it also can be used with full blocks to created rotatable ones.

    To put the process a bit more simply though, here is a step by step guide on how to use this pack in your world:

    STEP 1: Install Prime's Item Placement

    STEP 2: Place item frame on desired surface (it will be invisible)

    STEP 3: Place item in the invisible frame

    STEP 4: Rotate item as seen fit


    [VERSION 1.0]

    Minecraft 1.13.x


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    I have always thought that minecraft's armor/tool progression has always been a little bit lacking. I'm not a game developer but I do believe it is a big part of a game's progression system to have your player go through the different stages of equipement one by one. Minecraft does not do this. The ideal progression of minecraft would be to have the player advance leather > chain > iron > diamond. However, as the game is set up now, most players only ever make a wooden pickaxe, then some stone tools, then full iron gear, and finally lategame diamond. That is 2 whole tiers of armor that arent even being taken advantage of (leather/chain)

    The following suggestions are changes to the current armor/tools that I believe would make minecraft's progression feel a little bit more linear.

    NOTE: I will most likely be adding pictures to this thread later if anyone would like me to.


    Most players never make leather armor simply for the fact that it is honestly a little bit hard to get ahold of enough leather to make it early game. And by the time you do, you already would have had iron and no longer need it in the first place

    To combat this, I suggest an alternate source of leather, zombie hide. Zombie hide can be made by smelting rotten flesh in a furnace, yielding 1 zombie hide. This hide can then be used, in conjunction with any leather, to make leather armor. This way, it would definately be in the players best intrest to make leather armor early game.

    (Note: Zombie hide can only be used to craft leather armor. You must still use normal leather to make items such as books and item frames)


    For starters, it is rediculous that there is a whole armor tier in the game that is realistically unobtainable. As a fix to this, chain armor would be able to be crafted with iron ingots in the same fashion as the current iron armor recipe. (I will mention the new iron armor recipe later on)

    Next, stone tools would be crafted with smooth stone, rather than cobblestone. This is a small change, and is helping the wood tool tier more than it is actually helping the stone tools. With stone tools being crafted with smoothstone, it will mean it will take a slightly longer time to get ahold of stone tools, and therefore forcing the player to spend a little bit longer using wooden tools. I'm hoping this would promote the player to actually use wooden tools for a short while, rather than make a wood pick and imediately make full stone.


    As I mentioned earlier, the current iron armor recipe would have been overwritten to the new chain recipe. Instead I suggest that iron plates be able to be crafted with 3 iron ingots (in the shape of the head in the axe rexipe) Crafting this however, will only yield 1 plate, effectively making the player spend 3x the default amount of iron on each piece of armor. This, once again, will force the player to use chain armor for a decent amount of time before they advance to iron.


    Gold equipment is a tricky one. As of now, it is all but useless, but there doesnt seem to be a place for it in the current armor/tool tier heiarchy. Because of this, the only way to make gold items viable is if it was used as a sort of "special armor."

    My suggestion is that gold items be buffed to have the armor points/attack points/mining speed of diamond gear, but with the durability of wood/leather. (Yes I am aware some of the gold tools already do this)

    I feel this would make gold gear actually useful in certain situations. As an example; let's say you want to go to the nether with the full protection level of diamond gear, but don't want to risk losing your good stuff. Just bring some gold things.

    (Although this might seem a bit op, just keep in mind, with the durability of leather, gold would never really be a viable replacement of iron, let alone diamond)


    I don't really have any changes to diamond now, as i believe it is pretty balanced where it is, but there might be something here in the future.


    I know what you're thinking, "This is stupid, minecraft doesnt need any more armor tiers." But just hear me out, I feel like it could be quite balanced if executed correctly.

    Nether star gear is exactly what it sounds like. One nether star can be crafted into 2 nether shards. These can then be crafted into armor and tools.

    These items would basically be 150% the power of diamond in every way (speed, durability, protection etc.)

    I feel like this addition would be balanced for the simple reason of, if you have killed enough withers to craft a full set of armor, you are basically as progressed as you are going to get anyway, and deserve it. This armor would only be for late game players like myself, as most people would probably never even get to the point where they could craft it.

    If you are at the point where you can craft nether star armor, you are most likely just playing your world for large projects (like automating everything, building a castle etc.) And as any end game player knows, it can be a pain to do large scale builds with mobs constantly harassing you. With protection III+ nether star armor you would be nearly invincible and could focus on the things you really want to work on your world (think hermitcraft and mindcrack)


    If you made it this far, thank you for reading through this, it sure took a long time to write as I did it completely off my phone. As always if you have any suggestions or feedback I would love to hear it :)

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    Quote from BuilderJay29»

    Survival is already very fun.

    This is for the people like me, who have played so much survival that it has become a bit of a bore over the years. Enjoy it while it lasts.
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    Shameful Bump

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    I haven't textured in a long time or even played minecraft for that matter, but that sounds like a really good idea

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