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    posted a message on Runes of Wizardry (31 October - Reviving the Thread)
    AWWWWWWWWWWW YEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! (I believe the all-caps and spamming of the letters is warranted. :) )
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    posted a message on Minecraft Jars
    Thank you so much. :D
    So useful, especially for people using mods!
    It's legit, no third-parties...
    Have some diamond blocks and a +1
    :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock: :DBlock:
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    posted a message on Minecraft forge and optifine won't work together!
    Quote from CrazyCreeper425

    Wait do you put the optifine winrar folder in the mods folder or what do you do?? I'm confused

    There should be step-by-step install on the Optifine page, but here you go:

    1. Make sure you have winrar, a CLEAN, NEW minecraft.jar, Optifine.
    2. Open up the Optifine zip with winrar. (Right click it > Open With > WinRAR archiver)
    3. Open up the minecraft.jar with winrar. (Right click it > Open With > WinRAR archiver)
    4. Highlight/select all the folders (Except the ... folder) from the Optifine zip, drag and drop them into the minecraft.jar
    5. Close both windows.
    6. Start up minecraft with the launcher.
    7. Profit!
    If you are using correct versions without mix-matching anything (Example: Trying to install Optifine 1.5.1 for MC 1.6.1) then Minecraft should start, and you will have Optifine installed. Optifine DOES NOT NEED FORGE!
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    posted a message on 1.3 - How will mods work with LAN?
    Quote from Bear808

    I want to know this too.

    Its so confusing!

    Come on mojang/jeb give us some answers!
    Read the comments before you post, please.
    Quote from Shadonic

    So, both players have to have the same SMP mod? OR do they have to have the same SSP mod? Or does it just not matter?
    Both clients need the mod, the SSP mod IF using LAN, in which case they would be in the same house, or closely by so both users get the same internet/wifi connection. If going on a server, the server needs the SMP.
    Quote from ZombieCaStlwe

    I like how Loot99 signature has my youtube channel name in it, next to the subscribe button
    It has all of ours... If you click the subscribe button, then you subscribe to him. It's just showing you what acc will be subscribed to him.
    Quote from PlayPrey.

    I personally find this kinda obvious. Now that the SP is MP, all the mods are "MP".

    So if 2 players are using the EXACT same mods, it should work perfectly fine to play LAN with them.
    But using the server will not work unless the mod has SMP support.
    Not EXACTLY correct, because SP isn't really MP. All LAN is, is allowing two people in the same household (or with same wifi "channel") to be on the same world, without port-forwarding and getting the IP stuff, and all that fun stuff, and I would know. I spent one hour getting basically lectured about the internet, how it started, got upgraded, how computers work, how ports work, and a lot of other stuff.
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    Quote from Nharwhal

    Bug: Fireworks not exploding

    Version: 1.4.6

    Details: I craft a firework with a firework star and i place it on the ground. The thing flies but doesn't explode.
    Did you craft it with a firework star with /give ?
    I've messed with the fireworks on my server (not using the non-enhanced ones), and found that EVERY PIECE of the firework needs to be crafted.
    Getting the gunpowder, paper, etc. etc. from /give is fine, but not the firework stars or firework rocket.
    Quote from Dark_Trainer

    Bug name: Blocks respawning with no item dropping. Not related to latency, happens in single player too!
    Version: Latest patch as of 12/24/2012 on Xbox Live
    Details: When mining a block in some of my worlds, that block will reappear in 3-5 seconds. If you mine it again, there's nothing there. If you save and log out directly, the block is gone. If you continue to mine something else, the bug repeats. This has ruined a few of my worlds which I spent a TON of time on. Even after saving and rebooting the bug persists in the world. It seems to be saved in its design now. :(
    System: Xbox 360 version
    Happened to me, though I was on a friends world. It was lag. Idk why it would do that in single player, UNLESS you have "Online Mode" checked on... :Sheep:
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    posted a message on [1.4.5] Explosives+ [PR V3.9!][Pre Release 5 1.4.5 December 2nd!]
    OMG... I JUST THOUGHT OF SOMETHING EPIC!! THE CREATOR OF THIS MOD, AND More Explosives Mod, SHOULD JOIN AND MAKE ONE GIANT MOD CALLED (suggestion title) More Explosives+! Anyone else agree?!?!?!
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