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    Quote from arlojeremy»

    I've loved Carpenters Blocks (and commented here several times saying that), but after playing around with ArchitectureCraft for a few minutes tonight (it's 1.10.2 currently), does Carpenters Blocks add anything that ArchitectureCraft doesn't?

    I haven't played ArchitectureCraft myself, but looking at the user manual provided online, I see a few things:
    1. Overlays - Carpenter's Blocks allows overlays of grass, snow, vines, web, hay, or mycelium on (afaik) any of its blocks. ArchitectureCraft has a brief mention of "cladding" in the user manual, but it probably doesn't include all of those possibilities, and only allows them for roof blocks (so probably not railings).
    2. Illumination - Carpenter's Blocks allows its blocks to glow while still being disguised as other blocks.
    3. Decorative redstone components - Carpenter's Blocks has special versions of levers, buttons, daylight sensors, and pressure plates that can be set to resemble other blocks. Also, the pressure plate can be configured to control what entities trigger it (defaults to players only iirc, which is handy for a crop farm to make it simpler to get in and out without letting animals in)
    4. Decorative doors, gates, and garage doors.
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    posted a message on Does anyone know this "CAN" mod is?

    The image urls are there if I use the developer toolbar to view them in the source, but there are no broken image icons to right-click as suggested by the OP. Let's see if just adding the links works:



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    posted a message on Game crash after installing many mods (SOLVED)
    Quote from majestyc2k1»

    If your getting a new crash, then post it. The 2 reports you did post are caused by Forestry addons:

    UCE AgriCraft{1.7.10-1.5.0} [AgriCraft] (AgriCraft-1.7.10-1.5.0.jar)
    UCE ExtraBees{2.0-pre12} [Extra Bees] (binnie-mods-2.0-pre12.jar)
    UCE MagicBees{1.7.10-2.3.1} [Magic Bees] (magicbees-1.7.10-2.3.1.jar)
    UCE gendustry{} [GenDustry] (gendustry-

    AgriCraft is not a Forestry addon. It's an independent mod spun off from the IC2 crop system, with some significant differences. However, it might have some cross-mod interaction with Forestry that is erroring here. Unfortunately, I'm not familiar enough with it to be certain what to do about it.

    The others are Forestry addons, though. @XDinoDarkSoulX Magic Bees and Gendustry have newer versions for Minecraft 1.7.10 - 2.4.3 and 1.6.3, respectively. For Extra Bees from Binnie's Mods, however, you need Chocohead's patcher.
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    posted a message on Crash/Freeze when world loading/creation
    Quote from Abhar»

    PS: can you help me identify what damn mod is the one that puts this compass on screen everytime i crouch/press shift?

    Sorry, I don't know that one. Not surprising, since I usually only use around 30-40 mods, and you have 330 according to your latest log. However, presuming you have a text editor that can search multiple files (such as Notepad++), you can try searching the config files (make sure to tell it to search subfolders) for "compass". If that doesn't find it, you can try searching for "sneak", in case it's not called a "compass" in the configs, but still listed as showing up while sneaking.
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    posted a message on Crash/Freeze when world loading/creation

    The mod list is shown in the crash log. However, it looks like a very complicated conflict between a bunch of different worldgen from different mods.

    Working through the stack trace, I see the following mods involved in the crash:

    1. Actually Additions

    2. teamroots.roots.world.WorldGenLeyMarker.generate (idk what mod this is from)

    3. Pam's Harvestcraft

    4. Super Circuit Maker

    5. Astral Sorcery

    6. Wolf Armor (I think)

    7. Quark

    8. Mekanism

    9. Ore Shrubs

    10. MrTJPCoreMod

    11. Railcraft

    There might be a few others that I skimmed over by mistake.

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    posted a message on Game crashes at a specific phase while initializing of mods / loading Minecraft.
    Quote from majestyc2k1»

    To piggy-back:

    I would also suggest installing 64 bit Java (if not already).

    Quote from youngtomlin»

    And - To Piggy Back x2

    You can only install 64 bit Java if running a 64 bit system, so if you are running a 32 bit system. You can't really do much.

    I suggest you both look closer at the OP's crash log before going further about this:

    Java VM Version: Java HotSpot(TM) 64-Bit Server VM (mixed mode), Oracle Corporation

    That makes it clear he/she already has 64-bit Java installed.

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    posted a message on Help! Server crashing!
    Quote from majestyc2k1»

    This mod is in error:

    UCHE DamageIndicatorsMod{3.2.0} [Damage Indicators] ([1.7.10]DamageIndicatorsMod-3.2.0.jar)

    Yes, and the stack trace seems to implicate that mod as well, so the OP might be mistaken in the claim that "all mods are server friendly".

    I had some trouble tracking down official information on whether this mod is clientside only. The MCF Mod List indicates it is, but that's not exactly definitive. Searching through the official thread (which is now locked btw, and the download links there are broken), it seems the server support was problematic for some of the 1.6+ releases, and the author abandoned the mod before fixing the 1.7.10 server support. Apparently, it doesn't really need to run on the server as of Minecraft 1.6, though - I get the impression it was just some patchwork to prevent it from crashing if run on the server, and wouldn't have much other real effect when running it on the server.
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    posted a message on "LogManager.getLogger" problem. Please help!

    Like it says, getLogger() is a non-static method, and you're trying to call it as if it is. However, a quick look at the API documentation reveals the LogManager class has a static method for retrieving the global LogManager instance, so instead of your current code:

    LogManager.getLogger("Top Notch");

    use this:

    LogManager.getLogManager().getLogger("Top Notch");
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    posted a message on MC won't launch with my mods! Please Help!

    java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: net/minecraftforge/fml/relauncher/IFMLLoadingPlugin

    That means one or more of your mods is for the wrong version of Minecraft.

    Please provide exact version/build numbers for your mods. moxiegrrlgames made a nice YouTube video of how to quickly get a list of mod filenames (that will include version build/numbers) in Windows:


    Although with a fairly short mod list like yours, getting them manually might not be so bad.

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    posted a message on Xaero's MiniMap Mod wont' download :(

    Where were you downloading it from? It's available on the Curse site, which doesn't involve adfly links that you have to "skip ad" for:


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    posted a message on Flenix Roads / Realistic Roads mod for 1.7.10
    Quote from davidrambo2009»

    I was actually able to get there but when installed and running all the MOD components are NOT there. No telephone poles, street signs or anything. Really just some road surfaces. Possible he stripped some objects?

    Which mod did you download? The page I linked has two mods: Flenix Cities and Flenix Roads.
    Quote from davidrambo2009»

    looks like he is using the ROAD MOD as well for the poles / signs as well.

    THE ROAD MOD IS NOT FOR 1.7.10 though. :-(

    What are you talking about? It looks to me like Flenix Roads 2 is available for 1.7.10, though it's marked as a beta, so it might be missing some features/blocks that were in Flenix Roads 1 for 1.6.4. Oh, were you looking at "FlenixCities Streets" that says it's discontinued for 1.7.10? That's probably the wrong mod.
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    posted a message on Flenix Roads / Realistic Roads mod for 1.7.10

    If you look on the last page of the thread, the author specifies how to modify the domain to get to a working site. Here is a link to that site:


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    posted a message on Forge Mod .jar Editing
    Quote from csb987»

    You need to set up a modding environment, which involves installing the Java JDK, Forge MDK and an IDE (e.g. Eclipse). There are plenty of tutorials on that - try the ones from CJMinecraft or MrCrayfish, for example.

    I agree that the JDK is necessary, but I'm not certain that installing the Forge MDK or an IDE is strictly necessary. I've contributed to a different open-source mod (GregTech 5 Unofficial in case you're curious) without using the latter two. I installed Gradle separately, which might get installed automatically when installing the Forge MDK.

    Then when you're finished you compile the mod by running the build script from the folder you installed the MDK in. On Windows this just involves typing "gradlew build" from the command line. There are more in-depth tutorials available for Gradle as well if you need them.

    Hang on there. I'm not sure that would work. I think you need to run "gradlew build" (or "gradle build" should also work) in the mod folder, not the MDK folder, to compile the mod. Wouldn't running "gradlew build" in the MDK folder give you a custom build of Forge rather than the mod?
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    posted a message on Forge Mod .jar Editing

    Squake is open source. Instead of using a decompiler, you should download the source code from the appropriate branch of the GitHub repo (which is linked in the forum post you already provided), edit the appropriate files (I don't know enough about Squake to tell you which files need to be edited, though), and rebuild using the gradle scripts.

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    posted a message on IC2 Texture Crash

    net.minecraft.client.renderer.StitcherException: Unable to fit: ic2:cell/itemCellCoolant - size: 16x16 - Maybe try a lower resolution resourcepack?

    Okay, this usually means the item textures is too big for the atlas. However, I see you are not using a resource pack:

    Resource Packs: []

    So trying a lower resolution resource pack isn't an option.

    OpenGL: ATI Radeon HD 2600 PRO OpenGL Engine GL version 2.1 ATI-10.0.35, ATI Technologies Inc.

    According to http://addons.supertuxkart.net:8080/opengl/device/Radeon HD 2600 PRO that card supports texture atlases up to 8192x8192, which is a little outdated - most recent graphics cards can support 16384x16384 (and gtx 10 series cards from nVidia can support 32768x32768, though Optifine is needed to take advantage of that in Minecraft). However, that's still enough for 262144 textures at 16x16, so I find it hard to believe that just having 114 mods active is enough to hit this limit.

    However, I notice another potential problem:

    Memory: 999180240 bytes (952 MB) / 4445933568 bytes (4239 MB) up to 68504780800 bytes (65331 MB)

    JVM Flags: 5 total; -Xmx64G -XX:+UseConcMarkSweepGC -XX:+CMSIncrementalMode -XX:-UseAdaptiveSizePolicy -Xmn2G

    Allocating 64 gigabytes maximum is absurd when you aren't even using resource packs. Does your computer even have that much physical RAM? Considering that you've got a video card from 2006, I'd be a bit surprised if you do. I play with 128x resource packs, and I find that 12 gigabytes is usually enough. With no resource packs (16x default textures (mostly - I think some IC2 textures might actually be 32x by default)), 3 or 4 gigabytes max should be sufficient. Allocating too much ram can cause problems, so you might try allocating less and only incrementing if you actually get an "out of memory" error. Remember that OpenGL and other things need memory outside of the Java heap.

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