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    Great looking thread, good job.

    -Matysm aka Morgan

    Server Owner.
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    Quote from Alvoria

    I understand. Let me know if you decide you'd like to procure my services.

    Absolutely, will do. Like your packs by the way.
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    Quote from Gedos

    I'm in. I'm so exited for this reboot, it's gonna be just like old times.

    Right? Hells to the yes.
    Quote from TmynameisT


    Also T, lets play nice. Alright. I don't want any drama or anything. That said I won't hold any grudges against you. Ain't my style.
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    Tagara I could use your help modifying the Fallcraft New Vegas pack. For anybody else here this guy is excellent. His work is really high quality and he's an amazing guy.
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    Quote from Chris_Lowe

    Hello, I've seen that the latest forum post was done yesterday. Does this mean that the server is still continuing it's course?

    This guy got banned from Wild Wasteland for good reason. He's a pretty big ass. Do what that info what you please. :D
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    Can't join the server for some reason....
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    Quote from AquaDerp


    What the ­ is going on?
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    Howdy, fellow minecrafters. This is Matysm speaking to you here. I was marveling at the 1.6.2 update when I thought to myself that the appearance of horses was begging the presence of a Wild West minecraft server. So I looked up "Wild West Server". I found very little. In most cases none of the people who had sprung to make Wild West servers had concrete plans. So I decided to make a server myself.
    Perhaps a few of you know the joy of starting something of your very own in minecraft. Making a new server is a very thrilling experience. However many server owners fail to bring their servers to more than mediocrity because they fail to see the importance of other players. Many owners that I have known failed to understand that a minecraft server is both the creation of the owner but also those who helped. I want to call out to you guys to help me out. You guys come up with amazing ideas everyday. So how about you come help me out on this adventure. Who knows we may even strike it rich like they did in the days of the Gold Rush.

    I have many ideas about what could make this server great which I will be posting on this thread in addition to all your ideas. Then after going through all of the ideas I will concretize a plan for the server. After having made a clean and efficient plan I will then invite the minecrafters who participated in the idea gathering process to join me in creating all the necessary gears and cogs of the server. After doing so I will create a different council for each group of artists, builders, plugin devs etc... These councils will each vote on any change in their department. Then these changes and/or additions will be implemented after being read and podcasted by myself.
    So go ahead friends post your ideas! Impress me! You always do!

    For starters here are some ideas I have had.

    -Crackshot for guns: Rifles, Pistols, Shotguns, Legendary Weapons. Each with several Tiers.
    -Explosives: including dynamite and homemade firebombs.
    -Open World exploration.
    -Mob Control and Faction Mobs.
    -Trading, Banks, Factions, Economy...
    -Jobs and professions.
    -Loot Spawns.
    -Resource Depots.
    -A wilderness area where the ground cannot be destroyed but resources can be farmed (Wood, Minerals etc..).
    -Horses, Stables, Saloons, Thirst.
    -Bounties, Wanted posters.
    -Buyable houses in the city, and with enough money empty plots for custom building.
    -A hanging/Execution system.
    -An RPG system with stats and levels.
    -Intense PVP in certain forts armed with cannons. Control the fort and you get a prize depending on how long you control it.


    On a last note I am looking for texturers willing to work on gun textures and the texture pack. I am also looking for a World Painter who can make our blank map. I am also always looking for builders and potential staff (though with my system everybody is in a way a staff member.), and helpful people who just have good ideas.

    So come onboard. Don't fell shy! Express all your ideas on this thread. Give me material. Talk to me on skype! Show me your work! Join me! Those of you who are working on Wild West servers feel free to join forces with me, or just show me what you have. I always like to admire other people's hard work.

    Let's have some fun on a server project for once! Gone are the days where power hungry admins can bully you! Join me and we can rise to the top as the server that lets everybody have the chance to do what we do best: CREATE!

    Hope to talk to you all soon!

    I'm a poor lonesome cowboy. A' Long wayyyy from home.

    P.S: Check out the new indev server Guardians of Valcia, one of my very good friends is working on it and it looks great!

    SO FAR:
    RedAnon has helped the server with his advice. He advises for an important emphasis on roleplay to insure a good experience for all.

    Bowmastergo has volunteered to help write the lore for our server! His involvement in the server structure also reminds us that we must situate the temporal and spatial aspects of the server to build a concrete world.
    Bowmastergo also suggested a template for the server terrain: "It would be like the Wild West - lotsa desert and mountains but towns and cities being built by rivers and mines because of the gold rush, all connected by the railways that are being built. Of course it shouldn't mirror the real world exactly, but it helps and gives a reference to players who might not be as experienced in roleplay. But I think the overall idea and feel of the server is great! I will keep an eye on this thread :D "

    Joeblue has promised to help us in our vision. He offers real life experience and enthusiasm.

    Hero_Of_Mythra offers his help during the building process. Thank you.

    Red_Anon has provided beautiful reference pictures.

    Ike has offered his help and his experience. Many thanks!

    Wulf has agreed to help with perms and rules, as well as helping find a tp. Thank you.

    Travis an old friend from the Fallcraft server has joined the project in hopes of building.

    TheDrunkScot has also offered to help with perms. Thanks!

    Remember if you have something to add to his comment or simply want to make your own feel free.
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    MR WizardGorlock=ACCEPTEDCreeperkiller18 you must make an application.When will what be up?
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    posted a message on Fallcraft New Vegas: Prime -(Full Release)-
    SKYLORD ROSS=ACCEPTED, Welcome to the Mojave Mr Ross!
    MR WIZARD= DENIED, for now. If you are not a ghoul there is no way you lived from the great war to now. That's more then 50 years. On top of that you surmise that long amount of time (between the great war and new vegas) as 6 months. This goes against Fallout Lore. Also the Brotherhood don't accept ghouls. Furthermore, I would like to see the rp example to get an idea of your character's personality. Besides that looks good!
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