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    MacroKey Keybinding [1.9.4/1.9/1.8.9/1.8.8/1.8]

    MacroKey allows you to bind commands to keys.

    When you find yourself in a situation where you want to be able to access a command fast, you may realize you can be 1 click away.

    Now out for Minecraft 1.8, 1.8.8, 1.8.9, 1.9, 1.9.4 & 1.10

    One of the biggest complaints I have found about macro mods in the past is that they aren't for forge, but also that they sometimes just don't work on servers without the mod installed on the server.
    With MacroKey I made that the mod is fully functional while in single- and multiplayer worlds. No server side mods required!

    MacroKey has easy to use and understand GUIs and powerful commands.

    I will start with the commands:
    To retrieve all current bindings, simply use "/bind list".
    To add a binding, you can use "/bind add <key> <command>".
    If you feel stuck at any time, feel free to use the "/bind help" command.

    The default GUI button is set to K (you are able to change this in your *game* control options.) You are also able to open the GUI from the options->controls->"macro keybinding" button.

    Once opened, you will see a interface that looks a lot like the default game options.

    To add a binding; click "Add Keybinding", here you will be asked for the desired command you want to run.(tip: use '/' infront of text to make sure it gets interpreted as a command).
    Once you have typed your command you can press the button to bind a key. Do note that when using a key that is already being used by vanilla, the button will turn gold, this indicates that this keybinding may break stuff / trigger when playing.
    Then you are finally ready to press "Save Keybinding" and go back in-game to see what you have created!

    To edit a key of a command; click the button that is showing the current key in use, and then click any other key. If you press "escape" on your keyboard, it will disable the command, leaving it without any quick access binding.

    To remove a binding; click the X behind the command you wish to remove.

    Since 1.1.5 you are able to do basic programming to customize your macro's more. There are 2 keywords at this moment "exec" and "sleep". The compiler does not listen to spaces, you are required to place a semicolon after every operation and follow the basic principles of literals

    Example: exec "/gamemode 1"; sleep 2; exec "I am now able to fly in gamemode 1 :)"; sleep 2; exec "/gamemode 1"; sleep 2; exec "Now not anymore!"

    If you have any suggestion, issues or questions; feel free to shoot me a PM, or leave a comment!


    To server mods/admins:
    This mod is NOT a hacked client nor can it be used as one. This mod does not give benefits to players using it.

    A small disclosure for the haters <3
    For the people wondering, yes I know that the Macro / Keybinding & Command Keybindings mods are similar to this mod & are named similarly, I however found out about those mod after deciding on the name and publishing of MacroKey. My mod does NOT contain ANY of the original source of Macro / Key bind or Command Keybindings, nor have I considered looking at it. And next to that, it doesn't seem that the "original" mod Macro/Key (as people have been calling my mod a replica) will be updated any time soon to Minecraft 1.10.

    Difficulty Locker [1.7.2/1.7.10]

    Difficulty Locker allows you to lock the difficulty of multiple worlds separately in versions prior to 1.8 (more specifically 1.7.2 & 1.7.10), where this functionality has been built into vanilla.

    I made a huge derp on R-1.2, Update to R-1.2.2 to make sure you don't crash when joining servers!!!

    For downloads from different versions check the tab Files


    What does Difficulty Locker do?
    This mod adds a lock button to your game options screen that when pressed on will lock your world's difficulty and will only be able to unlock again on change of the mod's config.

    HELP I can't change the difficulty of Minecraft when no worlds are loaded!
    I did this on purpose since the button had no use anymore.

    I am a mapmaker and I want my map to lock to a certain difficulty for everyone who uses it.
    Since R-1.2 the locked files get saved in the world's folder under the file name "locked", this file specifies what difficulty the game will be locked to on opening of that world.

    I found a bug in the mod, where can i report it?
    I created a repository on GitHub to keep track of the bugs in this mod, you can find it here:

    Where can I help out translating this mod into various languages?
    On the GitHub repo i added the lang files, please translate and then change the file name to your corresponding country.

    Matt's Mod Tray [1.7.10/1.8]

    Ever wanted to find the name of that one mod?
    Ever got a question what mods you are running?

    If so, this mod will help you!

    Once installed it will generate a list of all mods currently running and put it in the task bar.

    Although the mod currently works it is still a simple proof of
    concept, what this also means that I need ideas for what to do with

    NEW: Mod websites linked inside tray!
    NEW: Mod authors in tray!

    Tested with Windows 10, 8, 7 and Mac OSx

    Unconfirmed on all Linux based systems.


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    is there a way to remove this top line, that happends when i use this method?
    Apr 13, 2014 9:52:17 PM mattsmc.bittrip.util.LogHelper log
    INFO: [Bit.Trip Runner Mod] No Updates Found! (Closed Alpha 0.1)
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