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    OMG OMG OMG! Dude, I cannot even begin to express to you in words just how happy I am to see this mod return!

    A while back, we had a server where we had a big movie theater, and a bunch of us would pile in to watch movies like Dawn of the Dead. It was the most fun I ever had in Minecraft that didn't involve killing. But when we migrated to 1.12, we sadly lost this mod. I missed this soooo much!

    I'm installing this after work and will play with it tonight. Hopefully we can still watch Youtube. We tried using some other services, like Netflix, HBO Go, etc., but they wouldn't work properly, or didn't work in full screen, but Youtube was super fun regardless and there are lots of movies to watch there. Looks like I'll need to build a new movie theater to replace our old one :D

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    Okay, before I start, let me state that I know this is probably a ridiculous request. I'm guessing this stuff will be pretty hard to do and it might be too time-consuming for someone to just pick up and start. But if someone does make this mod, I can guarantee server owners and ops are going to love the heck out of it!

    We all know Forge Essentials (and if you don't, you should), but sadly it is no longer being developed. It's not a big deal if you have a server running older builds, but if you're running 1.12, it means your server is lacking any mods that offer even basic protections, and this is no bueno.

    Forge Admin Tools would be a mod that does exactly what the name suggests: it gives admins/ ops tools that would help their Forge 1.12/ 1.12.1/ 1.12.2 servers out tremendously. I'm sure others might have more tools they'd want but here are the basic features I'm looking for personally:

    Ideal Features

    Area Protection: Define an area for protection from bedrock to sky. Mobs cannot spawn in this area and blocks cannot be broken. Ideal for starter areas, player-built dungeons, or just protecting a player's base. The ability to name the area and set entry/ exit messages would be a cool bonus but it's a feature we can live without.

    Eyeglass Tool lets you see who has accessed chests, doors, and other blocks within the past 72 hours. Good for catching thieves and trespassers.

    Handcuffs allow you to right-click on a player and force them to follow you around like unruly cattle tied to a lead.

    /plot {playername} allows you to create an area inside of another area from bedrock to sky which serves as a plot owned by the specified player. They can build and break blocks here, but nobody else can.

    /jailset {jailname} will create a jail with that given name and set the jail spawn/ warp where you're standing. Admins can use area protection to safeguard the jail. This is basically just a glorified teleporter

    /jailcell {jailname} sets a jail cell spawn/ warp that belongs to the named jail. Players are sent to a cell if one is available. If no cells are available (or haven't been created) jailed players go to the basic jail area.

    /Jail {playername} {jailname} {hours} would send that player to the specified jail. If no jail name is specified, the player is sent to the nearest jail. In jail, players cannot use doors, open chests, break blocks, or anything else. If possible, their inventories would be stripped from them and given back when (and if) they're released. "Hours" sets them in jail for that many real-time hours. For instance, if you wrote /jail Notch MCJail 72, it would send the player Notch to "MCJail" for 3 full days. Simply writing /jail Notch would send Notch to the nearest prison and lock him up indefinitely, until you /unjail him.

    /jailexit {jailname} sets the spawn/ teleport block where prisoners end up when released from jail

    /unjail {playername} releases the specified prison from jail, to the exact block specified with the /jailexit command

    /Summon {playername} teleports that player to your current location. Basically TP with less typing

    /Summonall summons every player on the server currently to your current location. Handy for server-wide events where every player will want to return to a starter city

    /smite {playername} hits the specified player with a bolt of lightning. An oldy but goody from Essentials :lol:

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    posted a message on Are continental oceanic "Earth Like" worlds possible with the custom world type?

    Nice! Thanks DuhDerp I'll have to grab BoP and play around with it, appreciate it!

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    posted a message on Are continental oceanic "Earth Like" worlds possible with the custom world type?

    I'm playing in 1.12, with mods. I absolutely HATE (that word is not strong enough!) the ridiculous vanilla Pangaea world of a single big continent with lots of lakes. I want a world of oceans, with continents and islands randomly generated and all separated by ocean/ deep ocean. I explore these worlds by naval ships, airships, and airplanes, and will often head out as much as 50 km from the world spawn in search of the perfect place to build.

    Can this be done in 1.12 using the custom world type? If not, does anyone know of any mods currently available for 1.12 that can pull this off? ClimateControl/ GeographiCraft hasn't yet been updated to 1.12 from 1.11.2 and I don't know of any other mods personally that can do anything like this.

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    posted a message on WC DriveCraft - Airplanes, Helis, Cars, and Trains for MC (models only - help needed!
    DriveCraft (WIP!)

    You know what I truly miss from the 1.7.10 days? Flan's Mod and Minecraft Flight Simulator -- two of my all time favorite mods -- which sadly never made it to 1.11.2 or beyond. They both have awesome features; their own strengths and weaknesses. Wouldn't it be great if there were a mod that took the best of both worlds and combined them?

    Well, that's where I'm hoping DriveCraft will come in.

    DriveCraft will (hopefully) be a mod that features cars and trucks, (prefab) ships and submarines, and flyable planes, helicopters, and airships. It'll also feature a simplified train system loosely inspired by "Railcraft" and "Rails of War", with larger models and connectable cars running on your existing vanilla tracks, all without over-complicating things with tons of new machinery and whatnot.

    Last year and early this year I was working on a Flan's Mod content pack for 1.7.10. It's finished, but I really want to move into 1.11.2 (and later, 1.12). So I thought I would create this WIP thread and see if anyone wanted to help me bring these models into 1.11.2 and beyond. These models would be the foundation for this mod; they're civilian cars, trucks, airplanes, and helicopters. I'll model trains, airships, naval ships, and submarines if someone agrees to help with this project.

    What I need is a few partners in crime. Someone who knows Java super well (or even MCreator? Is this too big a project for that?) and perhaps someone who can retexture my models so they stink 70% less than they stink now (Note: I very much want the textures to look good in MC without a texture pack installed; they need to fit into the visual theme of vanilla MC).

    I want this in 1.11.2 because that's the version I'm playing currently, and I'd like to update it to 1.12 too. Any other versions this mod is added to is entirely up to the coder(s) and they can backport it as far as they feel like backporting it.

    The Models

    Here are a few of the models I've made. Counting all of the color variations I had made, the pack had something like 100 vehicles in it (around 20 planes, 3 helis, and the rest were cars/ trucks). I think it would be wise to start out way smaller of course, with the best three or four vehicles from each category, and expand later. I can export these as .OBJ files upon request.

    Note: This model pack contained civilian vehicles based mostly on real vehicles from the era of 1900 through 1949. In the interest of keeping the pack lore-friendly, all of them were renamed. I want this content to remain lore-friendly for players and servers ;)

    Based on the Ford Trimotor

    Hanks 49, which was based on an amalgamation of late-40's sedans. This is the police variant. There are also civilian sedan and taxi cab variants.

    Fox Motor Company (FMC) Bumpkin pickup truck

    Burton 33S Fueler. I'd like to be able to actually fill this with liquid (water, lava, Buildcraft fuel, etc.)

    Henderly P-5 Emperor. This is the troop transport version. There are commercial passenger plane and cargo variants as well. Based on the Douglas DC-3/ C-47 Skytrain

    Coleman Yellowtail, based on the Piper Cub. A very simple two-seater airplane ideal for training pilots, but also used heavily as a bush plane.

    That should give you the gist of my modeling talents (whatever small amount I have, anyway). I want the models to look like they "fit in" with Minecraft, but without being hideously blocky and terrible; these have shapes, but retain some blockiness. There are a lot more vehicles but this is just a small sampling of them.

    Beyond modding, I will also be developing a website exclusively for this mod (and any other mods we make in the future if we decide to do so) and writing a full Wiki for it. I'll also host the mod on a public server with other mods we dig.

    Features I'd Like This Mod To Have

    A list of features I'm hoping we can add to the mod. Some I'm adamant about, others, eh, no biggy. If a coder wants to add anything not on this list, I'm almost certainly cool with it, as long as it stays true to the theme of the mod of course.

    - Liquid fueled everything! Vehicles all use a liquid fuel, oil, and coolant crafted with vanilla recipes. If Buildcraft, Immersive Petroleum, or other mods are installed, Drivecraft will use those mods' materials (BC oil, BC Fuel, IP Gasoline, IP Lubricant, etc.) and the vanilla recipes will be disabled entirely.

    - Vehicles use more fuel the more you accelerate. They always use at least a tiny bit of fuel when idling with engines on.

    - Unique crafting benches for this mod; some way of building a chassis, a table just for engines, etc. I have ideas on vehicle assembly but we can chat about that privately.

    - Miscellaneous items; a few clothing/ armor additions, some handheld items, etc. Other modeler friends may want to contribute to armor, since mine is a bit rubbish

    - A mod-wide config for server admins to play with

    - Specific configs per vehicle so players and server admins can mess around with vehicle performance

    - All vehicles have acceleration, top speed, handling, and fuel efficiency variables which can be adjusted in the vehicle's config.

    - All vehicles (land, sea, and air) will have a GUI while operating them which displays a speedometer and an odometer that shows how many meters (blocks) and kilometers total the vehicle has driven. They will also have a fuel gauge. An oil pressure warning light will come on if the oil is low. A temperature warning light will come on if the coolant is low. And if the engine takes too much damage (25% or more), a check engine light will come on.

    - All vehicles should have cargo capacity, passenger seats (when applicable), wheel/ pontoon/ skid/ hull durability, engine durability, and vehicle durability

    - Vehicles can be locked using a key. They can only be unlocked by that vehicle's key

    - Passengers can switch seats inside the vehicle

    - Wishlist: Passengers are invisible to mobs

    - Wishlist: Vehicles stay in the world forever and cannot be picked up once placed (you can't run around with a Chevy in your pocket, lol)

    - Wishlist: The ability for other players to create their own content for the mod, like a Flan's content pack, supplying their own models and configs.

    - Wishlist: Vehicles crashing with a lot of force should explode. The more fuel they're carrying the bigger the boom!

    Car & Truck Mechanics

    How I envision cars and trucks functioning in-game

    - Cars behave quasi-realistic, but in a Minecraft-friendly way. This doesn't need to be super complex and can work almost identical to the way Flan's mod did, but I do want a different acceleration/ deceleration system so vehicles behave a bit more like proper vehicles.

    - Pressing a button activates the "metro speed limiter," which limits a car to twice a player's running speed (running speed * 2). For use in metro areas/ cities. If you've ever used Flan's Mod civilian vehicles on a server you'll understand why this is so important.

    - Vehicles have a horn. Police cars, ambulances, and fire trucks substitute a horn for a siren.

    - ALL vehicles have cargo space. I'd like this to be accessible by all players by right-clicking the trunk/ boot, and each vehicle would have its own unique cargo capacity based on the type of vehicle it is. Trunks can be locked so players can't steal your stuff.

    - I'd love to stick mobs in the backs of pickup trucks and carry cattle, sheep, etc., including modded mobs (Animania animals, for instance). While holding a lead attached to an animal, right-click on the truck and the animal is loaded up. Right-click the animal with a lead again to dismount them.

    - Is it possible for vehicles to have headlights? That would be amazing if it's possible! Not a deal breaker or anything but I really would love to see this

    - If possible, I'd like 18-wheelers to bend properly and have detachable trailers that can carry items, animals, and fluid, depending on the type of trailer it is of course.

    - If possible, I'd like cars to occasionally "skid" when driving on ice and snow, with a randomized pull to the left or right, and a sliding quality to the vehicle's handling, all to emulate losing control in bad weather. Maybe this could happen to some lesser extent when driving rain/ storms?

    Airplane Mechanics

    How I'd like airplanes to handle. Airplanes are the most important thing in this mod for me so I really hope we can get these working right ;)

    - Planes can have "cartoony flight" like Flan's had; we don't need some complex simulation here. But there would be a few changes, as detailed below.

    - If an airplanes engines die or the plane runs out of fuel, it should coast like a real plane, losing speed over time. That's as complex as I'd ever want the physics in this mod to get.

    - Climbing should tick away at speed, while diving should increase speed.

    - Planes takeoff at 2x Steve's running speed. Below takeoff speed, planes are in "taxi mode." In taxi mod, they yaw very sharply and have a "pushback" feature so they can roll away from a terminal

    - Once an airplane has taken off, reducing speed below takeoff speed enters the plane into "stall mode," where it will lose altitude rapidly if the situation isn't fixed. A plane reenters taxi mode once it has come to a complete stop, allowing you to land safely and then taxi around the airport.

    - Airplanes would have brakes for when they're on the tarmac

    - Planes flying near cloud level and/ or flying below 220y in mountainous biomes may experience simulated turbulence, with (usually mild) roll forces being applied randomly. This also applies to airplanes flying in stormy weather below 256y

    - Airplanes have "loading doors." Right-clicking the plane at a loading door will move you into the plane and put you into the next available seat. This will allow players to build realistic airports, pull up to terminal gates, load their passengers, and pull away (with the push back feature). To quote Direwolf 20... Nifty!

    - Airplanes can be auto-loaded by "baggage car" vehicles. The baggage car driver will have buttons (or something) that auto-load and auto-unload planes.

    - Auto-pilot feature will keep a plane flying at the same altitude and heading for as long as possible, until disabled

    - The limiter button from ground vehicles sets the plane to "cruising speed," which is 70% of its top speed.

    - Players seated in designated co-pilot's seats can take control of the airplane if the pilot hands control over or exits the pilot's seat. Have you ever accidentally bailed out of a Flan's Mod airplane and left your friends to crash into a mountain and die? Yeah... this stops that from happening. Sorry again guys.

    - If headlights are possible, (some) airplanes would have landing lights, which are super bright and shine out as far as we can make them go.

    - If possible: Seaplanes that can land on pontoons

    - If possible: I'd love a "crop dusting" feature where the planes spray some mixture of bonemeal, water, and charcoal. Handy for those of us who build huge farms!

    - If possible: I'd like to incorporate a "localizer system." Place two "Localizer" blocks at two ends of a runway at the same exact Y level, in the tarmac (the tops of the localizer blocks would look like tarmac, a block we'll add, so they can be well hidden). Name both localizer blocks the same thing (for instance, name them both "Notch International Airport"). When flying, pilots can turn on localizers, which will show big green beacons coming up from the ground at both ends of the runway, which helps them line up for a landing and know what altitude they're landing at. Also displayed is the airport name (as written in the localizers), the altitude (Y level) of the runway, and the distance to that runway. This will allow pilots to land at airports. You can set localizer blocks as "private" so that only you can see them, if you want to prevent other players from landing at your runway. Only pilots who've activated the localizer system can see these beacons; they're invisible to everybody else.

    - If possible: A Radar array that detects all aircraft of all types within 5 km of that array, and transmits their direction and altitute info, along with the airplane's short name, to a radar screen within 100 blocks of the array. Useful for air traffic control towers.

    Helicopter, Airships, Naval Vessels, and Submarine Mechanics

    I don't really have a lot of thoughts on these vehicle types so I sort of grouped them all together. I don't even mind if the mod excludes any/ all of these vehicle classes. That's totally up to the coder(s). If we do use them, a few notes:

    - It would be neat if (some) helicopters had a search-light controlled by the co-pilot

    - I like how airships handle in ViesCraft, but they're too small, too slow (even upgraded), and not really tough enough for the rigorous commercial flight I plan on exposing these vehicles to.

    - Subs should allow for underwater breathing. They would probably handle just like airships, only under water


    I love Railcraft and Rails of War, but they're too complicated and too huge for some users (and, as of my writing this anyway, not yet available in 1.11.2). I want DriveCraft to include trains, if we can, but dumbed down A LOT. Basically glorified excuses to use rail more often These notes:

    - They'd use vanilla tracks

    - The train engine and cars will be bigger than vanilla carts or Railcraft carts (3 wide) and can store more players and cargo

    - I haven't modeled these yet, but I plan on making simple Railcraft-esque engine, tender, passenger car, box car (for animals, villagers, hobos, etc.), another box car (for item storage), a flatbed, a tanker (liquid transport), and a caboose

    - Train engines and cars can be linked up using a crowbar tool. They run on anything furnaces recognize as fuel and need water to boil for steam

    - Trains need horns with an epic steam locomotive horn sound or why even bother?

    - I don't want this to get crazy like other mods. We're just adding some new, fancier-looking minecarts that connect to each other. this doesn't need coal coke and signals and all that. Other mods do that already. We're just adding some nifty new minecarts that link together ;)

    If you're interested in helping out, please note that I really want this project to be a team effort. I'm not looking for a temporary helper, more of partners who want to make a cool mod together and keep working on it after it's released. When it's done, I want to release this mod to the public and openly allow its use in modpacks for free, unconditionally. I'd love it if it were open source TBH but that's up to the coder.

    If you're down, please drop me a line and we can get started!

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    posted a message on Which of these mods is messing up my spawning?

    I'm playing modded MC version 1.11.2, using Forge-1.11.2- (the latest build, because the recommended build conflicts with a mod). I'm running the mods listed in the spoiler below. This is a very powerful machine which runs this modded client at 60 to 80 FPS with max video settings across the board, which rules out issues regarding player lag.

    The Problem: When my character dies (in single-player), I'm unable to respawn. I can return to the title screen, and if I'm lucky I can log back in and play. Currently however, when I die, go to the title screen, and then reload the game, I'm stuck as dead and cannot respawn no matter what I do.

    I've tried going through every single config for every single one of the mods listed below, and I can't find anything that affects player spawning. I've also tried editing the NBT file hoping to move my corpse someplace else, a different chunk or region, but that did nothing. I can't for the life of me figure out what to do here :/

    The Mods + All Library Files (Everything In My Mods Folder)











    Convenient Additions



    CTD Core

    CTD Paint





    ForgeCraft (Spoke with devs, its not this)




    IceandFire (Spoke with devs, its not this)

    Immersive Engineering

    Immersive Petroleum




    Levels 2


    Malisis Advert

    Malisis Blocks

    Malisis Core

    Malisis Doors





    Pam's Harvestcraft




    Simple Fluid Tanks

    Spice of Life

    Tinkers' Construct

    Tinkers' Addons

    Tough As Nails (Spoke with devs, its not this)


    Valkyrien Warfare


    If someone solves this and we ever end up on a server together, I will owe you two full stacks of diamonds. This issue is driving me up the wall!

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    posted a message on Custom NPCs
    Quote from Bulbajer»

    This probably gets asked a lot, but the MinecraftForum.net search functions aren't particularly helpful... Is there a way to make the NPCs sit in chairs/couches? I tried adjusting their "Position Offset" to try to lower them into the chair (screenshot here), but it isn't enough.

    I know it can be done in 1.7.10 so I assume it still can in newer versions. If I remember correctly, you first create them on top of the seat, then go to movement and there's an option for sitting.
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    posted a message on Web Displays - Browse On the Internet in Minecraft!

    When I try to program, cook, or do arts and crafts, everything catches fire and/ or exploded lol

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    posted a message on GeographiCraft - Stop chunk walls, control size and frequencies of climate zones, oceans, land, and biomes, and more

    I consider this an absolute must-have mod; Minecraft simply isn't fun without it. I love having big oceans to sail on (DaVinci's Vessels) or over (Valkryien Warfare, Flan's Mod, etc.), and I love how the climate is "banded" from cold to warm to hot to warm to cold again. As far as I'm concerned Climate Control/ Geographiccraft is an essential mod and this game isn't worth playing without it.

    I'm finally updating from 1.7.10 to 1.12, having given up on waiting for so many mods to update. I was wondering if there are alpha builds of GeographicCraft hidden away someplace that I can use, assuming all risks and knowing full well it might jack up my world. If not, I'm happy to just use 1.11.2, because like I said, without this mod, MC simply isn't worth playing. I need my big expansive oceans with continents and islands, as opposed to a big messy Pangaea with "lakes." That's yucky.

    Edit: I'd report bugs and such of course and help debug as best I can. It's too bad you don't have use of a 3D modeler or I'd be able to help more! :(

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    posted a message on Minecraft Running Slow on a Good Gaming Laptop (SOLVED)

    Silly question, but are you running any mods? I've seen this with mods but I've never heard of this without them. Very strange indeed. If you are using mods, you'll need to increase your RAM usage. The game defaults with 1GB but I would recommend setting this to 4GB on a machine with 8GB RAM (it should always be half of your system's total RAM, though even on extremely modded clients running 1.7.10 it's doubtful anyone ever needs more than 4GB). If you're modding, what version of Forge are you using?

    If you're in vanilla, could you try an older version of MC (1.11.2 or older) and see if the problem persists?

    Also, are you using the 64-bit version of Java, or the 32-bit version? You want the X64 version and not the X86 version. This is especially true if you are running mods. Here's a link to download Java.

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    posted a message on The Space Age Mod 1.4.0 - Now adds Mars!

    I can t wait to see the next update. When my friends feel up to it again and we launch a new server we can test this extensively too! I'll be watching this thread closely ;)

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    posted a message on Tough As Nails - Difficulty through realism. Seasons, thirst, body temperature, and more!

    I've been playing with this for a while and I love it! I have a few questions (or maybe suggestions) if that's cool:

    How can I adjust the config so overheating/ freezing aren't so binary? I've only played in summer thus far and It's a bit maniacal how you overheat breaking eight or nine dirt blocks. I'd like to nerf that a bit, if I can through the config, so it takes longer to overheat. If i tried adding this to a server as-is there'd be rioting lol.

    Do Pam's Harvestcraft drinks work for thirst? If not, is there a config to add custom ID's so mod drinks work?

    Are there any plans for more cold weather armor/ clothing options?

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    posted a message on [WIP] Stellar Mods (Stellar Sky & Stellarium)

    Stellar Sky + Coros weather mod (when they update to 1.11.2) = AWESOMENESS!

    These are the sorts of mods I really love. Mods that improve on Minecraft's visuals without being super annoying, buggy or laggy, and without ruining the overall Minecraft vibe.

    And Stellarium? Sweet baby Stevie, that mod has me more excited than... um... insert NSFW joke here.

    I'm a big Kerbal Space Program fan so the more simulator-ish that mod gets, the happier I'll be. I've been using a lesser-known space exploration mod called Space Age Mod, and that's pretty fun, but this sounds a bit more science-oriented. I can't wait to see what you come up with!

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    posted a message on Web Displays - Browse On the Internet in Minecraft!

    Sadly this mod is dead and apparently no longer supported. It's a shame, because it's one of my personal favorites. I can't tell you how awesome it was to watch Dawn of the Dead in a movie theater with a bunch of friends, all inside Minecraft lol. Someone seriously needs to reboot this mod and create 1.7.10, 1.10, 1.11.2, and 1.12 versions. If I knew how to code Java this would be my only hobby lol.

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    posted a message on [MC 1.12.x] Minecraft Comes Alive v6.0.0 (MILLIONS OF PLAYERS!)

    I love this mod and can't wait to see it updated. Sadly though I'm playing in 1.11.2 because too many of my favorite mods haven't yet updated to 1.12. Hopefully a 1.11.2 version of MCA will be released as well though I'd get it if it wasn't. It'll just make the lengthy wait for all other mods to update to 1.12 that much worse lol.

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