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    Oh, ok. Thanks for the informative post; I didn't realise how involved the issue was. I think I might just make the side a more 'neutral' green (it seems too bright for almost all environments) and use the Better Grass mod. Hopefully that'll help my uniform-grass-color OCD :biggrin.gif:
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    Has Notch mentioned whether he intends to make the sides of the grass blocks change color? It's something that's bothered me for quite a while now, so I'm just wondering if he is going to fix it and if he's said when.

    I remember a few posts about this when the update first came out, but I haven't seen any for a while so I thought I'd check in case he's said something about it since then.
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    Quote from SirLondon »
    If you can see comfortably in the night or underground at the darkest light level, you're basically making the whole light system / torch & lanterns obsolete - which means you need far less wood and coal, which means you have less reasons to mine.

    Except for the whole "torches/lanterns stop mobs from spawning" thing, right? Besides, no one is talking about making underground anything but pitch black. No one even wants to make night as bright as day. People just want to be able to see something at night.

    It's worse for explorers I think. When I'm in the OP's situation, I either put up torches or go do something inside. But when I'm exploring, all that night is for me, is a bore. I have no other option than to dig a hole and sit in it. I could keep moving forward, but I can't see anything at all. I wouldn't even know I was going to fall off a cliff until I placed a torch (which would likely be close to my thousandth torch of the night) right next to it. That's the problem; the options are either a really boring wait (at least at my base I can keep mining; here it would take most of the night to even get down to the good z levels) or continuing ahead and wasting thousands of torches just to see anything. It's even worse because there's then the added element of danger that comes from a mob killing me so far away from base.

    The other thing; many people are saying nights are unrealisticly dark (if you dispute that they're unrealistic, try walking outside on a night with a full moon and realise that this ridiculous gaming/modding notion of pitch black nights on a full moon is pure fantasy) to make them scary. What would be more scary though; having nights where it's so prohibitively dark that you simply wait it out for 7 minutes or nights where it's dark, but you can still see things in the area around you, and you then also have to contend with the mobs. As it is, few people travel at night because they can't see, making nights boring, not scary and the mobs essentially redundant. If they were able to see a little, they'd be tempted to travel but then have to actually worry about mobs. I went exploring on peaceful once so that I could travel at night; not to get rid of mobs, but so that when I fell off a huge cliff that I didn't see, I'd live. I found that nights were so damn prohibitive that I ended up just setting up a few torches in one area (because the night was so dark that I was getting a headache from eye strain!) and waiting it out as usual. I might as well have played on hard mode, because it's the pitch blackness that stops me moving, not the mobs. I never realised how dark it was before I tried that.

    Anyway, if this is still not convincing enough, I suggest a sleeping bag/mat or bedroll or something similar be implemented, where clicking on it will give you the option to sleep until sunrise. That would mean nights are still scary for the sadists and nights aren't boring for the people that don't enjoy being forced to wait in a hole for 7 minutes after only 11 or 12 minutes of daylight.
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    I'd be interested once SMP hits beta. Right now I'm just playing SP because MP is buggy and missing many of the SP features.

    I like this idea though; it seems less retarded than the anarcho-communist idea ("let's have no government but still force people to share their possessions") and much more anarcho-capitalist/libertarian ("do what you want so long as you don't take away others' rights"). I like the idea of no laws except fundamental human rights, no governments and no forced cooperation (though I would be very happy to help others, I just don't like being forced to), but still a good community that can work together if they want to and are willing to protect each other from other clans (namely the anarcho-communists - they repeatedly talk about destroying people's possessions just because that person has put a lot of effort into getting lots of possessions). Almost like a people of Minecraft militia; all just regular people going about their own business, occasionally helping each other and trading - until they are threatened and they all assemble to fight of the oppressive enemy force.

    On a side note, what kind of idiot would willingly join one of those 'kingdom' clans where you are straight up told that if you join you must obey their every command?
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    Quote from qwertyz »
    Quote from l5p4ngl312 »
    I actually read an article a while back where it concludes that video games are not harmful, and do not incite violent thoughts anymore than a normal child would think. And in fact, they also concluded video games could have positive affects. Sadly, I forgot where I found this information =/

    If a manic plays violent video games, its just a coincidence.

    Even more likely is that if a maniac plays violent video games it's because they are drawn to them, not because video games make people into maniacs. Cause and effect getting mixed (or twisted) up by the media.

    As for the rest of the stuff in this thread; my response will always be with my view in mind: 'do what you want so long as it does not infringe on another person's rights'. I don't drink or smoke (neither pot nor cigarettes), but I support people's right to do so. So long as they do not infringe on other's rights, who cares?
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    Never mind, the forum finally let me load other people's pictures of their world. It seems it's just an ugly bug/design flaw.

    Deliixe, I was aware it was because of the biomes, but I wasn't sure if it was meant to have the old grass as the side view of the new grass.
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    posted a message on Grass looks funny?
    Is everyone getting grass that is one color (the new grasss colors) on the top, but still the old grass color on the side? I'm not sure if my update just screwed up, or if this is what it should look like. It's kind of ugly; it looks weird to have dead grass on top of vibrant grass. It looks like this:

    Speaking of which; my base is hideous looking now! :sad.gif: All of the beautiful vibrant grass is a dull yellow/brown. Does anyone know if the grass will just stay like that forever, or if it will change over time? If it stays like that forever in that spot, then I might just move my base elsewhere. If it will change after a while, then I guess I'll put up with having a hideous base for a bit...
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    posted a message on Holy **** I just reached the edge of the world!
    Quote from SkyPiercers!? »
    This looks shopped...

    I can tell by some of the pixels and from seeing quite a few shops in my time.

    But seriously, you've definitely shopped that; the end of Minecraft isn't a waterfall!Nice texture pack though.
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    posted a message on Keep gettin Killed by Creepers
    Either put torches everywhere (creepers can't spawn where it's light) or put a tunnel (can be glass if you want) or even just a 2 block high wall (creepers can't jump more than one block) on both sides of the track and you shouldn't have any more problems. Just make sure you have the ceiling of the tunnel at least three blocks above the track, otherwise when you get out of the minecart your head will stick in the ceiling and you'll die...
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    Quote from Xeonveridan »
    Completely ridiculous that people are this religiously sensitive that we have to avoid the word "Hell"

    From what Notch has said, he's renaming it so idiots won't say "OMG let's make heaven too!". 'Hell' is NOT meant to be some kind of afterlife in the game, or something you can dig to. It is supposed to be another dimension.

    I think this 'heaven' concept is a bad idea all round. What does it add? All the posters are coming up with are ideas to make it have high concentrations of rare items and the OP thought to add marble, cloud blocks and angels that you kill (surely that won't offend anyone!). Not exactly innovative. This idea would create too much controversy; atheists won't like it because they'll see it as a Christian/religious influence on the game and Christians won't like it because they'll see it as blasphemous. You can ***** all you want about how you think no one cares about what either side thinks, but ultimately it has the potential to lose sales from both sides of the religion debate.

    Floating worlds would be cool. This crap about cloud worlds, angels and 'demi-gods' is just dumb.
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    Quote from N3X15 »
    Java would choke on this, as it has memory limits. It'd have to be C# or (more likely) C++, although I'd prefer C# since it would be easier to port to other platforms.

    Someone has already made a clone of Minecraft in C# called Manic Digger. It currently sucks, but it's open source so it would probably be easier to implement those HD graphics into it, rather than into Minecraft.

    BTW, those HD graphics are amazing!
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    posted a message on Better weapons than Bow and Arrow, Sword?
    Quote from ZeroTheCommander »
    A more effective weapon for those people who want to snipe creepers and other mobs, sorta defying gravity because of the power behind a crossbow. it would look something like this.
    :|: :|: :|:
    ]" title="-<->" /> :Logs^: :|:
    :Logs^: ]" title="-<->" /> :|:
    ]" title="-<->" /> =string
    :Logs^: =whatever it would be made out of,
    iron crossbow= more power(damage wise or shot is less affected by gravity even more)?

    While I don't think the game necessarily needs more weapons, if, for some reason a crossbow is implemented PLEASE ignore this recipe! The material of the prod of the crossbow (the 'bow' bit) is what should determine the type of crossbow. Making a steel stock does absolutely crap all except make the crossbow really heavy. Making the prod out of steel, however, means a higher draw weight can be achieved, thus a flatter trajectory and more damage/penetration.
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    posted a message on Minecraft FACTS: Big list of what Notch has ACTUALLY said.
    I would really appreciate it if someone could link to where these claims that Notch has said existing torches will turn into lanterns came from. Also, if there's any word from Notch about whether lanterns will be breakable or how long torches will last, that'd be very much appreciated. I've tried searching and came up with nothing :sad.gif:
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    posted a message on Dusty Textures [DISCONTINUED: see thread for new pack url]
    Quote from Lilyo »
    I think the grass color is really bad. I suggest something darker and less vibrant.

    NO!!! Please do NOT make it less vibrant. I love other the design of texture packs like Doku's but I HATE that it is so dull. It feels like I'm in England when I play it (you know, dark, dull, grey-brown, hideous). I like the actual style of it, but the colours are just so depressing. As you noted, dusty, it's also quite hard to tell what is what when the textures are so dark and dull.

    This pack looks amazing so far. It's so wonderfully detailed; it feels very clean, but in a good, cartoony kind of way. But it still doesn't seem all that cartoony, which I like.

    The only problem I have with it is that the iron bits of the iron are too silvery in colour. Iron ore usually has quite a lot of iron in the form of iron (III) oxide, which looks like rust. Maybe make the edges of the iron chunks a little rusty coloured. Maybe I'm just being nit-picky though. Also, I think the tree trunk and section could use a little more contrast.

    Apart from that, it looks really great. :iapprove:
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    posted a message on Can't stay connected to my LAN server
    Quote from Deathdread »
    Ya, im havin the same issues too, my LAN server is just like yours and still does not work without bootin the players, it might just be a bug in the multi mode because he said it was buggy, wether an smp or creative, it wont work, is there some kind of issue it has with LANs! please somebody help us, thanks.

    I'm hoping that's what the issue is; I'd rather it be a problem on Notch's end than on my end, because I don't know how to fix something on my end lol :tongue.gif:
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