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    This is pretty bad, honestly...

    First off, it doesn't say anywhere that this is intended to be four player until after you've already downloaded and installed it. There is no reason why you couldn't play thing with 2-6 players anyway, so I don't know why you said four player only in the map.

    Second off, there are no pictures.

    This map has no command blocks to manage anything, so after one game you've got to reinstall the map. Also, you still have MINECART TRACKS in a post 1.3 map. Come on.

    Most of your rules could be enforced by the map itself. For example, you wouldn't need a rule about not using ground items if you just used this command: "/gamerule keepInventory true".

    You still have a glass ceiling on your map when barrier blocks now exist. Actually, I'm pretty sure you made this in WorldEdit, which probably means on 1.7, so nevermind. You should change it to barrier blocks in MCEdit, though.
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    posted a message on [CTM][Collection] Vechs' SUPER HOSTILE Series (Spellbound Caves II out now!)
    I just used a normal Water Bottle with the custom potion effects. It doesn't display the information on the item, but still gives the effects because you can drink it.

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    posted a message on How a leather cap saved my life - Anvil fall damage bug
    just build a rapid fire anvil machine gun
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    unless you're a TRUE FAN, in which case you have to complain about three pixels being different, then threaten to tear jeb_'s head off and shove Notch into the stump.
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    posted a message on 12w41a hilly plains

    It also happens near rivers.

    Show me what "height variation" is.

    Here, have some pictures of the current generator, from a world I randomly created a few minutes ago:

    The last one isn't as good as the others because sea bed generation is terrible. I also couldn't find any Desert Hills or Ice Mountains, but those exist too.

    Quote from ChaosGuardian

    amazing! flat land in the world generator

    its a good thing that you are all complaining that the current generator isn't flat enough
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    Quote from oCrapaCreeper

    Because it's complete crap compared to pre-1.8.



    show me something from 1.7.3 that isn't an overhang
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    posted a message on New changes in Minecraft - Good or Bad? -- Weekly Snapshot Poll --

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    this always happens for me

    which is why people complaining about the terrain amuse me
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    posted a message on More in-depth creation of a superflat world?
    Actually, a point and shoot structure generator would be fun. You just take it, click a spot, and BAM, mineshaft, or BAM, forest!

    I'm not certain that's possible, though.
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    Quote from RK-9

    Fun fact time!

    It's THEIR game.

    Like it or gtfo.

    I wish there was a "dislike" button, because even though I have essentially the same view as you, the way you put it makes me want to disagree.
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