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    Quote from Ronin_Ezekiel


    "All right, then," I said to Vilks. "I am a sword-wielding prodigy, to the point of mastery. That's why I have..." I said, unsheathing my claymore, the blade gleaming in the light. "This."


    ==>Drop to knees

    Lionel neither drops to his knees, nor weeps, but says “That is the most beautiful claymore I have ever seen in my life... Where did you get her? Does she have a name?” He doesn't take his eyes off of the sword as he speaks in a awestruck voice.

    Quote from AEROGIS


    The walk to the factions street was almost enjoyable, you managed to steal 10 dollars off some guys after reaching through the fabric of his bag and pulling it out. The money is spent on a pack of writing utensils for the notebook you got back once you were released. The shopkeeper at the store waves you goodbye as you exit, just a block away from the factions. The plastic box holding the assorted pens was too strong for you to open at the time, so you leave it in your bag and walk onward. You arrive at the Elemental building, not too crowded, and plenty of food left at the tables. You read somewhere that there would be 32 teams of 5, and you could already count more than a fifth of that standing by the food tables. Obviously some of them were here solely for the free food.

    Cabar -> Zack

    k Im here what do you look like theres too many people here moving around and stuff


    Vance paid more attention to the conversations of people entering and exiting the bakery than the conversation going on, although no one could tell. Deemas and Zoey, one of the subjects he bothered listening in on more intently than the others, left for the Elemental faction building as he heard. This prompted his next comment to interrupt Fabian and Nariko.

    "As long as he's willing to participate, all's good. Also, we have the faction's teambuilding event going on, shall we all attend?"


    “No, we should begin training immediately. I’m looking forward to working with the four of you.” Fabian says as he rises to his feet and steps out of the booth. Jake blushes. “Hello Christophe. You, me, Nariko, Jake, and Vance have been put together as a team. I’m eager to get started.” Fabian says with his usual charm.

    Senpai noticed me! He is looking forward to working with me!
    Jake says with an uncharacteristically faltering voice “I-I can teleport us to a faction! If, you think that’s a good idea...”


    Zack -> Cabar

    what took you so long! im wearing a white wifebeater and blue shorts

    Zack scowls and punches the send button. He felt like he had been waiting for hours for his team to arrive.


    Liam stiffens as he hears Kira’s words. Live here?! I... guess she has to. I mean, I don't know where else she would go.


    ProjectEightBall -> John, Jiol, Jordan, Morgan - Greetings. Are there any plans for a training session, or any form of meeting before the tournament?

    Jordan -> ProjectEightBall, John, Jiol, Morgan
    ...All factions appear to be hosting an event to encourage team building for the tournament. It would be best to... take advantage of this while we can... Where shall we meet..?
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    Quote from killer2329

    "I'm addicted to pain, both physically and mentally. And you really should calm down, David never was one to hurt people he cared about."

    ((Pffffff ahahahahahahaahhahahahaahahahaha best joke ive heard all day, seriously))
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    Hello everyone, and happy holidays :)
    Winter Break has finally begun for me.
    I'm truly sorry, but I won't be posting IC tonight. I have a splitting headache and I'm so sleepy I was nodding off while shooting zombies. My deepest apologies to you all, I know that many of you are relying on me, and that I've made some of you wait for days now.
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    Quote from guygombaa

    Actually, I did have a reason, which I explained many times, although it did turn out to be based on a misunderstanding, which I admitted.
    And I actually didn't powerplay. I was very specific in my lack of powerplaying.
    I very specifically said which probably knocked her out. Not, I hit [blah] and she falls unconscious because I'm so super powerful. And that was a lot of powerplaying in response to something that wasn't even a powerplay.
    Irrelevant, its in the past, stop bringing it up.
    Argument, when not actually just for the sake of being at each others throats, does indeed help everything.

    I'm actually really tired now. Heat does that.
    I might have a nap a little later. Under the fan ono

    You strike me as an oft confused individual, blundering about and blowing off anything you deem not important, which seems to be anything that didn't explicitly state one of your character's name in the post. I implore you once more to hop on over to IC and spend a nice long 20-30 minutes there just catching up on things.

    Please stop typing in caps, its rude.
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    All across Brinkhaven, Fabian receives a certain message.

    “Orders have changed. You have a new directive. Our precognitives predict a city-wide disaster will occur soon. Acquire these high-value assets before leaving the city.
    “Understood. How long do I have?”
    “...Sir, please hurry. I talked to Jenny and she sounded scared.”
    “I’ll be fine Janie. You should see me soon.”

    Fabian mulls over the information before sighing aloud. This is reflected by every illusion as well.

    “Leah, change of plans. We need to evacuate the city as soon as possible. ETG predicts a disaster befalling the city soon. Bring Christophe.” Fabian commands. "I'll get Nariko, Danny, Ashland, and Elliot with illusions. For now get to the front of the building, a car will be waiting for us.

    Quote from Count_Caleb


    The instant he said that he worked for the ETG, I nearly denied his offer. But then I thought for a moment. "Hm... while the ETG's done the unthinkable to me in the past, perhaps it's time for me to... broaden my horizons. I mean... business-wise, refusing to ever work for them is hard-headed and unintelligent. They have money. They have tech. They have power. It couldn't hurt, I suppose," I thought. "Very well, Fabian. I accept your offer. Name's Achilles, and as my first job..." I said as I put a bullet through both of Luke's legs. He was instantly crippled, and he fell flat on the ground. "... Rapunzel's taken care of. He's still alive, in case that matters," I said to Fabian. I pulled a piece of steel out of my cloak, and turned my skin into a hard iron shell. "Here's a power showcase, in case you needed one."

    “Excellent. Bring him too, his hair Gift is... appealing.” Fabian commands.

    Making use of Ashland’s subdermal tracker, Fabian quickly locates her with an illusion and cautiously enters the dim warehouse. “Ashland. It’s me, Fabian, ID[REDACTED]. Orders have changed. ETG predicts a disaster will befall the city in the near future. We need to leave before we are caught up in it.” Fabian orders. "Bring Zoey. Where did you leave Elliot?"

    (Another) Fabian approaches the crater where Jake and the others are gathered. Jake sees him first, his expression changing to one of shock and fear. “Hello Jake. Relax, I’m not here to harm you. ETG foresees a disaster occurring here in the near future, and I hate to waste talent, even that of a traitor’s. Feel free to bring your friends too. You know what will happen to you and your friends if you don’t cooperate, right?” Fabian insinuates. Jake’s hoodie string falls to the ground, neatly severed where it met the hoodie. Jake hadn’t even seen Fabian move.

    Speaking carefully, Jake says “No one move. He could have already killed us if he wanted to. We should leave the city like he said, he has no reason to lie to us. The outside of the city should still be safe anyways.” Liam interjects “Who is this guy anyways? Why should we listen to him, and what about Zoey?” Jake answers “He is a Senior Agent with an unparalleled record. He has completed more missions than any other Agent, and is the youngest to ever become a Senior Agent, and I’ve always wanted to meet him, I mean err he is really strong and has perfect hair...” Jake trails off awkwardly, acutely aware of his own long hair. Fabian speaks up before Liam bursts out in revulsion. “We have Zoey. She is...relatively unharmed and is being brought out of the city as we speak.” Fabian states cooly, before adding. “And her continued well-being now depends on the actions of you and your friends, Jake. Leave the city. It’s for your own good, but I’ll be watching to ensure compliance. Don't forget to pick up your giiiiirl~” He chimes as he backs away to observe the group from a distance.

    Fabian’s eyes widen as he spots first the young boy William, with a highly desirable Gift that ETG wished to exploit, and then Elly, the psychopath that he had recently freed, glaring at William with malicious intent. “Elly, stop. Earlier you stated you’d agree to listen to me. Plans have changed. ETG predicts that a disaster will befall the city soon. Bring the boy unharmed with me as we leave, and ETG will grant you whatever you want.” Fabian states calmly. I have no basis for that promise, but I can’t bring William there on my own and still be able to gather everyone else. Tch, I’m overextended. Fabian admits, running through the minds of his many illusions.

    Fabian starts the engine of a Brinkhaven police force SUV and drives it around to the front, where a Fabian escorting a man draped in a dark blue cloak over a simple attire of a red jacket and jeans is waiting. The Fabian opens the door and ushers the man inside, then closes the door and waits beside the car for the others to arrive.
    ((Ghost will arrive with a Fabian is he is accepted. Maximilian, iron out those issues yet?))
    ((Leah and Achilles should arrive too once they respond to this. Along with Luke and Christophe.))
    ((If things go well with Elly (which they probably won’t) then William and Elly should also be arriving soon.))

    ((This is my hasty exit plan. I'm liberating everyone from Ryik's doom. For the sake of your characters, I recommend leave the city.))
    ((Tell me in OOC if your characters still need an extraction))
    ((Or if I botched anything in this wild race around the city.))

    ((I still need a way to get Danny, Ivy, Heric, and Elliot))
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    Quote from Count_Caleb

    Ooh... I just got an AMAZING idea.

    In this next chapter of the roleplay, Deemas is presumably killed by the ETG (Deemas dying - yeah right) and his corpse is kept by the ETG for research. Then, just before they begin to cut Deemas open, Deemas wakes up, escapes, and becomes a known fugitive. He lays low for a while with a new name, a new outfit, and a low-pay job. The others later figure out that Deemas is alive, and, after some serious decision-making, Deemas quits his job and joins forces with the others once again.

    Genius, right?

    They'd check for a pulse.
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    Quote from bobert778


    I'd watched the scene before me play out with an intrigued grin on my face; it had been quite a while since something this interesting had happened to me. When the mercenary which I believed her to be took off with her hostage, monster in pursuit, I turned to face the remaining people in the alleyway. "Well however fun this whole thing may have been and however much I'd really like to put you in the same position as your friend there I think I better get going," I told the man who I believed was called Jake. "I'd head back to the crater if I were you; I'd imagine they have doctors there by now and it might be a good idea for you to find one. Have a nice night," I told him, noticing it was indeed only a short time to go before the sun was gone from the sky entirely. Then with a quick two finger salute I jumped into the air and bounced off one of the nearby alley walls, flying like a rocket over the buildings on the other side of the street then landing with a soft thud on the sidewalk. Now to find that psycho chick, I thought to myself, thinking the best thing to do was look for the monster that had been chasing her.


    “Elliot...?” Jake says a touch fearfully as the furred monstrosity smashes Ashland into a wall. Unfortunately, she gets up and runs past Jake and down the street, still carrying Zoey. His attention turns back to Elliot, who flexes his hind legs menacingly. Jake shifts into a fighting stance and aims his gun toward Elliot, feeling a tad foolish as he does so. What good would a gun do against that?

    Fortunately, Jake never has to find out. Elliot leaps into the air over Jake’s head, evidently still in pursuit of Ashland. I glance back at Issac as he leaves. I'll have to deal with that guy later. I can forget about Elliot for now, I need to take care of Deemas. Jake runs into the alley where he had placed Deemas to put him out of harm’s way. His friend was badly injured, having trouble breathing and covered in bruises and scrapes. “Don’t worry Deemas, you’re going to be healed soon.” Jake says reassuringly, making sure it was safe to move Deemas before teleporting them both back to the crater. He was worried about Liam, and Vance would be there to heal Deemas, as well as emergency response teams which should have arrived to treat the wounded by now.

    Quote from JulietFrenchGirl

    Ashland looks at the shape that was once Elliot and frowns. "You really want me to hurt her don't you?" Ashland asks as she reaches into her back pocket with her free hand and grabs two small spheres the size of marbles. She throws one at Elliot before slamming the other one on the concrete in front of her. The marble hurled at Elliot was one that upon impact, stunned its victim. Ashland, in a fog of smoke with Zoey, grabs the cuffs and presses a button making Zoey turn invisible with her forced power using, causing Ashland to be invisible too. "Let's go find somewhere to make them come after us. Seriously Zoey, you were smarter than that at the prison, what happened? Loosing your sister broke your brain?" Ashland asks as she drags the form behind her towards the not so nice part of town the earlier fight with Liam and Issac was at.

    Entering an old warehouse, Ashland works fast to get as deep into the warehouse as possible before looking around and finding the perfect place. She works to hang Zoey from some nearby chains, letting the wound at her neck bleed before going to sit and feel her bloodied bling hair. Making a face in disgust, she stands and goes to turn Zoeys cuffs off to make her visible before setting to work.

    [Elliot - Wendigo form]
    The stun bomb slows and stuns Elliot, causing him to roar and bash his head on the pavement in frustration, ripping up chunks of asphalt. The stun bomb only slowed Elliot down a moment, allowing Ashland the time they needed to gain distance and escape. All too soon however, the smoke faded and the effects wore off. Snout low to the ground, Elliot tracks their scent, tracing their trail to a warehouse.

    This time, his bestial instincts utilize stealth, stalking atop the warehouse where Ashland held Zoey. Peering in through the skylight, all Elliot registered was the confirmation of two of his prey that had eluded him twice now. Padding around the roof, Elliot digs his claws into the corrugated metal roofing and pulls sideways, tearing opening a gap and leaping through. He lands with a thunderous thud and charges toward Ashland on all fours, intending to run her through with his horns.

    Quote from JulietFrenchGirl

    Christophe doesn't smile as he fires yet again. "At least I'm not murdering and torutk ring innocents like you [email protected]@rds are," Christophe says evenly with no sign of fear. He turns to fire at the coming Fabian when his arm hits the wall slightly and he breaths out a wash of pain. It was one if the worst bruises and he could easily feel the pain. "I wanted to get paid, I won't work for the ETG, and I'm not going to be anything besides someone with the complete and responsible reason to carry a gun," Christophe says slightly irritated at this guy. He was basically a regular person against Fabian without his powers being effective. There was one thing that did make a difference though, he was Christophe, a previous ETG agent, and he was desperate. Even if it wasn't for a better reason than not wanting Fabian to come out alive, being desperate can be something that would make the difference.


    Fabian’s countenacen never drops it’s ever present smug smile as he replies. “Murder and torture you say? A more fitting term would be cleaned. I only removed the trash of this city, the foul vermin that rot at society from the inside. I haven’t killed a single officer of the law in this building. But, I wonder what they would think if I told them you were an ETG Agent, and a high ranking one. That you’ve tortured dozens of people, men, women, and children alike, that you’ve murdered innocents in cold blood, that you’ve successfully captured dozens of Gifted to be experimented on and used like animals, all in the name of ETG? What would they think of you then? They won't ever accept you as one of them, there is no erasing the past. They’ll never trust you, much less allow you to be a cop of all things. No, they’ll lock you away for good, torture you, and then finally they’ll kill you. This city will never be able to put aside it’s memories of ETG. Even in the best case scenario, you’ll be shunned and hated, barely tolerated by the rest of the city. Forget about using your Gift to try and fit in, it’ll never work. You’re a soldier at heart, just like me. Join me, and you’ll be welcomed with open arms. I believe your friends will agree, even if you don’t.” Fabian finishes smoothly, his honeyed tongue weaving a convincing argument.

    As he speaks, Fabian raises two fingers to stop the bullets, like they were only an annoyance, not even worth looking at. The air in the path of the bullets grows dense and thick, slowing the bullets as they traveled through the air until they fell to the ground, their energy spent. (Imagine the air became water, 8 feet of water can easily stop a bullet)

    Quote from chocolate cake


    Elly's head snaps up at the sound of an unfamiliar voice. She'd listened to the panic, and the bullets for the past few minutes, and now she guessed shed found the cause of the disturbance. At his question, she smiles widely and says simply. 'I kill people. Do you have anyone I can test on?'

    Then he left randomly for no apparent reason. So, as he had left the doorway clear, Elly decided that she might have a little try at escaping.


    Another illusion, rather annoyed by it’s unforeseen forced exit, quickly hurries back down to the holding cell before the prisoner within escaped. Carefully, moving quietly to avoid the confrontation between Christophe and a Fabian down the hall, Fabian enters the cell, relieved to see that he had returned before the girl had left. “I apologize for that, unexpected bullets are inconvenient.” Fabian says with false sheepishness. “Earlier, you gave the correct answer. As for who you can test on, that is anyone you wish, excepting me and my subordinates. Follow me and you may kill to your heart’s content, unrestricted by the stifling laws and restraints that this city attempts to impose upon you. Join me and be free to kill, as I suspect you greatly enjoy, or be cut down here.” Fabian proposes with confidence. His eyes flick briefly to the steel door that was cut in two, hinting at the consequences of refusing his offer.

    Quote from draconic_cat


    When her paws touched the ground, she sprinted away, hunkering next to a trashcan. She meowed faintly in surprise as someone else picked her up, starting to squirm again, but freezing when she felt a sharp metal point resting against her ribs. "Hello, Silvira." Gwen whispered in her ear, and Silvira flopped with hopelessness. Gwen... Oh no... Don't resist... No! Fight back! ...She'll just hurt me more if I fight back...


    She melted out of th shadows next to Silvira, scooping her up and pressing the point of her concealed knife into Silvira's ribs. "Hello, Silvira." She hissed in her ear, walking away from the scene, ignoring the people from the pit.

    ((*Waits for Liam to attack Gwen*))


    He watches with a sort of amused merriment as Kira pets and cuddles the kitty cat form that Silvir had taken. Liam laughs as Silvira hisses and claws at Kira, eventually fighting free and scapmpering away to the edge of the street and running behind a trashcan. His expression loses it’s mirth when he sees a figure step out of the shadows, carrying Silvira. Don’t worry Silvira, I won’t let this cat snatcher take you! Liam grabs some rubble and debris that would aid in a fight, as well as a fire ax that a firefighter had put down before running after Silvira.

    Raising a piece of rebar with a chunk of concrete attached to it, Liam sprints up to the figure holding Silvira and swings downward toward (her?) head. If this was all a misunderstanding and Silvira was allowing herself to be taken away, then well, there were plenty of healers nearby.

    Quote from lavulman

    [V.R.A. 8.0]
    I disengage flight mode as I arrive at the farm, having been given mission objectives previously. I lower booster output until I land softly behind suitable cover, although my black coloration provides suitable camouflage. I significantly lower my posture and begin to defragment my systems and check for any imperfections. A large amount of time exists before combat is planned to start, and I plan to use this time to my advantage.

    ((I am very sorry but I will post regarding the raid tomorrow. Sorry about that lavul, maxwell))
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    Bluh illegal going-ons in Brinkhaven is so problematic.
    (Illegal) Methods of entering:
    1. Enter through front, evade mind readers with Gift/Artifact. Limited chance of success because there are other types of sensory Gifts that can't be prepared for.
    2. Enter through sewer system/tunnels. Complex, dangerous, and tedious. Strange things live in those places, which is why no one goes near. Slow but steady buildup of ETG forces in the tunnels below Brinkhaven was thwarted 4 months ago.
    3. Fly over walls. Most defenses are focused on repelling aerial threats, hence the guards and the massive AA turrets on the walls. Sensory Gifts are deployed around the walls as well, which is not only common sense, but the only way ETG could be held off.
    Brinkhaven has mindreaders setup to detect and prevent crimes all throughout the city. Organized crime only works because it's organized. A typical crime, like a bank heist, would include a Gifted that can block mental detection. Of course this is all common sense, hasn't been added to the OP, and makes things pretty difficult in reality. Thus the dilemma.
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    Quote from Ryik7

    6. I have, but I forget what causes him to forget, but I am positive beyond a shadow of a doubt that it was not repressed memories.

    Wolverine loses his memory not because of terrible repressed memories, but because HE WAS SHOT IN THE HEAD.

    Quote from lavulman

    Eh, I check this thread from time to time. I'd probably join this one if I could come up with a good idea for a character, actually. Anyways, I was mentioned, and I figured I'd give my point of view on the subject. It's nice to know that I was still good back then, though. :P

    Yay lavulman you should join!

    EVERYONE should get in the Steam groupchat. Time to bring it back. Also, Bobert, get a steam pls.
    Scratch that, everyone should get a steam!
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    And became aware of the true horrors taking place...
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