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    Ok I know this is Minecraftforums but still wanted to see if anyone here could help, I need an editor for a ten part mini series about the Joker in The Commonwealth wasteland of Fallout 4. I need someone who can remove the players voice from the recordings and then could place my narration on top of the gameplay, I would also prefer if you could make the episodes feel as if they are a TV show type not a plane old play through of a game.

    Thank You Very Much

    Matthewk1000/The Winter Miners

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    Because I am going to be away until the 30th I'll do a little project.

    All people applied for building I want you to build a settlement (not a village a settlement) not to big, medium sized in the new areas of the End.

    I want people doing command blocks to do the biggest and craziest thing they have ever done with command blocks and redstone, this can be from a living house to your imagination.

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    I like the response so far. And TheFuzzBall you are right this will need a lot of command blocks. I'm very glad I have three people already who are interested in that. I'm also going to leave it a bit open as I also need a lot of builders.

    So I never mentioned this in main three (should add it), my style of leadership is that I'll give a project to someone just saying what should be done but I leave it up to you to deside exactly what you want to do and how. After you have completed it, I'll need a world download and I'll look around and test it (if it is redstone/command block related). When we have more applicants I will do something like this to deside who is going to be for eg, Head Builder, Head Redstone and Head of Command Blocks. I will also deside who will be like the second in control. Not in terms that others are better or anything I just like to have people heads of areas so one person can report back instead of tens and twenty people at a time.

    Just to add I will be working more with the builders than redstone as I said before, I am a better builder than redstone engineer.


    Hope to see more applications


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    In June and July of 2014 I, by myself, created two fairly tiny maps based entirely in the END. And now for over a year I have been trying to create the 3rd Map and realized I'm not the happiest with the original two Maps and that I want to recreate them, into something new using the New End in Minecraft 1.9 and the new combat changes. The Map is story driven completely and a CTM style (Complete the Monument) but instead of the overused Wool, we use Player Skulls).

    That's why I ask you the community. I will definitely be doing building but I wouldn't say I'm close to the best and not the best what so ever with Redstone that's why I am putting a team together to help build the project. I also don't want it to be my vission but have other impact on the ideas and concepts, to help make this a bigger and amazing map.


    (Now this may sound a bit similair to Minecraft Story Mode in some of the stuff but it is still based off my original idea all the way back from June 2014 so it means I am not copying it)

    Long ago a man by the name of Steve, stepped foward to slay The Ender Dragon, The strongest beast in the realm. After he emerged victorious, he vanished closing every portal with him. Many years later Prof. (In original two games his name Dr. Frank N' Furter but may change that, or we can keep it, but not to many people get the reference) is kidnapped and the young unnamed protagonist will venture out to find his friend even if it means going to the END!

    (Big Plot twist at end of Map so will put in spoiler if you are reading just to see if you will play map)

    He was kidnapped by a Wither who apparently was Steve. The reason he killed the Dragon was so he could become the Dragon, he injected himself to the Dragons DNA and some Endermen and skeleton bone marrow. The tampering doesn't end well for Steve turning him into a Wither. He got the Prof. so he could try and reverse the experiment but when he learns of the players actions throughout the map and interfering with all his settlements in the END he desides that maybe the player could free him from the curse and make him into the Dragon.

    Key Features of Map:

    Chapter System

    Diverse Characters

    Challenging Missions

    Not only the End

    A living and breathing END

    Settlements in the End and the overworld

    Multiple Small CTM's to complete and One Main one in the End

    Custom Texture Pack


    Redstone, building or both:
    Do you have Experience in doing maps (just so I have a reference to see but not needed):
    Why Do you want to help with this map:

    Thanks hope to see who wants to join, I have a few concepts that I may post.

    The Winter Miner | Matthew

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    Last year I released a map called Legends of the End and a squeal. For almost a year now I have been trying to come up with an idea for a third one or if need be a reboot. I want to put together a team to bring the End to life with the new 1.9 updated features. I want to bring back some old jokes to the original one but make it an awesome new adventure that dives into the depths of the new End.

    The Story techicaly:

    The original story for the first map was, a man named Steve had killed The Ender Dragon and locked up all the portals in the world but when another mans best friend, Dr Frank, gets kidnapped and taken to the end he must do everything to find him and save him while still stopping Steve.

    The new story if a reboot will be different.



    Time Zone:


    What skill you good at (Redstone, building ext)

    Do you have experience building maps:

    If so what map:

    Do you have skype:

    Why do you want to work on this map:

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    posted a message on Looking for YouTube Group to Record Minecraft and other Games

    Hey, hope no one has lost any hope I have been a bit busy the last few days doing stuff School related, and looking for a new house soon and it was rAge. Well anyway I am glad to say I do have a short list of people I want, I am going to keep applications for about a few more days but untill then I do have a short list and will MSG people on the list by I believe Sunday. Thank you all so much.

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    My name is Matthew but my YouTube Channel is The Winter Miner, I am looking for a group of people to record with and play games with. I have been doing YouTube for over 2 years but my Channel doesn't have a lot of subscribers. I decided I want to work with other people and make the community bigger. Now all you have to do is full out the this application.


    First Name:


    Do you have Skype (You can Private msg me your name):

    Country and time zone:

    Channel Link:

    How long have you been doing YouTube:

    Do you have a good mic:

    What other series do you do besides Minecraft:

    What multiplayer games do you have:

    Why do you want to partner with me:

    My Application:

    First Name: Matthew

    IGN: Matthewk10000

    Do you have Skype (You can Private msg me your name): Yes

    Country and time zone: South Africa and UTC +2:00

    Channel Link: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC-hZWxvKLQrqq5PDpNO7tgw

    How long have you been doing YouTube: 2 Years

    Do you have a good mic: Yes

    What other series do you do besides Minecraft : GTAV Online, Brawlhalla and Batman Arkham Knight

    What multiplayer games do you have: GTAV Online, Brawlhalla, TF2, Portal 2, ARK Survival Evolved

    Why do you want to partner with me: ...

    Thnx hope to here back soon

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    posted a message on Total Drama Minecraft (Need Players!)

    IGN: Matthewk10000

    Age: 14

    Skype: PM

    Time Zone: UTC +2:00

    i really loved the Total Drama Series but unfortunately I have not been able to watch since Revenge of the Island. I always wanted to live it in some way or another.

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    posted a message on PandaMC :|: 500 Subs! :||: Looking for partner!!

    Name: Matthew

    IGN: Matthewk10000

    Nickame: Anything

    History: I play different types of Minecraft either mods or vanilla, I also play Brawlhalla, GTA Online, Batman AK and others

    Skype: Will give in pm

    Email: Also in PM just a bit of privacy and don't like stuff in public

    Youtube: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UC-hZWxvKLQrqq5PDpNO7tgw

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    posted a message on YouTube Partner

    Skype: Would tell in pm

    Age: 14

    IGN: Matthewk10000

    Gender: Male

    Time Zone: UTC +2:00

    Just to say I run most AAA game on 60 Fps 1080p. I run my personal modpack at anywhere from 60-1000 (only in mystcraft world) Fps.

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    posted a message on Minecraft Voice Actors (Will Need Skype and a proper micorphone

    Ign: Matthewk10000

    Have Skype but I can get team speak if need be

    dont like to put in public I'll give it to u in a msg if need be

    South Africa

    I don't know time converting but for me about 3-5:30 (not sure if GTS or not) +2:00

    Good mic

    I am a boy but I can play a girl

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    posted a message on The Phantom An Episodic Adventure, development Team Recruitment

    Hey this is the same post I have posted on The Unreal Engine Forums so if you want to join, just send me a pm here or over there. Concept Art soon.

    The Phantom is an Action, Choice that Matters, Six part Episodic Adventure.

    Follow the epic journey following James, a seventeen year old boy, as his life is changed forever after two events cause him and his friends to become the worlds greatest mercenary.

    Free Flow Combat
    Time Travel
    Open World
    Controller Support (for PC)
    Third Person Viewpoint
    Choice that matters

    Team so far (Most of the team so far doesn't want me to put there names in the meantime)

    Game Director, Writer and Project Manager




    This is the first game we have ever made.

    We are looking for the following talent (If you can do more than one job, don't hesitate to say you can do more than one job):

    2D for concept art.
    3D Character Artist
    -Experience with Maya
    -Expected to create, rig and animate player, npcs & non humans

    You can apply for one or more of the following Programmers
    -Game Tools
    -Network Communication

    Sound Engineers

    Level Designers

    We require that all people have experience in their respected field and with UE4.

    We don't want people to fell pined down to one job at a time, so you can work at everyone's own pace and if someone has an idea we want them to fell safe to suggest their idea to either me or other people that are on the team.

    You can contact me via personal msg in the meantime.

    Thank you for reading

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    posted a message on ClothingCraft - Customizable, Dynamic, Realistic, Clothing! No More Silly Dyed Leather Armor!

    That happened to me once in an old test version of my map pack and I don't remember what it was but I fixed it.

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    posted a message on The Phantom FTB Map Pack Discussion Thread
    Hey I am The Winter Miner.

    Kodcraft and I are making a modded map called The Phantom. It is about a spy waking up in a building, in the middle of nowhere where all the dirt has become hard and rocky. All he has is a book left by his SO (Supervising Officer) a book full of quest he must finish. There are small research facilities far off but when he finds out what has happened to the small area is it too late to turn back and the secret about the mysteries place.

    So far it is just Kodcraft and I building this map and doing quests. We need help. We need:
    Building Help:

    Even if you just want to give lets say one building. Just send us a file with the building. We want the buildings to be very run down/half destroyed. Please tell us also what mods you use. Prefered mods will be Chisel and Carpenters Blocks but you can use others. Please don't put too valuble items like lots of wood or lots of water and Diamonds ext.

    Any help is excepted from a small idea to a huge building. :D

    You can help with anything.

    YouTuber/ Map maker
    The Winter Miner
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    posted a message on ClothingCraft - Customizable, Dynamic, Realistic, Clothing! No More Silly Dyed Leather Armor!
    Hey kitty

    Just wanted to let you know I will be using this mod as a big part in my new map pack The Phantom. It is as in most packs I make a key mod. I'll let you know when it is released. If you want I will give you one of the first betas. With a little extra gifts in the pack for all you have done for all my packs.

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