About Me
Hello everyone! I'm Matthew.

I've loved Minecraft since I've first laid my eyes on it. I've been playing Minecraft since very early alpha, and that can say a lot!

I used to do a lot of programming. Why used to you ask? Well, work and school of course! I love computers, science, and engineering. I'm going to be going to school for Computer Science and Engineering as I finish my junior and senior year in High school, while being here daily as well as writing, modding, porting texture packs for you all to Pocket Edition, and working at Wendy's, which I now work at part time.

I'm a busy person, however nothing could stand in my way of bringing you guys material and being here on the forums, as well as enjoying Minecraft! I admittedly play Minecraft Pocket Edition a lot more than PC, however, I do have my tablet with me everywhere I go! (Even the moderately healthy burger joint called Wendy's).

I am also building a game in Unity 3D Pro! What will it be? You will find out in the next year or so when I am finished. An hour a day on the game, and hours a day on Minecraft and here.

There are better builders than me, yes, but I still love to build. Although my style is a bit different from other's, it's my favorite thing to do on Minecraft, while maintaining my health and hunger of course.

I also like to do a bit of Parkour, and also have a YouTube account; TheMatthewBe. Maybe I will upload some of my parkour for you all while wearing a Minecraft outfit.

That's a little bit about me. I'm a friendly piece of humanity.
Interests Minecraft. Making youtube vids. Friends. Family. Minecraft. Working. Photoshop CS6. YouTube uploading. Parkour.

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