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    I see you're having some issues with your modded Minecraft server crashing when you explore new chunks. That can be really frustrating, especially when you're just trying to have a good time with your friends. Here are a few things you can try to fix the problem:

    Identify the Problematic Mod:

    Since the crashes happen when you explore new chunks, it’s likely one of your world generation mods causing the trouble. Try disabling them one by one to see if the issue goes away.

    Keep Everything Updated:

    Make sure all your mods are up to date. Mod developers frequently release updates to fix bugs, so this might solve your problem right away.

    Optimize Your Server Settings:

    Consider increasing the RAM allocated to your server. Modded servers can be pretty resource-intensive.

    Adjust the max-tick-time setting in the server.properties file. Setting it to -1 can prevent crashes but might cause players to get timed out instead. It’s a bit of a trade-off.

    Monitor Performance:

    Keep an eye on your server’s CPU and RAM usage. If it’s consistently maxing out, it might be time to upgrade your hardware or reduce the load.

    Performance-enhancing mods like OptiFine, Phosphor, or Lithium can help improve server performance.

    Check the Crash Logs:

    Take a close look at the crash logs. They can give you clues about what’s causing the problem. Look for any mentions of specific mods or processes that are taking too long.

    Sync Server and Client:

    Make sure that both your server and all clients have the same versions of the mods installed. Mismatched versions can cause all sorts of weird issues.

    Reduce World Size:

    Large worlds can be hard on your server. Using a mod like WorldBorder to limit the size might help keep things running smoothly.

    Consider Professional Hosting:

    If you’re hosting the server on your personal computer, think about using a dedicated server hosting service. They usually have better hardware and network stability, which can make a big difference.

    Hopefully, one of these tips helps you out. If not, don’t hesitate to ask for more advice on Minecraft forums or communities – just like you did here. Sometimes, getting another set of eyes on the problem can make all the difference.

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