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    posted a message on Hermitcraft Like SMP Apply here :D
    • Minecraft IGN: TheNeonWarrior01
    • Skype: TheNeonWarrior011
    • Age: 15
    • Location/Timezone: USA, Mountain time
    • Rate and describe your Minecraft knowledge/skills from 1 to 10 describe why you gave yourself that rating: 9, i have been playing 5+ years, and know alot of general mc stuff.
    • What makes you stand out from other applicants?: I am very mature, honest, and a trustful person. I have been on many smps before, and I have done great on there.
    • Why do you want to join SpawnSMP?: I love smps! They are a great to meet new ppl, get better at minecraft, and all in all have a good time!
    • Describe yourself: I am male, age 15. I am very creative and am very helpful. I play lots of video games, but Minecraft is the core game i play.
    • What plans do you have for this SMP: I want to make it better by helping new players in the future, build awesome things, and help grow the server.
    • How much do you plan to play: Like 1-2hrs on weekdays (except for holiday weeks, probably more) and 3-4 hours on wknds.
    • Any additional information: Nope, just excited. :D
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    posted a message on Vanilla Whitelisted -Synergy Craft-

    1. First name: Matt
    2. Age: 14
    3. Skype (Required): TheNeonWarrior
    4. Youtube channel (Optional): None
    5. Location (Country + Timezone): USA, UTC
    6. How active will you be? (On average): 2 hrs weekday, 5-7 hrs weekend days
    7. Why do you want to join us?: I absolutely LOVE small, community whitelisted servers, they are jut sooo great!
    8. Why should we pick you? (Talents): I am very knowledgeable at minecraft
    9. What is your playing style? (Building, mining, farming, redstone): I do lots of mining and exploring
    10. About yourself. (School? Job?): i am attending the 8th grade, am very loyal and trustworthy
    11. Image of buildings you have made (Optional): Not a builder, no sorry lol
    12. Anything else you'd like to add?: Well I am really excited! Thanks! Oh, and my IGN: TheNeonWarrior01

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    posted a message on Need a admin or mod for a server? You came to the right thread :D
    Hello there! I am Matthew, and am looking for a server to be an admin or mod on. I am trustworthy, loyal, friendly, can be strict times, a good leader and role model. I have owned 3 successful servers in da past! (I had another, but it got deleted for some reason...) Not enough? Here's a form!


    IGN: MattMan0777

    Age: 12, but turn 13 in like 8 hours :D

    Gender: Male (duh)

    Maturity lvl from 1-10: id say 9

    Experience: I have owned 4 servers before (one I am running right now!)

    Extra info: I am loyal, trustworthy, a good friend, am decent at redstone, good at PVP, and cool (like pants) :DPANTS:
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    posted a message on -=Looking for Youtube partner(s)=-
    Hey everybody! Im looking for a few youtube partners, and was wondering if any of you wanna be partners w/ me! Here is the register form:

    NOTE: Must have skype, and must have minecraft account! (Ill PM you the rest of requirements when you fill out form, so you dont cheat!)


    Minecraft name:

    Youtube name:


    Favorite minecraft servers (must have at least 3):

    Series ideas:



    Other info:

    So PM me the form or comment it in da comments!!!


    P.S. If I accept you from the form, THEN I will tell you my skype.
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