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    Save world data to each user's computer while playing SMP, to increase performance.

    I've been thinking about this idea for awhile, and I think that it may be a good one. If any of the things I say are incorrect, I apologize. I don't know as much about the code and such in Minecraft as some other people do.

    I recently started playing on a SMP that my friend made, and I play with my friends on it. Everything is great, except for the occasional lag that I get on it. I don't have the best computer, but I think that there is a way to decrease this lag. I think that there should be an option while playing SMP servers that lets you download the server's world onto your computer, so that your computer doesn't have to keep downloading chunks from the server host.

    I've noticed that most of my lag comes from when I'm walking into new areas. This also happens on Single Player, but it isn't as significant as it is on SMP. From my understanding, this lag is caused because your computer needs to download the new chunks from the server host, and then render the new area. I believe that this process could be shortened by keeping the data for the world saved onto every user's computer, not just the server host.

    Before the user enters the world, I think that the server should send all the data to the user's computer first, and save it. This way, the server doesn't have to send as much data to the players when they are playing. There are many things that the server has to keep track of, and any way that you can reduce the amount of things, the better. Obviously, this would be a very bad idea on large public SMP servers, because of the gigantic world sizes, but on private SMP servers, I think this would be a great way to solve some lag issues.

    This is how I think it would work:
      [*:23qtjqm4] On the Multiplayer screen where you type in the IP address of the server, there should be an option underneath that asks you if you want to save the world data onto your computer. This option can be disabled by the server host itself, so that people can't even try to download a huge world onto their computer.
      [*:23qtjqm4] The server sends the world data, and the data is saved in /.minecraft/saves/Multiplayer/Server IP or name/
      [*:23qtjqm4] A progress bar shows how much longer the download will take, and after it is done, the player can enter the game.
      [*:23qtjqm4] Each time the player enters the game, the server will send updated world files to the user, and save them on their computer.

    Of course, the save format would have to be changed slightly so that players can't easily change their inventories using InvEdit or some other program.

    Anyway, there's my idea for making SMP a little bit more playable to people with not-so-good computers, like me. I think this would be much easier to implement after the change in save format in the last update.

    I hope the way I explained this made any sense. :SSSS:

    Now there's a banner to support this idea. It isn't very good, but oh well.

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    I don't have the greatest computer ever, so I'm guessing that that is what could be causing this issue. I run the game on tiny rendering distance and fast graphics, and I still have lag.

    Anyway, lots of times, whenever I right click to place a block, I lag, and it places two blocks. This is EXTREMELY annoying, because I have to destroy the block that was placed on top of the one I wanted to place. Also, if I'm placing half-blocks, I end up losing half-blocks for no reason, since they combine to form one block, and you only get one back from destroying it.

    Any help with this problem? It's making it really hard for me to play the game without getting frustrated.
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