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    Hey Everyone,

    I'm recently bringing myself back into the world of minecraft server running after a little bit of downtime. Today I'm in need of a host. I have a budget of $20 a month, and I'm looking for ~1-1.5GB (Minecraft Hosting, NOT Dedicated). Looking for a reliable host with good community ties.

    If you're interested, you can either message me or just recommend something below.

    Background info incase anyone wants to offer a free server ;):

    I just closed down my previous server, Ashcraft, after about a year of uptime. It was a small factions server, just peaking at ~20 players on a good day. It had it's ups and downs, and I've moved on to something new. Winterhaven Towny is under construction as I type this, and it's going to be great. We already have tons of things coming from Ashcraft, including Quests, RP, and Skills. I'll create an official post when the server is up and running on a later date.Update: Also, if anyone knows of some reliable web hosting w/ php & mysql, let me know too. Not sure if I'll use enjin. Depends on how much I pay for the server! Thanks.
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    1.6.4 Update anytime soon? Would be very appreciated :)
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    posted a message on Can't connect with certain friend
    Can your friend connect to any other servers? It could be an issue in his firewall or with his antivirus if he has one.
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    Ashcraft Factions 1.6.4
    Create your Empire TODAY!


    [PvP] + [Factions] + [mcMMO] + [Jobs] + [Economy] + [DiabloDrops] + [Skyblock] + [Survival Games]

    /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/ :Sheep: Fancy Page Break :Sheep: /\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

    Ashcraft isn't your typical Factions server. We offer a more RP atmosphere offering Quests, NPCs, Shops, and a quaint Medieval Village set in a world filled with Custom Biomes. Don't like PvP? We also have Skyblock and Survival Games to suit your needs. Our highly trained and mature (sometimes...) staff are here to help aid your needs. I try to keep Ashcraft a tight community, not too big, and not super small (but still quite small). We're looking to grow in every way. We're already working on expanding our servers, with a CTF and SCB server opening very soon. We hope you will join us, and help forge your path in the way of the Ashcraft Server.

    Matt5067, the owner, has been dealing with *Public* Minecraft Servers since March 2012 (I know, not super long, but oh well :P ). His knowledge of plugins and minecraft have helped create the unique gameplay of Ashcraft. Using only donations, I've been through several failed servers. I'm truly hoping this different style of factions will last longer and grow bigger than any of my past servers ever did. We hope that eventually you, the player, consider donating or applying for a staff position to help Ashcraft grow and prosper.

    I'm surprised you even read all the way down here! Join today and use the command "/mail send Matt5067 Papaya" to get a free upgrade to the "VIP" Donation Rank in-game. Want more info on the server or interested in helping? Add me on skype - mathyouhill.

    Register at our Website and add your character to get 500 Ashbucks (Currency) In-Game! We hope to see you there!
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    posted a message on [1.5.2] ShaftCraft [99.9% uptime] [PvP] [Factions] [iConomy] [and more!]
    Try adding more detail about the server on your post, maybe make the IP a little bigger. People want to know more about your server, not just the IP. Good luck with your server though! ^-^
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    This usually occurs if there's a chunk error. You can try to regenerate your map file (Delete the original or move it out of the server folder), and start up the server.
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    I support if it could be toggled. It would be fun, but not if it was on all the time.
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