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    posted a message on [Creation/ADV] Wind Waker True-Scale Project (1/16 Pawprint Isle Complete. Overall Progress at 10% New Screens!) 800+ Downloads

    Beginning with Dragon Roost and all future releases, maps must be played with Minecraft 1.4.5+. Servers must have command blocks enabled to run the maps properly.

    Update News (1/16)

    Pawprint Isle, the first minor island I've decided to work on is complete! Because it isn't a major island, and there isn't too much in the quadrant, I won't be releasing it as a stand-alone map. All the screenshots for both Dragon Roost and Pawprint Isle are now up! Check them out in the screenshots section below!

    A big thanks goes out to haders for making a rather amazing cinematic sequence of Outset, Dragon Roost, and Windfall islands. Check it out in the new "Videos" section at the end of the post!

    --- --- ---

    I have few quick notes about this and future releases, though. Starting with dragon roost, any individual maps I release will just have a single version, with the player starting in survival mode. With the way minecraft works now, I have left cheats enabled, so it's a simple matter to switch game modes to fly around and explore the map. Also, releasing a map means that at the very least, the map is fully navigable in survival mode, and all of the aesthetic details are complete. Other elements, such as enemies and event scripting may come at a later point. And finally, I currently only have a select few screenshots uploaded for the Dragon Roost release, but I'll work on adding more. Check them out in the screenshots section below and once again, enjoy :D !

    I know it's been a while, but with the coming of a new year, I have returned to pick up where I left off on this enormous project. For those if you who have been watching and waiting all this time I have two things to say to you. One, sorry for the long wait with no progress or word from me, and two; let's get this project moving again :D . Since resuming work on the map, I have made one key change to my mapping philosophy, and that was to take the time and generate the entire forty-nine quadrant, roughly 8000x8000 unit world. It took several hours to generate, but it will be much easier to save, edit, and integrate all of the islands as the project goes on.

    Update Screenshots

    No one here but us cuckoos. Check the screenshots section for the latest release shots.

    As the title of this thread suggests, the goal of this project is to recreate the various islands, dungeons, and game elements of The Wind Waker as accurately as possible, and with as much detail as I can manage. I started the project after being inspired by some of the other great Wind Waker, and general Zelda projects I've seen around the forums. I just so happened to go with Wind Waker because the island structure of the game allow me to set what I see as achievable goals, focusing on one island at a time. The long term goal for this project is the completion and release of a single "Great Sea" map, a full 7000x7000 units (matching the game scale), with all the major and minor islands, dungeons, ships, and what-have-you I can include. However, and because I can guarantee that won't happen for a long, long time, I will release individual major islands as I complete them.

    Project Status (Listed by Quadrant) (Updated 1/16)

    A1 - Forsaken Fortress - 100% [Released]
    B4 - Windfall Island - 100% [Released]
    B5 - Pawprint Isle - 100% [Complete, Unreleased]
    B6 - Dragon Roost Island - 100% [Released]
    G2 - Outset Island - 100% [Released]
    Project Notes

    I will be releasing maps with the player starting in survival mode, but with cheats enabled so the player can easily switch to creative mode to explore the maps. Also note that my current goal is to reproduce the look of each island and all accessible areas, but not include intricate game mechanics. So, you'll be able to wander the islands and access what areas you could in the game with vanilla minecraft mechanics, but there won't be much more to do, like boss fights, scripted scenes, etc, for a long time, if ever.

    If you like my work and want to spread the word, just copy the code below into your signature:

    A Note on Downloads
    I would appreciate your support by using the adfly links. However, for those having issues, or who simply do not want to, you can use the "Direct Download" links.

    Texture Pack Information and Download
    As important as the maps themselves, this project requires a great texture pack to capture the feel and detail of the Wind Waker. It just so happens that such a pack was already created and available on the forums here, The Wind Waker Texture Pack, currently being maintained by Blaziken584. Since I started using the texture pack, I have begun to modify it to fit the needs of this project, making additions and changes. Most notable is the removal of the jack-o-lantern texture, giving me an invisible light source to add highlights and spot lighting to structures and caves so the player can see key elements, rather than stumbling in minecraft's pitch dark nights, or using 10,000 torches to light up structures and give off smoke particles. Anyway, I am releasing my modified texture pack to primarily use with this project, as the changes I make are essential to these maps, but may not work well for minecraft in general.

    Important: Aside from my specific changes and additions, I claim no ownership over the original Wind Waker texture pack. It is the property of, and currently maintained by Blaziken584, with contributions from PavelAK, Spartan9910, jzus, d3fin3d, IronSentron, and Ravecat, who have all put incredible effort into making a great texture pack. Some of my own contributions have been added as well! Please visit and support the original pack here:

    All original modifications that I make to the texture pack are listed in the texture pack changelog.

    Download: (version 1.4 Updated 1/12 [128x Updated only. 16x will be coming])
    Wind Waker [128x] - Custom v1.4 Direct Download
    Wind Waker [16x] - Custom v1.3 Direct Download

    V1.4 [MC 1.4.5]---------------
    - merged Wind Waker Custom with the latest official texture pack for Minecraft 1.4.5

    V1.3 [MC 1.2.5]---------------
    - swapped fern for sapling texture
    - replaced fern texture with new fern texture
    - replaced tnt texture with wind waker bomb texture
    - changed cracked stone bricks texture to large white bricks

    - replaced 1x2 picture with Chuu jelly shop sign
    - replaced 2x2 picture with cafe sign
    - replaced 4x3 picture with Beedle's Ship Shop Sign
    - replaced 4x4 picture with Windfall Ferris Wheel Sign

    - replaced default skin with darknut skin

    V1.2 [MC 1.2.5]---------------
    - replaced 4x4 picture with Ganon Ship door facade

    V1.1 [MC 1.2.5]---------------
    - Integrated Blaziken584's most recent changes from the official pack
    - added default resolution [x16] texture pack version

    - changed stone half-slab texture to original pack sandstone texture
    - changed sponge texture
    - changed lapis lazuli texture to one provided by Blaziken584

    - changed cauldron item texture to ceramic jar item texture

    - darkened mailbox front texture

    v1.0 [MC 1.2.5] [Initial Release]---------------
    - top and side grass textures edited to be a permanent mid-green
    - gravel texture darkened
    - beige mushroom changed to blue with white spots
    - tall grass color changed to permanent dark green
    - sponge texture color changed to blue-green for use with Fairy Fountain areas
    - All leaf types changed to permanent dark green
    - clay color changed to redish brown
    - pumpkin/jackolantern texture removed (to provide an invisible light source for map highlights, caves, etc)
    - pumpkin face texture changed to Telescope texture for item use when placed on head
    - Glowstone texture changed to match Fairy Fountain lighting
    - Cauldron Texture changed to ceramic jar
    - Lapis Lazuli texture changed for fairy fountain use (temp)
    - Sandstone texture edited and turned slightly more beige
    - Decorative Sandstone texture changed to original pack sandstone top texture
    - Dark Wooden Planks color darkened
    - Jungle Wooden Planks color changed to dark red

    - replaced 1x1 picture with original pack stone texture
    - replaced 1x1 picture with original pack wooden planks texture
    - replaced 1x1 picture with knives/spoons texture
    - replaced 1x1 picture with palm tree picture from Wind Waker
    - replaced 1x1 picture with flower picture from Wind Waker
    - replaced 1x1 picture with mailbox front texture from Wind Waker
    - replaced 2x1 picture with hanging vegetables texture from Wind Waker
    - replaced 2x2 picture with Forsaken Fortress map from Wind Waker
    - replaced 2x2 picture with group of three photos from Wind Waker grandmother's house
    - replaced 4x3 picture with Forsaken Fortress Searchlight Schematics from Wind Waker

    - resized gui.png to 1024x1024
    - edited item hotbar to reflect wind waker's gui inventory.png

    - reworked inventory.png to reflect wind waker item and quest menus

    - default silverfish texture changed to Wind Waker rat
    Texture Pack Related and Miscellaneous Screenshots

    Full Item Hotbar

    Empty Item Hotbar

    Inventory Screen

    Iron Golem Darknut skin

    Map Downloads

    Individual Maps
    A1 - Forsaken Fortress [100% Complete, v1.0]
    Creative: Download / Direct Download
    Survival: Download / Direct Download

    B4 - Windfall Island [100% Complete, v1.0]
    Creative: Download / Direct Download
    Survival: Download / Direct Download

    B6 - Dragon Roost Island [100% Complete, v1.1][MC 1.4.5+]
    Links: Download / Direct Download

    G2 - Outset Island [100% Complete, v3.0]
    Creative: Download / Direct Download
    Survival: Download / Direct Download

    Images (By Quadrant)
    Row A

    A1 - Forsaken Fortress


    View from behind the fortress

    Some detailing work on Ganon's ship and the giant bird nest

    Courtyard East View (Don't mind the red square, it's an editing marker for the center of the map, and isn't present in the downloads)

    Courtyard West View

    One of the searchlights from the side

    One of the fortress flags

    The Prison tower, with a couple rats scurrying around. Also, the floor switch is behind the barrels in the corner, and yes, it opens the cell door

    The Suspended Jail Tower (Even though the room is smaller than in the game (thanks to the developers' disregard for continuity between external and internal dimensions), all the features are there, including the crawlspace above the bookcase to get out of the cell)

    One of the several connecting hallways

    The cauldron room with the green banner

    The center room with barrel racks and yellow banner

    Looking towards the front of the boathouse tower

    Looking towards the back of the boathouse tower

    The Barracks tower and blue banner

    Various Views of the boss tower

    Ramp leading to Ganondorf's ship

    Doors outside of Ganondorf's ship

    Looking towards the bow

    Looking back towards the doors

    Looking at the right side windows

    Looking at the left side windows

    Row B

    B4 - Windfall Island

    Looking North

    Looking West. Beedle's Shop boat is just leaving the east dock.

    Looking South

    Looking Southeast

    The beach cave under the overhang

    View of the crawlspace on the roof of the bomb shop

    Inside the bomb shop. You can see the edge of the balcony at the top of the screen.

    Ahh... no strange dancing Elvis in sight.

    The town entrance and mailbox.

    The Chu Jelly Juice Shop Sign

    Inside the Chu Jelly Juice Shop (Notice the psychedelic portal smoke!)

    The Auction House connecting bridge

    The Auction House stage

    A night of money and desire, indeed... I've got singles! (Yes, that was in bad taste. I don't care : p)

    On the connecting bridge to the House of Wealth

    House of Wealth interior

    Looking towards Zunari's shop and the Cafe bar

    To the cafe bar

    Looking at the bar

    Looking at the table

    Lenzo's House (and a wayward islander)

    Lenzo's house first floor

    The upstairs gallery. Silly islanders, trying to debate the finer points of art...

    Lenzo's balcony hallway. You can see the crawlspace in the back...

    which exits above the shop stairwell

    Outside the school

    Inside Mrs. Marie's School of Joy...

    ...and impossibly long messages (it was just a single sheet of paper!)

    Base of the Windmill/Ferris Wheel/Lighthouse and Salvatore's game shop

    Battleship at it's best, without the alien invasion...


    North side of Lighthouse, er, ferris wheel... uh... windmill? Make up your mind!

    Back of lightouse with alcove

    Ferris wheel walkway, and what I am dubbing the ferris wheel operator's shack

    Inside of the shack. Though not in the original game, adding this interior allowed me to add ladder access to the top of the lighthouse, since, you know, it can't spin in minecraft...

    The lighthouse light by night... alright!

    Oh no, he's... he's free! Warning: fugitive wielding deadly green spandex and suffering from a delusional personality. Treat with extreme prejudice!

    The town jail cell. Do you dare enter... the labyrinth?

    Like a rat in a maze... with rats (and yes, it's identical to the maze in the original game)

    Oooh, what's in there? (It's a secret)

    Well, at least he died before Tingle got there...
    B5 - Pawprint Isle

    Overview of Pawprint Isle, the watchtower, and rafts. View distance is set to extreme through optifine :D

    Closeup of the watchtower. I'm rather pleased at how it came out.

    Looking at the watchtower head-on.

    One last night shot... because it looks cool.

    A closeup look at one of the rafts, as well as its relation to the watchtower and island.

    The treasure hunters' boat that circles Pawprint Isle.

    The island's mailbox, as seen from one of the "digits".

    The sign says it all. Also, with Minecraft's "far" render distance, the watchtower is fogged.

    A view of the "digit" islands, as well as the jumping path to get to the hole that leads to a hidden trial.

    The island dome, and the crawlspace to get inside.

    Inside the dome. Where could that hole lead?

    Leads to the chu cave as it turns out. A couple of notes here. One, I'm having some slight rendering issues with SEUS, so all those black squares are supposed to be blue wool. They show up fine without SEUS for me, so it's a minor issue. Second, the lapis ore blocks are a placeholder. I will be changing them to blue stone to match what the area looks like in-game.

    The central room of the chu cave. The ladder leads to a platform that was originally a grappling hook puzzle.

    The upper platform and chest.

    One of the cave corridors, blocked by stone. A bomb could be useful here...

    Another room in the cave. I wonder what could be in that chest?

    The hidden trial chamber. As before, the lapis will eventually be blue stone. The reward chest is on the arena platform.
    B6 - Dragon Roost Island

    Sailing to the island

    A closeup of the beach area

    A view from the other side of the island

    The Wind Shrine. The boulder on the beach to the right leads to the hidden dungeon.

    Hidden dungeon entryway.

    Hidden dungeon main room.

    A view of the flight deck lit up in the evening. You can also see a bit of the canyon that leads to the dungeon.

    Another evening view, with part of the dungeon path up the volcano visible.

    Ground floor of the mail center.

    Second floor of the mail center.

    Prince Komali's room.

    Overview of the canyon that leads to the dungeon entrance.

    The dungeon entrance lies just beyond that lava...

    The first puzzle of the dungeon. Can you find the hidden lever?

    The second room. The chest on the left holds the key to unlock the far door.

    Thanks to minecraft updates, I could actually name the pressure plate the "small key" ...well, I think that's pretty neat...

    The first view of the main volcano chamber as you walk in.

    The volcano chamber from the other direction.

    Looking down on the volcano chamber from the top.

    The dungeon map room. I hope you found the first empty bottle...

    Another room. A grappling hook might come in handy to reach that chest... (Sadly, vanilla minecraft doesn't have grappling hooks, so there's a jumping route here for now...)

    The lower outside path up the volcano.

    Another puzzle room.

    The upper half of the same room. I added in a conversation sequence from the game here as a test. It's recorded in a book in that chest. I may be adding more, later.

    Normally, you would need to kill all of the enemies in this room to unlock the door. I'm still figuring out how to implement that. Probably with custom spawners and drops...

    The boss door room. Looks like we still need the key.

    The top of Dragon Roost. Because the island is so close to the height limit, I don't think I can actually fit all of Valoo up there. For now, I quickly made some dragon feet as a placeholder :P .

    Entering the third story of the volcano chamber. Time to ride the lava powered platform down.

    The passage the lava platform gives you access to. Command blocks teleport you from the platform down here, and vice-versa.

    On the way to get the boss key.

    The chest with the boss key is surrounded by a ring of fire. How to put it out? That switch looks interesting...

    The Boss chamber, with Valoo's tail hanging down.

    As there is no boss to fight right now, here's a chest with the two rewards you get, a Heart Container, and Din's Pearl (Though you technically get the pearl from Prince Komali after exiting the dungeon).

    Row G

    G2 - Outset Island

    An overview of the island

    The east island hut and watchtower

    Beedle's Shop boat and the King of Red Lions

    The very first mailbox you see (and isn't rocking in a disturbing fashion). Grandma's house behind it

    View of the small cliff ledges, with glass steps and a ladder to access the Savage Labyrinth

    The cave at the back of the island

    Inside the cave

    I think you need a sword

    The bridge leading to the Fairy Forest

    The Fairy Forest entrance

    Second area in the Fairy Forest, with the log you can "crawl" through

    The boulder marking the Fairy Fountain site. there is a convenient hole and ladder around the back of the boulder to visit the cave

    The Fairy Fountain (note the cave/shell texture is temporary until I find or make something better)

    Looking back at the entrance to the Fairy Fountain cave

    The boulder with a face that marks the entrance to the Savage Labyrinth

    Entering the Savage Labyrinth... entrance

    Abandon hope all ye who enter here

    The east island hut interior. There is a crawlspace by the bed that leads to the small room with a chest

    The inside of Orca's house

    Orca's house second floor and loft

    Grandma's house main room

    The loft in Grandma's house. Family photos! Dawww

    The hidden basement beneath Grandma's house. It's accessable via the hidden crawlspace out front

    House on the hill main room

    House on the hill bedroom

    House on the hill attic. There are glass "steps" leading down from the bridge to give you access to this room


    Wind Waker Cinematic by haders
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    posted a message on [Creation/ADV] Wind Waker True-Scale Project (1/16 Pawprint Isle Complete. Overall Progress at 10% New Screens!) 800+ Downloads
    I have released Dragon Roost Island as another stand-alone map, as well as updated the custom texture pack. You can find info, screenshots, and download links in the first post! Enjoy, everyone!

    @sharkystriker22: I can't give you a release date for the final map, but you can check out the islands I've released already, now including Dragon Roost! Thanks for the comment :) .

    @haders: Let me know how it comes out. If it's anything you're putting up on youtube or whatnot, let me know and I'll throw the link for it onto the first page :D .

    Edit: So it turns out I goofed. All the command blocks I set up to teleport the player around no longer work since I cut the island out into it's own map. Sorry about this. I'll try to get an update out as soon as I can.
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    posted a message on [Creation/ADV] Wind Waker True-Scale Project (1/16 Pawprint Isle Complete. Overall Progress at 10% New Screens!) 800+ Downloads
    So, I have good news and bad news. The bad news is that I only have one image to show off right now, instead of a few WIP shots. The good news, however, is that Dragon Roost Island is more-or-less finished and I should be making it available for download very soon :D! So for now, enjoy this screen capture from MCEdit. It should hopefully give you all an idea of the size and layout of the dungeon, as well as how spread out all the rooms needed to be to fit everything in.

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    posted a message on [Creation/ADV] Wind Waker True-Scale Project (1/16 Pawprint Isle Complete. Overall Progress at 10% New Screens!) 800+ Downloads
    Just a quick progress update. Dragon Roost island is now at about 85% complete. Not much work left to do on the island and dungeon. There are four dungeon rooms left for me to complete, translate some final dungeon puzzles into minecraft gameplay mechanics, and do a quick run-through to make sure everything works right. While I have been learning about making custom spawners for enemies and potions, I don't plan on putting them into the map right now because I know it will be very time consuming for me to figure out and debug. Instead,I have left various signs and notes around the map so I can add enemies and objects at a later date. Also, I'll try and get a few new choice screenshots up soon, unless I get a second wind and get the dungeon completed. In any event, after that, it's finally on to the next island!

    @haders: I'm not sure if the initial release of the full map (whenever that may be) will be let's play material, but you'll be more than welcome to check it out and decide for yourself.
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    posted a message on [Creation/ADV] Wind Waker True-Scale Project (1/16 Pawprint Isle Complete. Overall Progress at 10% New Screens!) 800+ Downloads
    Though I don't have too much to report, I think it's time for a little progress update :D . I knew when I started this project that sooner or later I would need to create the entire Great Sea to house all forty-nine islands. Starting up the project again after so long, I figured now would be the time, allowing me to consolidate all the work I have finished up to this point, as well as creating the final map size that I will be working with from this point forward. I know it may not be as interesting as an in-game screenshot, but feel free to take a look at the information on the full map file:

    Yep, that's correct, the map as it is now (mostly ocean) weighs in at 1.2 GB, and including border chunks I've placed around the main forty-nine quadrants, comes in close to 8000x8000 units. I hope everyone likes sailing a lot :P .

    One last note for now, I'm close to resuming actual work on new areas, beginning with the Dragon Roost Island dungeon, but before I actually start, I've been researching all the new tools and game mechanics I have at my desposal, such as the command block, and the ability to add custom spawners and items. My hope is to use these new tools to bring the project a bit closer to the original windwaker experience, adding enemies to dungeons, named items from the game, etc. My next update, whenever that may be, should be showing off a bit of the dragon roost dungeon, now that I finally know how to integrate it into the map :D .

    Thanks for your continued interest, everyone!
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    posted a message on [16x, 32x, 64x, 128x][1.6.2] Wind Waker [150k+ Downloads][Resource Pack] - Featured in Minecraft Mondays!
    @Andymo1000: that happens to be the customized texture pack I'm editing for my own Wind Waker map project. While I don't mind you linking to them, nor people downloading them from here while the official links are down, just be aware that my version of the texture pack now contains several changes from the original. Not all of them are meant for regular minecraft, like erasing the jack-o-lantern texture. Blaziken was kind enough to link to my thread in the first post, or you can click the banner in my signature to find a full changelog of all the differences between the official texture pack here, and my own. Hopefully the download issues here won't take too long to resolve, though.
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    posted a message on [Creation/ADV] Wind Waker True-Scale Project (1/16 Pawprint Isle Complete. Overall Progress at 10% New Screens!) 800+ Downloads
    slight flub on my part. my signature banner was a little larger than the allowed size. I just corrected it. If there are any issues with the downloads or formatting, let me know. Also, I'm getting a bit tired tonight, but I should have some more screenshots up by tomorrow some time.
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    posted a message on The New Wind Waker To-Scale Project Preview (4/23 - Map thread is up! Link inside)
    (4/23) The Map Thread is Now Live! Check it Out!

    Update! (4/21) New screenshot and poll!
    I've been doing more work on the Forsaken Fortress, and managed to get some detail on ganon's ship and the giant bird nest. I also added some more dungeon details, like hanging lamps, jars, and barrels, bringing the total map progress up to 95%. More importantly though, I'm getting ready to release these two maps, Forsaken Fortress (at 95%), and Outset Island (at 100%), and added a poll to get your opinion. When I release them, what game mode would you guys like for the maps: survival, creative, or both?

    New Screenshots

    Overview of Outset

    Background (Drop down a paragraph to get to the point of the thread)
    Hi all. I tend to lurk around the forums without posting much, but I figured it was time to test the waters a bit with my current long-term project: an accurate-scale recreation of the islands and dungeons from Wind Waker. Before I go any further, yes, I'm aware there have been other Wind Waker projects of varying scale over the past few years. In fact, it was seeing and exploring some of those maps that inspired me to give it a shot. Most recently, I've been enjoying flying around TheWindWaker's miniature great sea map (with contributions from other wind waker map authors). I just recently started working on this project again after months being busy with other things and I'm almost finished with the second island I've worked on, Forsaken Fortress, which is about 94% complete.

    With all that said, I'm releasing a few pictures of my current progress on Forsaken Fortress with the hopes of obtaining some feedback and getting some idea if anyone out there is interested in another Wind Waker project like this. I'm also hoping to start a project thread in the maps section... soon-ish, where I'll throw some download links and more pictures for this WIP forsaken fortress map, my first map, Outset Island, and the future island maps I work on. So, without further ado... Pictures!

    Front, Back, and Courtyard Views

    Barracks Tower Interior

    Boathouse Interior

    Once again, I would greatly appreciate some feedback, even if it's just a word. Thanks guys!

    Also,I actually released my version of Outset Island almost a year ago now, but the thread was quickly buried. I have since updated the map for the latest version of minecraft, and switched my texture pack from painterly over to the awesome Wind Waker pack being maintained by Blaziken584 and everyone else who contribute to it. The island itself mostly looks the same, so I'll throw in the link to that thread with a bunch of pictures here if you care to browse (though the dowload link is long dead). I would only ask you don't bother posting a reply in that thread, as I'll be adding new media to my combined project thread when I get it going.
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    posted a message on [Creation/ADV] Wind Waker True-Scale Project (1/16 Pawprint Isle Complete. Overall Progress at 10% New Screens!) 800+ Downloads
    Yep, the map work is all me :lol: . And as I said, I have been modifying the Wind Waker texture pack, from Blaziken584.
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    posted a message on The New Wind Waker To-Scale Project Preview (4/23 - Map thread is up! Link inside)
    Here's a small update. I mentioned that I'm using the Wind Waker Texture Pack for this project. I have been modifying the pack to fit my needs, changing and adding various textures. To be polite, and to avoid any potential headaches later, I went and posted on the texture thread here, to make sure it would be alright if I offered my modified texture pack for download with my maps. Hopefully I'll hear back before too long. Also, Blaziken584 just updated the pack for 1.2.5, so you should check it out.

    Anyway, here are a couple new screenshots. You can see a bit of my texture handiwork in the Forsaken Fortress shot, with the map on the wall, and the two "uninvited" guests :D :

    The Prison Tower

    An updated overview of Outset Island
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