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    posted a message on Citriqsquid, when are we getting cob...
    "Moderators may ask 1 question about the forums future if it is in the form of a haiku and each vowel is present in the haiku a maximum of 3 times" from the forum IRC.

    I decided two things: first, if it is understandable, abbreviations are acceptable, and second, that "y" is not a vowel.

    Hence I deliver: "A Haiku in Cobalt"

    EDIT: Apparently the myth has plied Cobalt away!

    What myth ply Cobalt
    From eternal mystery
    Unfurl that curt’n
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    posted a message on Summonable Lightning! 34 supporters!
    Congratulations D_ctor! This suggestion has been added to the game in the latest snapshot. Because this suggestion has been implemented, I'll close the topic.

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    posted a message on Herobrine Game Mode
    Please try to include more details in suggestions for the future, and make sure the suggestion has not already been posted. This allows suggestions to be discussed more easily and on one thread.

    Thank you. (Locking)
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    posted a message on Serious issues with the Suggestions thread "Please Read This Before Making a Suggestion"
    Topic in question.

    This is worded very rudely and strongly. There's a lot of mockery of users who might not know better, and comes across as very off-putting and unprofessional.

    Rather than focusing on adding new stickies, this thread needs a rewrite to sound professional and mature, with a more neutral tone rather than "I'm looking at you members over there". As the forum expands it becomes necessary to have the forum be a welcoming place, and I feel this thread does not embody that spirit at all.

    As others pointed out, there's also quite a lot of opinion in it. There are sections saying "Don't sign your name" which means absolutely nothing to the suggestion and is just opinion, but members could be insulted by realizing they signed their name, when there's nothing wrong with that.

    Thank you for considering.
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    posted a message on Informal vs. Formal warnings
    On informal infraction notifications, would it be possible to add a message such as

    "Further violations of this rule will result in a formal infraction which will have a standing on your account" or something to that effect? It seems implied, but to inform members that they will not get more informal infractions for breaking that rule would be a more clear path than the current.
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    posted a message on ➤Gempire Creative! ➤Freebuild AND Plots ➤Free World-Edit ➤Grief Protection ➤Several Ranks ➤Biomes & Flat World ➤Minigames
    I definitely enjoy making buildings, but also using some redstone within them for a extra touch.
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    posted a message on probably given feed back already but well... (colors, enter, buttons, blockthings)
    Quote from ThesaurusRex84
    If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

    How come there are close to no site owners who understand this simple fact?

    There were actually many issues with IPB, the old forum software. IPB was slow to load, and had many issues with mobile devices. It also had numerous issues with post editing and the fact that it was closed source made it impossible to modify the software for efficiency. This may have its own shortfalls, but Curse can fix those internally rather than waiting on IPB to fix itself.
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    posted a message on What do you think about old people playing minecraft?
    Older generations playing Minecraft allows for a more broad perspective and a greater diversity. The fact that Minecraft can attract very young and older groups is astonishing, and I suspect that is to due with the broad goals of this game, including building, surviving, and gaming.
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    posted a message on Design Challenge: free-floating, self-powered flying machine!.
    Here's a simple, 2-way vertical flying machine (really an elevator) which I designed. Uses 2 stations and a flying carriage.
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    posted a message on [Feature] Improving the "About Me" biography page
    Hello, Mathy here.

    The "about me" page which is used on the current IPB Minecraft Forums worked very well, but it had some downfalls. Changes to the "About Me" page I propose:

    1. "Edit" button on the about me message, rather than within the "Edit My Profile" section. This allows it to be found more easily, as currently it is rather confusing as to how to edit the profile.
    2. Simple "Report Member" utility on member's About Me page
    3. As the "About Me" page can be rather large, add another gray dividing line separating the "About Me" text from the rest of the biography.
    These functions would greatly improve the utility of the forums. I've included an image showing the current biography.
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