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    We can teach a man to fish, we can come fishing with a man, but we can't teach a man to want to fish.
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    Mathy's Administrator Application
    Thank you for considering!


    24 years as of February 7th.

    Past Experience:
    I am a hard-working member, both online and in-person. Though administration duties are certainly a burden at times, the payoff comes from the joy and smiles on the faces of the people I have helped.

    I have learned how to effectively resolve debate and handle situations agreed upon by both the victim and the perpetrator. Occasionally this is impossible, in the case of griefing or hacking, in which I weigh out the possibilities and decide which one would be best for the server and the victim.

    I have had much experience in administrator and moderator positions. Attached below are evidence of such. I will also include some builds I have worked on, including with others.

    If a player was disrespecting you and other players, what would you do? How would you handle the situation?
    I have actually seen players do this on another server which was shut down due to personal reasons from the owner, which I would prefer not to share. My system always gives plenty of chances, but I am open to different systems if you would prefer:
    • Warning One (I know you may be frusterated, but please respect other players. Thank you!)
    • Warning Two (Please don't disrespect players further. Thanks!)
    • Kick One (Do not disrespect players. Thank you.)
    • Kick Two (Do not disrespect players.)
    • Tempban 5m One
    • Tempban 5m Two
    • Tempban 1d One
    • Tempban 1d Two
    • Permanent Ban (Disrespecting players is not permitted.)

    Though I may be generous, most of them get it after the second warning. I have only had to have one person go through all of these tiers, which was unfortunate. I was reluctant to ban him, but I ended up deciding that it was for the better.

    My strategy to deal with players who are breaking rules is to imagine them in real life. I wouldn't yell at them, but politely remind them that they are breaking the rules. With this strategy, I can avoid showing exasperation that would normally show in anonymity.

    How can you help the server?
    I have knowledge of basic commands, am able to control myself in stressful situations, and have past experience.

    Basic Commands: I understand many commands, and throughout I have begun to learn many plugins. Each time, I came without knowing how to use them, but I persevered and learned each needed plugin. At this point, I have trained my mind. This, coupled with my fast typing, will allow me to make decisions and execute them at a rapid pace, allowing for more discussion to take place.

    Control: Stressful situations dig into any human. To counter this, I use face-to-face relationships, in which I would be perfectly able to control emotions, as my base for talking with players who are possibly facing the same situation and are taking out their anger. Another good way to think about it is the aforementioned—players breaking the rules are probably stressed and taking out anger, so we as a staff team should try to help calm them, not add to the stress. That is why I give polite warnings rather than the aggressive kicks.

    Experience: I have had experience in many levels of staff, which has allowed me to make both player-player contact and more passive bug-fixing and plugin editing. In this way, I am flexible and open to take the role of a moderator if there are none available at the time.
    How experienced are you with Bukkit and WorldEdit?
    I have learned a few commonly-used plugins at this point. I am a fast learner and am willing to dedicate time, so I will be able to learn any more that we will use if it proved needed.
    • ​Vanilla Commands (90%, not much on scoreboards)
    • Bukkit Commands (100%)
    • WorldEdit Commands (100%)
    • CoreProtect Commands (80%)
    • WorldGuard Commands (100%)

    Minecraft Experience:
    Have played after October 31st, 2010 with the release of the Halloween Update. I had been interested in the game some time before then, but that update caught my eye and I realized that this would be a fully-fledged game, flushed out into its best capacity.

    I am available on skype (chat only, do not own a microphone or camera) at mathy.mathified.
    Also available on email, at [email protected].
    Finally, through the PMs on the forum.

    Proof of Work:

    As an administrator, I worked on building and mostly planning out the most effective server.

    I also worked on a prison server as SrWarden (effectively head-administrator)

    Also enjoy building, but I am not an expert at it.

    Thank you for your consideration. No matter who you choose I hope you have a wonderful time and that your server succeeds.
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    Quote from fatso9000

    Speak again when you've updated Zombe, Rei Minimap, BetterSprinting, ChatLog, RadarBro, and ModLoader plus all the common Bukkit plugins for us. Maybe then you won't think it was worth it to break all of these for some tiny bug fix on witches' huts.

    Regardless, that tiny update should not have broken anything. It just shows that the game is programmed badly when you can't change one thing without affecting other things.

    Rule of coding number 1: If you have a lot of code, small changes make big bugs. It doesn't mean the game is programmed badly, it means it's REALLY large and many features rely on other features that rely on other features that rely on other features that rely on a changed feature.
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    All right. Mojang, we need always-on DRM.
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    Quote from TendoFreak

    Probably the "I hate comic sans/I hate people who use comic sans" comments.

    Eh, it's not bad but over- and incorrectly used.

    When Acetyl said inb4 404.
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    posted a message on Hello, I need some tips on something Im working on.
    Do a Let's Play. That means the following:
    • No gimmicks. That means no Butter, no Jerry, no Cows.
    • Keep it interesting. We don't want the same jokes, and if you can't come up with jokes on the spot that are actually unique, then go for a more technical Let's Play.
    • Learn and teach from your viewers. Try to reply, in-video or on the chat, with your commenters. Ask for some help in building and show them a redstone tip/discovery.
    • Have fun. If you don't your channel will be done. None of the big commentators were big but they persisted.
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    posted a message on Is the Apple MacBook good for minecraft
    If you value graphic design/architecture/print design/art and use Minecraft as a side, then that should run it fine. Rather it will run it fine. If you like macs, like me, then yes. However, it's not going to be the cheapest spec-wise. They do generally get less viruses and are more user-friendly than PCs though, so if you don't want to mess around too much it's a good choice.
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    posted a message on how do i ask my dad to play minecraft with me
    "Dad, would you like to play Minecraft with me? It's all right if you don't feel like playing"
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    Great book! Very well written, keep it up! I wasn't expecting its quality to be nearly as excellent as it was. Fascinating writing style as well.

    Oh, right, the texture pack. I liked that too, good work.
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    posted a message on Replacing the Knock Back enchantment with Stun
    Quote from BlackAbsence

    OH God no! Knockback is flawed when it comes to skeletons! and not adding this as a substitute to fix its flaw would just be adding a pointless enchantment because its intended to fix the KnockBacks flaw

    And in PVP when someone is winning you can hit him with knockback and have some time to regen.
    It has its uses.
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    Quote from joefoggie

    You may lag a bit, around 100 is where you have good ping.
    Quote from joefoggie

    You may lag a bit, around 100 is where you have good ping.

    Depends on the server, I can get only 50 from one server and still extremely competitive in PVP.
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    posted a message on MC Discussion Random Poll : Efficiency vs Aesthetics
    Always efficiency until end-game, in which case I grind for resources and then beautify. I leave some space between separate areas for detail as well when I'm in a rush.
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    (Happy, fun)

    Any of those should work.
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    posted a message on Weird Water Bug 13w36a
    This is resolved in 13w37a.
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    Only one suggestion or closely related suggestions per topic!
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