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    posted a message on [Alpha] The Aether II: Genesis of the Void (The Festive Update! Presents, new companions, and more!)
    Man, I can't believe Aether is finally back *-* Good job guys!
    I was playing singleplayer, dark moas started attacking me and then I got this crash:
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    posted a message on Thebombzen's Mods
    I installed autoswitch mod and it worked fine, but when I hit a mob, it automatically switches to a normal item or an empty slot! If you need the debug just tell me =p
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    posted a message on Killion Detention Center - Largest and # 1 Prison Server [UPDATED: 1.7.4]
    Quote from Deformagraphic

    so i by no means am a mod or a member of the staff at this time, but i still like to share my opinion, if your story is true i would say you are one of the most likely of xrayers to be unbanned, i myself do NOT support xraying but being your the only person ever saying they can take all your money if they unban you seem to make your story more credible in my opinion, but on the other hand you did break a rule. if you are unbanned i hope you can get past the boring A block like many others (including myself) did and i DO understand that boring aspect that hits you when at that time in the server. if you are unable to be unbanned all i could do would be suggest you try out the intoxicated server because it would be the next best thing to this server.

    Well i hope to see this be accepted and i hope you dont hack again

    Until we cross paths again,

    Thank you for being so sympathetic, I was thinking about playing the Inoxicated server, but while reading the story I noticed it was after escaping killion's detention center, so I kinda wanted to play on the server at least until I got free to go to Intoxicated, but unfortunately I got bored aaaand... bam! A ban to the face :( I hope I find you in Intoxicated :) (I won't be a fag to ever use hacks again, you can be sure about this lol) and we may team up =) Too bad my appeal was rejected :(
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    posted a message on Killion Detention Center - Largest and # 1 Prison Server [UPDATED: 1.7.4]
    In-game Name: Matheusfx
    Who were you banned by? It doesn't show.
    When were you banned? (Date and Approx time, use -5GMT)19:50
    What was the ban reason? X-ray
    Do you admit fault? Yes
    What was your current rank (Block)?: Alpha (A)
    Why should you be unbanned? I know I'm probably not going to be unbanned, but it is worth a try since this turned out to be my favorite server. I reached the A rank and got really bored of mining countless hours, cutting down trees, and I find fishing really depressing, as I always lose the fish I find. I was talking to my friend on Skype, telling him about how the server works and I told him I was getting bored of it, then he told me about the x-ray mod, I was hesitating a bit, but I downloaded it anyway. It brought back my enthusiasm to play, so I got a bit excited about it and kept using it for the rest of the day. I undestand it might have made the fun of other people worst, but I sincerely think I could get a second chance, I promise I wont use any kind of hack ever again, I just want to get my Free rank and know how is it out of the prison by myself! I don't want to see a ban message saying consequences are a ­ (insert a bad word here) again anyway, so I don't really want to hack again!
    Any other information: If it isn't asking too much, I'd like to keep my A rank, since I was a fag to use x-ray only when I got there, but I dont want to have anything I had before, including money. I don't bother if I will be followed by mods or anything like this, I won't use any kind of hack.
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    posted a message on [1.3.2] Small Dedicated 100% VANILLA Survival Server [Small Trusted Community] [24/7] [WhiteList]
    In Game Name: Matheusfx
    Age: 16
    Location: Brazil
    How often do you play: Every day
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    posted a message on [1.0.0] In-Game Texture Pack Changer v1.3
    I loved it. when you finally get to a full server, and you want to change your texture pack, you would need to wait again to enter :smile.gif:
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    posted a message on Little Blocks Mod [] Creation contest! [770KDLs]
    Quote from TheBasking

    this looks pretty cool, but i just cant find any scenarios in which i would use it.

    Cool looking sofas, windows, write words using blocks (not signs) without needing a lot of space :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on What blocks can silverfish not hide in?
    If it is creative mode, use bedrock, if it is survival I don't think they can break obsidian.
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    posted a message on Minecraft Code Freeze In Effect
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    posted a message on Worst seed ever... with pics [1.9]
    Maaaaan, just what I needed, but I need it for 1.8 :/ I will use minecraft monday's seed :tongue.gif:
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    posted a message on Give me one AMAZING reason why Hunger should NOT be toggable
    Quote from Zoonerd

    Because in general I'm not exactly supportive of the current mindset that everything in minecraft should be picked at and selected how each player wants. This attitude is seems to only apply to minecraft and no other game in existence.

    Could you imagine players of any other game sitting there pouting and saying 'I don't want enemies in this area' or, 'I think we should have infinite Mana to go through the game as easy as possible'? And not only say those things, but expect the developer to actually cave to their demands?

    There is something to be said about having a consistent game experience for players. If my minecraft normal mode has hunger and yours doesn't then we aren't even on the same difficulty any more are we?

    It's completely different from being an OPTION, infinite mana would be hacking, so they can't ask for it, and no enemies in some areas of RPG's, is kinda an idiot argument, because they NEED to be there, because it is how the ''action'' of the game is supposed to be.
    And what is the problem of being in different difficulties? If there is a problem, Notch should remove peaceful easy and normal (it can be other difficulty too).
    I am sorry for my english, it's not my primary language. I will probably not come back to the topic because I have other things to do, so, don't flame the topic, please.
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    posted a message on [Surv] Skyblock
    I L-O-V-E-D this map! It's so awesome! I will re-start my map because I made everything with cobblestone, I didn't remember that I can use wood xD
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    posted a message on Flat Minecraft seed (Swamp and Plains)




    HOW CAN YOU COMPLAIN? I've been looking for this sort of place to build an adventure map on for ages!

    A :Diamond: for you, good sir!

    If you wanted a completely flat area you could just download a flat map :/ And now you just need to find a swamp biome.
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    posted a message on [CLOSED] Brazilian Portuguese Translation
    Português de Portugal ou do Brasil? E os outros podem ver quando você escrever com ''~''?
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    posted a message on the minecraft PC seed vault
    There is a program to regress your minecraft version, you can regress when you want, mark where you stopped loading, and when you go back to your updated minecraft you can play with the new features, but already generated seeds from now are less-work to the future xD
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